Where To Buy Salvia Divinorum

Where To Buy Salvia Divinorum

Legal Psychedelics For Sale

The perennial herb Salvia Divinorum is a member of the mint family, but that’s where the similarities end.

Growing ever more popular around the world, it’s becoming increasingly known as a legal psychedelic that can deliver truly unique experiences that are often described as transcendental.

Although relatively safe to use, it is however a problematic herb. Its effects can be instant and dramatic, which means that an uneducated user can cause physical and emotional difficulties, and potential danger for both themselves and people around them.

Which is why education about Salvia is essential. One of the key things you need to know is where to buy Salvia that is high quality, reliable and safe. That way you take the gamble out of part of the equation.

Then you will need to know exactly how to take it, what dose to take, and what the differences are between the types of Salvia you can buy.

Once you have information you need, Salvia can open up a world full of new experiences for you, in total safety.

What Is Salvia Divinorum?

Salvia is a small flowering plant found mostly in South America, primarily in the highlands of Mexico.

It has been used for centuries by the Mazatec people, and has found its way into Western culture when in the mid-1900s scientists investigating magic mushrooms in the region stumbled across its use.

Primarily it used to be chewed or infused by the Indians, however nowadays it tends to be smoked in a vaporizer

The active ingredient in Salvia, Salvianorin A, is a distinct hallucinogen unlike any other. This creates an experience which is unique, ranging from subtle through to visionary, through to amnesic.

The Indians used it to create visions to guide the tribes, which should give you some idea of the level of mental disconnect the active ingredients in Salvia can produce.

What Are The Effects Of Salvia?

The onset of effects from smoking Salvia are rapid and dramatic, depending on the dose. Within five minutes of smoking a dose the full effects are well underway.

At the low level, a light user will experience distraction, detachment, a sense of wellbeing, and an uplifting mood.

Into the mid-levels of dose, Salvia produces increasing distraction, detachment, a distortion of the senses, visual and auditory distortions, complete with abstract body movements and uncontrollable fits of laughter.

At the higher level of effect, Salvia produces a full-on hallucinatory experience, where other beings are seen and spoken to, complete detachment from reality is experienced, and another world is entered into.

It’s at this level that ongoing spiritual enlightenment can actually take place, which is why it is increasingly being used to help with depression and mental health issues.

Above the higher level nobody can actually tell you how the experience feels because the minds experiences are forgotten due to the amnesia that high doses produce.

Although the effects of taking Salvia only last for around 20 minutes, the feeling subsides slowly, leaving a sense of wellbeing and connectedness that can last for days.

Does Salvia Feel The Same Every Time?

Salvia should technically feel the same each time you experience it. However, the reality is somewhat different for several reasons.

  1. It makes a big difference in the format Salvia is in. It could be fresh leaves which have the standard amount of the active ingredient, Salvainorin A, or it could be dried leaves whose active ingredient content is less. On top of that, it could be concentrated Salvia extracts.
  2. It depends a lot on whether you smoke it, drink it, or chew it to get the active ingredient out. Special tinctures can be chewed that contain concentrated extract.

You can also make Salvia tea and drink it, as the Mexican Indians sometimes did.

  1. Very importantly, the quality of the Salvia has to be high in the first place.

That’s why you should be shopping for your concentrated Salvia plant extract from a reputable supplier.

This is where the plant matter that is not relevant is removed, and then the active elements are condensed into an extract that is then ready for use.

(Recently many shops offer Salvia Divinorum for sale, but they often mix it with other herbs or just sell poor quality extracts.)

  1. In common with other psychedelic drugs, how you are feeling will affect the experience. This also applies to the location you are in, and the people you are around.

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Legal Status Of Salvia In The USA

The legal status of Salvia in the USA is complex. The active ingredient in it was only isolated and its action understood in 1992, by which stage it had already become widespread in its use.

It’s generally considered the most potent naturally occurring psychedelic compound in the world, and is unique in its construction.

However on the flipside, it is not as damaging as other psychedelic drugs despite its dramatic effects. Many shops offer legal psychedelics for sale, but they won’t ship your order if you are living in a state/country where salvia is banned.

At the time of writing, Salvia is illegal to sell or use in:

Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Guam,  Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Vermont,Virginia, and Wyoming.

Internationally, it is also illegal in most parts of western and eastern Europe.

Despite the number of states that Salvia is illegal in, it’s not actually a scheduled drug at federal level.

This creates a slightly confused picture, especially when you add in the fact that there are no recorded deaths from Salvia use, and no evidence scientifically so far that it is damaging or addictive.

Salvia leagality map

How To Take Salvia For Best Effect

Salvia can be taken orally in a tincture, smoked, or less frequently now chewed.

Most people feel the effects of Salvia at around a dose of 200mcg of the active ingredient Salvinorin A. At 1000mcg, people reach the limit at which the effects become overwhelming.

Dried leaf requires around half a gram to obtain a mid-level dose. This amount is lessened when a concentrated extract is used.

