My Top 5 Best Vape Pens For Weed And Oils

My Top 5 Best Vape Pens For Weed And Oils

Choosing the best vape for weed can be a little confusing, especially if you have never vaporized weed or CBD before.  So choosing the best dry herb vape pen can be quite a challenge.

The thing is, the best vape pen for weed oil, might not be the best for smoking dry cannabis, known as herbs or buds.

Plus you’ve also got the thing around whether you’re actually wanting to smoke CBD oil or THC oil. How different are they? What you actually need to smoke dry herbs or oils?

Well, let’s quickly and simply explain everything about vaping weed, dry herbs, wax, plus explain more about THC and CBD oils. On top of that, we will give you the four best value vaporizers out there right now, that can cope with the demands we will now talk about.

Vaping Weed Vs Smoking Weed

Look, you probably already know, smoking weed has three big problems:

  • It can be wasteful
  • It involves burning plant matter
  • It’s time-consuming and antisocial

When we mean wasteful, we mean it’s not efficient to get the best experience from cannabis smoking. It just doesn’t burn at the right temperature all the time, to give you the best, smoothest, and most even experience.

Plus when we say burning plant matter, we’re talking about the fact that you’re taking in toxins. Some people mix it with tobacco, but even if you’re just smoking dry herbs, the smoke contains a lot of carcinogenic chemicals.

Also, as we say, it’s time-consuming and antisocial. You can’t wander down the street in most places rolling joints and smoking them. On top of the antisocial, and legal, problem, you’ve also got the fact that rolling joints all the time can get annoying.

That’s why vaping weed is becoming more and more popular. It gets rid of all three of these problems.

smoking vs vaping

Is There A Difference Between CBD and THC Oil?

You may already aware of this, but the big difference between CBD oil and THC oil is that THC oil gets you high, but CBD oil doesn’t.

Both are extracted from similar plants. CBD oil tends to be extracted from industrial hemp plants, whereas THC oil tends to be extracted from the cannabis plant. Both are part of the same family, but they are very different in terms of the alkaloid content.

If you smoke cannabis oil, it will be high in THC and CBD alkaloid content. If you smoke CBD oil, it will be high in CBD, but because it’s from the hemp plant, it will have only trace amounts of THC, so you won’t get high.

In terms of vaping CBD oil or cannabis oil, there is no difference. For practical purposes, you just need a vape pen that can deal with oils.

Most people smoke CBD for medicinal purposes, whereas they smoke THC, cannabis oil, to get high. Used in a vape, cannabis oil is a concentrated form of marijuana. So you’re basically looking for the best vape pen for weed oil because whether you intend to use it for CBD or THC, is irrelevant, a vape that can cope with one can cope with the other.

Which means anyone recommending the best portable vaporizer for weed, or the best CBD oil vape pen starter kit, is recommending the same thing, as long as the vape pen can cope with vaporizing oils/liquids.

CBD oil VS THC oil

How To Use A  Vape Pen For Weed

When it comes to CBD oil or THC oil, then you are usually presented with the choice of a vape that can cope with refillable cartridges or disposable cartridges. Now obviously due to legality reasons, you can far more easily obtain CBD oil cartridges, or oil to put in cartridges.

One thing to be aware of is you can’t just put cannabis oil or CBD oil straight into a vape. This is one area of confusion. When people talk about putting CBD or THC oil in a vape, they are not talking about the stuff you can buy online as an oil.

They are actually talking about a liquid, that is constructed from the oil, mixed with a carrier oil. Carrier oils include things like vegetable oil, which is why you see specifications marked with a percentage of things like VG and PG.

But generally, once you get your hands on proper THC or CBD vape liquid, vaping weed gives you the following choices:
  1. A vape pen that can cope just with disposable cartridges.
  2. A vape pen that can deal with both disposable and refillable cartridges.
  3. A vape that can deal with wax, which you usually push into the chamber, often referred to as sugar or just wax.
  4. A dry herb vape will be able to deal with dry cannabis, which is compacted into the chamber using a special tool.

Whatever you are smoking, and however you choose to load it into your vape, the process of smoking is pretty straightforward.

Some vapes require that you push a button to make them start, and you may have to push a button and allow it to heat up for a few seconds before you can start smoking.

You may also have to set the temperature, although, with simpler vapes, that isn’t the case. Whatever the mechanism, starting heating a vape ready for smoking will involve clicking one or more buttons a few times.

In fact, once the coil in a vape has been heated, you may not even need to press a button, simply inhale and the vape will automatically operate.

And that’s really it. You simply inhale and exhale. There’s no need deeply draw and hold as you do with the traditional joint because the vaporized cannabis/THC/CBD has been optimized as a vapor by the vape as it heats it.

