The Top 5 Marijuana Jobs You Can Have

The Top 5 Marijuana Jobs You Can Have

With marijuana gaining even more popularity as more politicians seek to legalize marijuana, the need for marijuana-based jobs is growing. How cool would it be to work on a marijuana farm or to work with marijuana in general?

Forget answering the phones for angry customers 40 hours a week when you could work with cannabis-based products for a career and make pretty decent money at it as well. So, we’ll go over 5 of the top marijuana-based jobs that you can have today.

#1 – Marijuana Extractor

This is one of the highest paying marijuana jobs you can have right now and it’s not an easy one to get. This is a job in the medical marijuana field and you have to have a lot of knowledge about everything involved in marijuana, including the chemicals, the compounds, the different strains and different medical terms to even be qualified to be a medical marijuana extractor.

However, if you take this path, you can make up to $250,000 a year. Most people in this field have a Ph.D. in biochemistry and it doesn’t hurt to have some engineering background.

#2 – Budtender

This job isn’t quite as qualified as the previous job but you’ll be dealing with a lot of people in this job, so if you’re a people person, this will be the best job for you. For this job, you’ll need to know the difference between a lot of different strains and know the best Sativa, Indica and hybrid strains that you can recommend to customers.

Budtenders are just like cashiers at every other business establishment but instead, they assist customers in dispensaries with choosing the best product for them. For this job, you need to be a great listener and you need to have excellent customer service skills.

You’re also kind of acting like a salesman, so being great at selling is probably a huge plus. The pay isn’t that great but the job is incredible. You can only expect to make up to $40,000 on the high-end but that’s still pretty high just for customer service. If you’re looking to earn even more money, some budtenders accept tips and some of them actually make pretty good tips.


#3 – Master Grower

Ahead or master grower is kind of like the manager of a construction site. Construction managers oversee the overall operations of a construction site and that’s basically what a master grower does as well. A master grower will oversee the operations of a growing site and if need be, they will involve themselves in the actual cultivating process.

They must be skilled in their field and they must know how to do things such as cloning, transferring buds, spraying the plants, maintaining the plants and doing a cleanup of the growing area.

They must know everything inside and out that there is to know about the growing area. Master growers can actually make pretty good money and most of them prefer to set their own salary, so the average salary earned fluctuates quite a bit in this field.

#4 – Edibles

Do you love eating edibles? Do you not mind doing a little bit of heavy lifting every once in a while? Well, the field of marijuana has a strong need for edibles packagers right now and they make pretty decent money for what they do. You can make up to $50,000 a year for a pretty simple job if you’re lucky enough to find a place hiring.

The packaging position is an entry job in the marijuana industry and your essential core duties will be to package up edibles or other cannabis products and prepare them to be shipped out to customers.

Different companies will have you tackling different responsibilities but that essentially is what you’ll be doing.

#5 – Package Delivery

When products need to be delivered to someone’s home or edibles need to be delivered, sometimes, fast shipping via a 1-day shipping company isn’t an option, so marijuana companies have started hiring couriers to deliver their goods.

This is a big job if you live in a city with a state that allows legal recreational marijuana. You need literally no experience to do this job and you can walk right in and get the job if it’s available. Also, it’s great exercise as well if you’re someone who enjoys being out and about. It’s a great job to take out the bike and do a little bit of exercise while delivering marijuana to people’s homes.

Marijuana delivery isn’t a booming industry yet but as more states and cities fight to legalize it, this job will inevitably be on the rise in the near future.

Finding a job in the cannabis industry is all about choosing the right location. You have to choose somewhere one where it’s legal and you have to have great people skills. You have to really want to work in the industry and who wouldn’t? Who wouldn’t want to work with cannabis? It’s a dream job come true for a lot of people. Most customer service positions pay an average of 20k to 30k but if you could make almost double that while working with marijuana, you’d be in a pretty good spot.

A lot of positions in the marijuana field, at least in the medical marijuana field require a degree of some kind and a lot of prior experience for you to just hop into the job. They usually won’t hire you without a degree in a field like chemistry or biochemistry because the nature of THC and CBD is rather complex.

There are hundreds of elements that make up every strand of THC and you have to understand how these compounds work or else, you won’t be getting any kind of cultivation or growing job anytime soon.

So, start sending resumes and get your foot in the door with customer service or delivery job in the marijuana field and you can quickly grow through a rapidly expanding profession. It will be a huge booming industry in the next 10 years.

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