Passionate weed smokers need good information to really enjoy themselves, without the hassle of worrying about if they will lose their job. We love it as much as you, and everyone around us, related to this site, friends, family, online contacts, all share experiences and information all the time.

We love to hear marijuana news, to hear about the latest marijuana strains, recipes and what’s going on in this world. Particularly if you live in the USA, and which states have legalized marijuana, and what the status of legalization is could be particularly important to stay clear of trouble.

Information articles about everything related are also good. It’s great to keep up with things, and learn more than you will hear in your local headshop, through forums where you just don’t know if you can trust what’s being said.

Marijuana is the number one thing that people really look for in any drug test for employment, and as THC lingers in the body for up to 3 weeks, detox and evasion strategies that really work are essential for the weed smoker who wants to keep their job.

We’ve been through literally hundreds of drug tests, tested products, and endlessly use home test kits to see what’s going on. We also know from information about the latest standards in the labs, and how people are failing.

If you want great marijuana news, recepies, articles and tips on which detox products work, and how you can get through a drug test that looks for THC, then this is a great place to start.

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