Facts Regarding Alzheimer’s and Smoking Pot

Facts Regarding Alzheimer’s and Smoking Pot

Alzheimer’s disease has been proven to be helpful to some extent by smoking marijuana, as it is popularly known.

It can help to stave Alzheimer’s because of the high it gives. Marijuana consists of a chemical substance called THC.

THC will enable to preserve a natural brain chemical called acetylcholine, which is important for retention of knowledge, and memorize things that you learn.

People who are suffering from the Alzheimer’s disease are essentially inflicted with low secretion or production of this brain chemical due to which they are unable to remember or recollect things.

What happens in the case of a person suffering from Alzheimer’s disease is that the brain chemical breaks down and hence is unable to perform its function.

Most of the medicines that are targeted to cure Alzheimer’s are supposed to ensure that this brain chemical does not break down and thus the person is on his way to recovery. Smoking pot and Alzheimer’s are thus correlated.

Laboratory experiments have revealed that THC or tetrahydrocannabinol helps to preserve the required levels of the brain chemical acetylcholine to a better extent than the other drugs or medicines that are available in the market today to treat a disease like Alzheimer’s.

There are other drugs available in the market, which enable only the slow down of the progression of the Alzheimer’s disease and prevent the showing of symptoms but they cannot affect the deterioration that is caused to the human body due to Alzheimer’s.

However, THC helps to prevent the building up of the chemicals or enzymes that cause this deterioration.

In laboratory experiments, THC was effective to control the building up of plaque in comparison to the other drugs, which had little positive effect in controlling the building up of the toxic materials or chemicals.

marijuana for alzheimer

Let us now come to marijuana. Marijuana is legalised in some states across the US for research purposes owing to its medicinal values.

Researches reveal that it is effective to cure some types of glaucoma, nausea, vomiting and also some types of cancer.

Even if it is not successful in the complete cure of these diseases, however it has managed to reduce the progression of most of these diseases.

At the same time, you should also keep in mind that smoking pot can have its own adverse effects as well like memory loss and impaired decision-making. Smoking pot and Alzheimer’s have a different relationship at the same time.

However, doctors and physicians do not advise or propagate smoking pot to Alzheimer’s patients. Though it may have some curing effect but at the same time, due to its intoxication, it may cause confusion and disorientation in these patients.

However, the researchers have thoughts otherwise and have proofs to supplement what they say. The drugs that have THC as an important constituent like marijuana are proved to have effective results in the treatment of Alzheimer’s or at least delay the progression of this disease.

This research had been carried out in rats initially but then it was revealed that more potential benefits of the THC chemical was required and hence smoking pot and Alzheimer’s are interlinked in a positive way.

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