Just make sure that you have a fully charged battery every day, or before a session, because it’s frustrating when the battery runs low. Also, a low battery may not vaporize as efficiently, especially if you are using dry herbs.

Of course, some vaporizers allow you to switch batteries, which are called 510 compatible vapes, plus most vapes have the ability to be used continuously while they are charging.

Best Temperature For Vaping Weed

When people talk about the best temp to vape weed, they are usually talking about vaporizing dry herbs.

The reason that it’s more important when you are vaping dry herbs, is efficiency. If you vaporize them at to a low temperature, then the cannabis will not vaporize completely, and you won’t get the full effects. If you vaporize at too high a temperature, then the weed could burn, and again, be inefficient, but also unpleasant.

It’s not such an issue with vaping wax or liquids. These tend to be vaporized far more efficiently, and vapes or oils are specifically designed to vaporize within the correct temperature range.

But whatever type of vape you are looking to use, when you buy one, you will either be looking for one that has the ability to automatically vary the rate at which it burns, so it’s most efficient, or one that has multiple heat settings.

Talking specifically about temperatures, THC and CBD are fully decarboxylated, meaning they are converted, at around 390°F (200 degrees Celsius). In terms of the full range of cannabinoids in marijuana, around 77% of the total are decarboxylated at 445°F (230 degrees Celsius).

But importantly, over 240°C, around 465°F, things start to deteriorate. That’s why it’s often cited that the optimal temperature to vaporize weed at is 210°C, or 410°F.

If the vape you are considering buying doesn’t have different temperature settings within this range, then you need to check that it’s single setting is going to be efficient enough. But mostly, you have to remember that vapes the dry herbs and oils are optimized for burning efficiently in their design.

How To Choose The Best Vape For Weed

When it comes to choosing the best vape for weed, the best one won't necessarily be the most expensive. It will be around a variety of features and choices:
  1. Does it have to look good, or does it just need to be functional?
  2. Will you be using this occasionally on the move, throughout the day, or for long sessions?
  3. Will you be vaping dry herbs, or oils, or do need the flexibility of a vape that can deal with more than one type?
  4. Is a big battery and necessity, or will you be smoking it mostly at home, or somewhere you have easy access to a charging point?
  5. You will also need to consider options on the vape, things like its ease of cleaning, how easy it is to fill the chamber, whether it uses disposable or refillable cartridges (or both), battery life and ability to charge it, practical things like that.

Once you have determined your needs, you’ll be able to look at the different types out there, to determine the best portable vaporizer for weed, or the best CBD oil vape pen starter kit for your personal needs, alongside the features that will meet those clear needs.

My Top 5 Best Vape Pen For Weed (Oils&Dry Herbs)

  1. Atmos Micro Pal: Best Cheap Vape Pen Starter Kit

The Atmos Pal Kit retails at less than $50. Let that sink in for a minute, because you just shouldn’t be able to get a weed vape or one for CBD, that’s got a quality build, plus other good features, for that price.

But the Atmos Pal achieves it. It can burn wax and oils and can use both disposable and refillable cartridges. So it’s perfect for the person who wants to smoke THC or CBD oil.

In terms of its key features, for less than $50, they are quite impressive:

  • High build quality
  • Size is good for the price
  • 510 cartridge compatible
  • Quartz heating element
  • Variable voltage 650 mAh battery
  • Four temperatures

The Atmos Micro Pal is also a complete CBD oil vape pen starter kit because you get cleaning tools and a charger with it as well. So if you’re looking for the best portable vaporizer for weed, or for CBD, and you want to use oils, and don’t need to use dry herbs, then for the money, this is unbeatable.

Best Cheap Vape Pen Starter Kit

  1. Migvapor Torpedo – Quality Cheap Weed Vape Under $100

If you’re looking for a cheap dry herb vape pen that good quality, packed with features, but still retails at less than $100 dollars, then the Torpedo dry herb vaporizer could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Yes, you’re limited to it being dry herb vape pen, it’s not got the flexibility of some of it slightly more expensive comparison products. But for less than a hundred bucks you are getting good build quality, three different heat settings and the ability to have long sessions due to the massive 2200mAh lithium battery.

No, the price you not going to do everything, but the three heat settings, although limiting, are more than flexible enough in a vape of this price. There’s never been a problem with anything burning, vaporization seems to be perfect, and the three settings give you all the flexibility you probably ever need.

There really is a good set of core features in the Torpedo for the money:

  • 2200mAh battery will deliver about a dozen good sessions
  • good quality metal build
  • easy to clean
  • three distinct heat settings
  • large 1.7mL capacity

For the price, you also get a USB cable for charging, three additional silicon mouthpiece covers, too long silicon mouthpiece covers, a cleaning brush, and five replaceable filters.

