Why Big Pharmacy Companies Don’t Want Marijuana To Be Legalized

Why Big Pharmacy Companies Don’t Want Marijuana To Be Legalized

Big pharmaceutical companies are some of the worst companies in existence. These people feed off of the suffering of millions of Americans every year and they keep bringing in the profits because that’s all that matters to them.

They make a ton of money off of getting people addicted to the pills and medicines they approve of and disapprove of anything that might be an alternative healing path. The reasons they disapprove of these alternative healing paths are utterly ridiculous though and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at some of them.

First, let’s discuss some surprising facts about big pharmacy companies.

#1 – They make billions of dollars.

This isn’t an exaggeration, they make billions upon billions of dollars. Johnson & Johnson, for example, is worth an astounding $276 billion. There are dozens of other pharmaceutical companies that make billions of dollars in worth every year as well. There’s a ton of money to be made if you get involved with pharma companies.

However, it’ll cost you your soul upon entering into a pharmaceutical job.

#2 – Their profit margins are insane.

So, when a company sells a product, they have to factor in a lot of different things. First, there’s the cost of the product they’re selling which is what they get as a gross gain. Then, there’s the cost of all the employees of the company, there’s the advertising costs, the marketing costs and the overall overhead of everything they’re spending to sell those products.

So, if they’re selling a $50 product, they have to figure out how many products they have to sell in a certain amount of time to make sure they’re making pure profit.

Pharma companies don’t have this problem. According to Forbes in 2013, pharmaceutical companies had a profit margin of over 13%. That is incredibly massive. Think about that. They’re making billions of dollars a year and have a pure profit margin of 13%. The only companies who have a higher profit margin than pharma companies are banks which come in at 19%, according to the 2013 Forbes data.

So, when you see some news saying that some pharma company was fined billions of dollars. Believe me, it won’t break them and they don’t care. They’ll just re-adjust some assets, pay the fine and continue on with business as usual. Actually, pharma companies are fined quite often, so they’re pretty much used to it at this point.

They’re like high-tier NFL superstars. When they get fined a million dollars, they just simply pay it off and could care less. That’s exactly how the pharmaceutical companies operate.

#3 – Americans spend over $300 billion a year on drugs.

When it comes to pharmaceuticals, Americans spend about $320 billion a year according to the latest estimate. The United States alone spends the most amount of money on pharmaceutical drugs by tenfold.

This can also be because of the fact that pharmaceutical companies continuously raise the prices of their most popular drugs. They have people who work overtime to analyze the markets and to see who is buying what. If one drug is becoming popular, they raise the rates on it, over and over. Let’s take Claritin for example. This drug was extremely popular and in the course of just 5 years, pharma companies raised the price of Claritin 13 different times.

#4 – Those “clinical trials” are biased.

You’ve probably seen pharma companies publish some of those clinical trials where they tell you that a life-saving drug is right for you or some new amazing drug will help you sleep better or reduce the amount of pain you feel.

Sure, you might see some amazing test trial and study results but here’s the ultimate problem: Those clinical trials are selective. Pharmaceutical companies control what gets published about them and the clinical trials are part of that. So, you might not even be seeing all of the results of the clinical trial and you could be being misled on purpose.

If they had a bad clinical trial or if something terrible happened, they’re obviously not going to want to print that information for a drug they’re trying to sell, so they’ll probably leave that information out altogether.

They have been sued numerous times to publish their data regardless of what the data said and sometimes, they did. Other times, they just paid the fee and went off without publishing the data, which is intentionally misleading customers and the public.

So, why exactly do pharmaceutical companies hate the legalizing of Marijuana so much? You have to understand that the pharmaceutical company industry as a whole is over 200 years old. It actually began in 1818 with shops appearing everywhere with drugs, medicines and other advertisements appearing on buildings.

Due to a lack of modern medicine back then, people would turn to new modern inventions at the time such as drugs that pharmaceutical companies at the time were coming up with.


This is a huge problem, especially in Washington. If you don’t know what lobbying is, we can put this short for you. This is when companies set up shell companies or fundraisers and they give money to members of Congress and the Senate.

These are the people who ultimately pass bills deciding the law and they’re just as corrupt as the pharmaceutical companies. Pharma companies actually spend the most amount of money on lobbying. It’s said that they spend $27,5 million just in 2018 alone. That’s an insane amount of money that people are making just so that others have to be sick and miserable all the time and at the mercy of prescription companies.

Lobbying is also why you won’t see much of a fight to legalize marijuana from a lot of politicians. Why would they want to fight to legalize marijuana when they could just accept a check from someone to vote no on an issue? This is a flawed system and it’s one of the main reasons that we won’t see the legalization of marijuana for some time to come.

Why Does Pharma Companies Hate Marijuana?

If we haven’t covered the answer for you yet, we’ll try to break it down.

#1 – The Price

First, there’s the cost of marijuana when you compare it to other drugs. If you’re uninsured, and your doctor wants to prescribe you some painkillers, you could end up paying hundreds of dollars for a single bottle that usually needs to be refilled in 30 days. Marijuana on the other hand or other substances such as Kratom and CBD oils are relatively cheap and just as effective, if not more effective.

#2 – The Convenience

Do you know how convenient it is to go purchase marijuana or other cannabis products as opposed to having to go to a doctor and get a special note written for you that says you need a special medicine? Then, you have to go to a pharmacist and you have to HOPE that your insurance will cover the cost, because they have a tendency to do what they want.

That’s another thing, don’t think your insurance provider is innocent in all of this. They’re with the pharma companies making big bucks. They don’t want marijuana legalized either but all you can do is continue to stand and fight and one day, they will fall.

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