When chewed, fresh or rehydrated dried leaves, are rolled into a quid and chewed every few moments for around half an hour. When not chewing, it is kept under the tongue to maintain absorption.

Chewing is the least efficient method of absorption, requiring 10 grams of dried Salvia leaf, or 30 g of fresh leaf. Onset of effects takes around 30 minutes, and then tail off over around an hour. This efficiency can be increased if you use a purified tincture instead of a traditional quid.

Using modern Salvia extract, a vaporizer specially designed for the purpose is the most efficient way of achieving the rapid onset of effects through maximum intake.

When vaporizing Salvia, the maximum effect is reached in less than five minutes, and this then declines over around the next 30 minutes.

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Salvia Divinorum Side Effects To Watch Out For

Most people vaporize Salvia. This is the most intense form of consumption. At low dose, you may experience increased awareness, tingling, clarity of mind, and slight visual and auditory distortions, but a high-dose vaporized Salvia can hit you like a brick wall.

At the higher level, full physical impairment, an inability to talk, the mind transitioning through visuals, even complete separation from the real world can happen in literally two minutes.

So even though its intended effect, if you are not spot-on with your dosage, vaporizing can leave you in a state where you are experiencing an altered reality and physically you could put yourself in danger.

That’s why a sitter is recommended when anybody is taking Salvia or any legal psychedelics .

Because of its short duration, in terms of its initial hit, it just requires one sober person to sit with you for around half an hour while the effects subside.

You should not take Salvia lightly, because it is smoked and is green, dried leaves, many people mistake it for a marijuana substitute. Nothing could be further from the truth, Salvia is a highly potent psychedelic drug, and one of the truly legal psychedelics for sale.

Other side effects are the usual ones such as nausea, irritability and potential withdrawal issues.

In the longer run, side-effects of Salvia use are relatively unknown, although scientific evidence so far suggests that there is no long-term addiction or mental deterioration issue with its use.

Legal Psychedelics For Sale

What Is The Difference Between Salvia 10x, 20x, 30x?

Sometimes people wonder what the different multiples are when it comes to buying Salvia, for example: 10x, 20x, 30x, 40x and 60x.

60x costs a considerable amount more than the other types, but why is this the case? What makes it so much better?

Basically, the leaves of the Salvia plant contain the active ingredient Salvianorin A. On average, 1 ounce of Salvia leaves will contain around 1.2 mg of the active ingredient.

At this level, the effects are quite low, and you would have to consume a large amount of fresh or dried leaves to get a significant psychedelic effect.

This is borne out by the Central Americans experience in their spiritual quests, where it was not unusual for huge stacks of Salvia leaves to be burned by the Shaman to get enough of the active ingredient into their bodies.

What happens with Salvia extracts is that all the excess plant matter is removed, and the areas containing the active compound are reconstituted into a concentrated format.

So if you buy Salvia 10x, you are not buying 10 times the strength of Salvia. What it denotes is that this concentrated form contains 10 times the leaves in a gram when compared to a gram of the original leaves.

Taking this a step further, the 60x concentrate contains 60 times the amount of leaves contained in a standard gram.

That’s an important distinction. It’s not about the strength specifically, it denotes the concentration level of the weight of leaves in it. The more resources it uses to create, meaning the more leaves it uses, the more it costs to buy.

Now obviously the more concentrated it is the higher the dose of Salvianorin A will be, because the more leaves you used to create the concentrate, the higher the amount of milligrams of it will be there.

So that’s why the higher the level of concentrate, the higher the potential dosage, but it’s not linear, you cannot guarantee that a higher concentrate means a linear higher dose, especially when some of the companies creating the concentrated extract work in different ways.

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Where To Buy Salvia Divinorum Extract

If you’re looking to buy Salvia Divinorum or other legal psychedelics for sale, then a reputable web store that offers high quality, well constructed extract is key.

So where to buy high quality Salvia Divinorum online?

I’ve tried a few different online stores, and amazingly the quality and effect of Salvia has been different every single time. I have to say sometimes from poor quality stores even the same quality of extract multiple, for example 20x, has a different effect with the same amount.

In terms of consistency and quality, in terms of product quality, and speed of delivery, Salviaextracts.com has been my “go to” web store for quite some time. They have wide range of Salvia Divinorum for sale, explorer packs for beginners and expert packs for experienced users.

Both the customer point of view and an experience point of view it’s always been amazing. On top of that, you are getting high quality Salvia extract at a decent price.

Although expensive, they even do concentrated extract up to 120x, giving you up to160 mg of Salvinorin A per gram.

This is a massive amount, and in no way should be considered by anyone other than a highly experienced user, but it shows you the quality of the products they offer, and the serious way they take their business.

Salvia is an amazing thing to experience, and although it isn’t dangerous in itself, it does demand that you have some education, treat it with respect, and at higher doses make sure that you have people around you.

Its onset is incredibly rapid and you really do need some protection from its world altering effects.

But if you buy Salvia from a reputable web store like Salviaextracts, then you can at least rest assured that the product you are buying is trustworthy and consistent, which is vital for your experience and safety.

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