The price, with its features, add-ons, and the way this feels good in the hand, is superb, and, if you’re looking for a weed vape pen that doesn’t burn your wallet or your weed, then it’s got to be one to consider very carefully.

cheap weed vape

  1. DaVinci IQ: Best Dry Herb Vape Pen

The DaVinci IQ is a brand evolution, the third model since 2012 from this company. And you can definitely spot the refinement.

This is sleek, black, minimalist and fully digital. It’s packed full of features and refinements has a high-quality build, and packs a punch. You can also refine every aspect of how it works through an accompanying free Bluetooth app.

In terms of its key features, the main ones are:

  • The app allows complete control over all functions
  • Compatible with dry herbs
  • 510 compatible battery
  • Four preset temperature settings, plus the ability to adjust them
  • 10-year warranty

The standout features include its intelligent ability, through a feature called Smart path, to gradually increase the temperature through the session. This allows gradual heating of the herbs, allowing optimal vaporization

On top of that, you have to talk about the build quality. It’s absolutely superb, and inside you also get a fantastic flavor chamber, and a unique item called the Pearl, which distributes flow evenly within the chamber.

It is quite heavy, and a full recharge takes several hours, but it is quite small and will fit in any hand. This is one of the best dry herb vape pens, but obviously, you are paying a premium price of around $275 to get that premium quality and features.

Best Vape For Weed

  1. Atmos “The Swiss”: Best Versatile Vape

If you’re looking for durability and flexibility, then The Swiss, which if you know what the Swiss army knife is then you will know what this is all about, is definitely one to consider.

It’s a little big, and heavy, but you are getting incredible build quality. The reason for the strong build quality is that this thing is for breaking down and using in a variety of roles. You can use it as a straight weed vaporizer, but it can also be used as a rig insert, is designed to fit most standard pipe sizes.

So it can be used as a serious insert for glass rigs, but also it has its own ceramic chamber and can operate just as well on its own, using either dry herbs or wax.

In terms of its key features, they are pretty extensive:

  • Full kit including bases stands and chambers
  • Three heat settings
  • Incredibly strong build quality
  • Full accessories kit
  • 510 cartridge and chamber compatible
  • Powerful battery and Micro USB charging

So look, if you want to experiment with dry herb smoking, either using the vape on its own or using it as a rig insert, then for around $130, The Swiss is an incredibly powerful and versatile bit of kit.

It’s a little larger, a little less personal, and if you stand in the street with it you’ll stick out, plus for small hands as a vape, it’s not so good.

But if you looking for the combination of a best portable vaporizer for weed which is also flexible enough to be used as a desktop, at an affordable price, then this could just be what you’re looking for.

marijuana vaporizer

  1. Honeystick Sport: Best All-Rounder

The Honeystick Sport 3 in 1 Sub Ohm Vape Kit is not cheap, usually retailing around $230. But for that money, you are getting complete flexibility over what you put in it.

The Honeystick Sport is called a three in one, because it’s compatible with dry herbs, wax and oils.

So whether you need the best dry herb vaporizer, the best vape pen for weed oil, or the best CBD oil vape pen, this ticks each of those boxes. Plus it ticks the box of allowing you to do all three.

Look, I have to say upfront here that it’s not going to win any beauty awards. It’s a slightly clunky design, which looks a couple of years out of date alongside the modern, sleek digital models. It’s closer to a budget model in looks, but in terms of power and flexibility, it’s definitely a premium vape.

Its key features include:

  • Compatible with wax, oil, and herbs
  • Fully adjustable temperature control
  • Hybrid wax and dab tank
  • Incredible 2000mAh variable voltage MOD battery
  • Replacement heater/chamber
  • 12-month warranty

Now although it won’t win any beauty awards, this thing isn’t huge. It will still fit in your hand, even a female hand, without looking ridiculous or suspicious. So you can use it on the move.

Whether you’re having a session or you on the move through the day, it’s incredibly powerful 2000mAh battery is far in excess of most you will find on a vape of any price.

Plus you get the accessories you will need. You get a hybrid wax tank, a ceramic dry herb chamber the THC oil tank, and a dab tool. You get extra gaskets and an extra atomizer. If you’re looking for a true CBD oil vape pen starter kit or the ultimate best vape for weed kit, then this could be what you’re looking for.

So the Honeystick Sport is not cheap, but it is a premium vape. If you’re not so worried about looks and are mostly interested in power and flexibility, and if it’s affordable to you, then this is certainly one you should be taking a very careful look at.

best vape pen for weed oil

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