Salvia Divinorum

Salvia Divinorum is a widely available, and in some countries and states completely legal, natural hallucinogenic. It can have an amazing effect on the mind, which first time triers are often not prepared for.

That’s why high quality information about salvia is key, because although you can really control the dose through the amount you take, and the strength (salvia can be at dried strength, or in multiples of concentration, such as x10, x20), effects can range dramatically.

This strong effect on the mind can be really positive, with the psychoactive component, the hallucinogenic property, Salvinorin A producing some amazing positive emotional responses. But as one of the most intense natural hallucinogens out there, it can also send people spinning wildly downhill.

Good quality education, advice and sensible precautions are key. On top of that you need to know where to buy good quality salvia that isn’t cut with rubbish, and which only uses high quality salvia leaves as its base material.

Seriously, you need to get educated if you’re thinking of trying this stuff, a good dose inhaled can send you into another universe within a few minutes. Floating, traveling through space, the body becoming immovable, visions, total detachment, altered visual and emotional perception, it all comes on quickly and dramatically.

So get some high quality reading in before you go trying this stuff, because the downside of not being educated or responsible can be severe. Salvia at low dose can be pleasant, but if you don’t understand its potential, how a high-dose can affect you, then things could get tricky quickly.

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