Phenibut Review: Effects, Dosage, Best Place To Buy

Phenibut Review: Effects, Dosage, Best Place To Buy

Phenibut is a mood-enhancing drug developed in the old Soviet Union. It was seen as a wonder drug, but medically speaking, it’s not really 100% suitable for much at all. But in this Phenibut review, I’m going to tell you about how it’s been adopted as a smart drug, a nootropic, with stunning benefits.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know around its effects, how to use it sensibly, the correct dosage of Phenibut to consider using, and whether you could face any detrimental side effects.

I’ll also tell you about whether Phenibut will show up on a drug test for employment, and also tell you where to buy Phenibut that good quality. One of the big problems is finding Phenibut for sale that is pure, and safe to use, so it’s important to find a trusted source if you are considering experimenting with it.

What Is Phenibut?

Phenibut is a relaxant generally. It was developed in the old Soviet Union as a wonder drug, and it’s still prescribed in countries like Latvia for many conditions. For example, ADHD, insomnia, anxiety, plus age-related conditions.

But the thing is, it’s never been proven scientifically to be particularly suitable for anything it’s officially prescribed for in Eastern Europe.

However, because it’s a GABA analogue, Phenibut acts as a sort of key in the brain. GABA unlocks the GABA-b receptors, which changes the responses received and given from the brain and central nervous system. In addition, it stimulates the dopamine receptors, which is important for mood improvement and regulation. The net result is calming, focus, and increased cognitive abilities.

So that’s why it’s now sold as a non-regulated supplement in other countries. It can brighten your mood, lower your anxiety, and improve your outlook the anxiety-relieving relaxation, in combination with the potential for increased cognitive function, make it potentially very good studying, work, and social situations.

Effects Of Phenibut

 Phenibut is sometimes compared to alcohol, but that would be to almost completely misinterpret the effects it has. Although alcohol works on the GABA receptors, it works on different ones (GABA-a), and in a different way. Alcohol makes you feel sluggish physically and mentally, although it does also remove social inhibitions and anxiety.

The effects of Phenibut can help you in many practical situations:

  • You can do better at tests, exams, studying and other similar activities
  • You get an improved focus and will be able to work with better efficiency
  • Social anxiety will disappear, which is great for meeting people
  • It can help with insomnia because your brain will want to switch off
  • In some people, it can increase sex drive
  • You’ll feel more driven, which is why people use it to push workout limit,

So as you can see, there are similarities with alcohol, but you just don’t get that lack of coordination, and drifting, quite the opposite with Phenibut, which will give you an improved focus, sometimes referred to as a Zen state. So your thinking skills will be sharper, and your motor functions will be better, which is obviously the opposite of what happens after even just a couple of alcoholic drinks.

On top of that, it’s strong anxiolytic, which means it reduces anxiety. That makes it perfect for new social occasions, PTSD sufferers, or people who have a generalized anxiety disorder.

At higher doses, Phenibut can even produce minor euphoria. That’s often just happiness and positivity, but it can also spill over into a dramatically improved mood. In fact, Phenibut was used by Russian cosmonauts to reduce anxiety during the stressful lift off into space, and still forms part of the kit on any Russian space flight.

As well as all those potentially positive benefits, Phenibut has a long-lasting action. At an average dose (the average dose is very personal, and I’ll talk about that later) it can last up to 6 hours, with onset after just 30 minutes. So it’s also cheap, considering the long-lasting benefits it delivers.

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How To Take Phenibut Powder

 Phenibut usually comes as a powder, which has a sour taste, with a slight citrus edge to it. Some people say it tastes like Kool-Aid. But whatever you think it tastes like, it can be unpalatable to many people.

When it comes to learning how to take Phenibut, to try and overcome the taste and the powder, you have several options:

  1. Toss and wash, in a similar way to how people take kratom powder. Basically, you put the powder on something, or in something, like a small plastic cup, and then you throw it into the back of your mouth and drink something thick, like fruit juice, to quickly wash it down. The downside is you can choke on the powder, but it does get it down quick.
  2. You can get Phenibut capsules, which would obviously eradicate the problem with the sour taste. In this case, you simply take the required number of capsules. However, not many places sell Phenibut capsules, it tends to be in powder form, and very much cheaper.
  3. You can wrap the Phenibut up in something easy to swallow and digest. A lot of people use cigarette papers, as these are easy to swallow, and they don’t cause a problem in the throat, as long as you wash it down with plenty of water.
  4. You can mix it in with the liquid. Some people mix it with water, but that doesn’t get rid of the taste, nor does it really deal with the powdery sensation. A better option for me has been milkshake or fruit juice, as these are thicker, and have a sweet taste, which makes it far easier to wash everything down quickly, and without leaving a powdery residue and taste in the mouth.

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Phenibut Dosage

The most important thing to understand about Phenibut dosage is that you are trying to avoid building up a tolerance while still delivering the beneficial effects as often as possible. Tolerance will mean you need an increased dose, which leads to potential dependency problems.

Think about it with alcohol, a common drug most of us have used. In the beginning, or if you have not been drunk for ages, you seem to get drunk more easily. If you have a heavy few weeks, or you are drinking several times each week, you’ll start to realize it’s taking you more alcohol to get you drunk than it was at the start. This is a similar tolerance issue to that which can happen with Phenibut.

So the first thing about dosage is to spread out the occasions on which you take Phenibut. This means doing something called cycling. It basically means using it with breaks. It could be using it a couple of times a week, or it could be using it several times a week, with a break for a week, or every few weeks.

My advice would be not to use Phenibut more than twice a week unless you are doing something that requires its special benefits. That way you can get a couple of really good days in each week where you can perform brilliantly and anxiety free, but you will really avoid that tolerance and dependency build-up unless you are incredibly unlucky.

The blood plasma half-life of Phenibut is around five hours. So if you took 300 mg of Phenibut, then after five hours it will have lost half its potency. However, because of its interaction with the GABA receptors, the effects can be felt long after the dose has been metabolized That’s why it can have a full potency of up to 6 hours at a moderate dose.

The top-end dose recommended for Phenibut in a day is about 1000 mg. Some people split that up into three doses of 300 mg, or so, or four doses 250 mg, so they get day-long effects. However, I think that’s overkill, and could lead to problems with sleep patterns. Some people advocate 2000 mg a day, but for me, that’s crazy, and will inevitably lead to rapid tolerance.

I would recommend you start with a low dose of around 250 mg and only try it once per day. You could take it once in the morning because that’s when you’ll get most done, and then top up in the afternoon if you need to.

However, if you are looking to use Phenibut as a recreational high. Then a single dose of up to 1000 mg is normal. However, and I’m telling you this seriously, that’s something you should not be doing more than once every week.

Part of the reason for taking it seriously is that it interacts with the dopamine receptors, and doing it too often and too powerfully can lead not only to dependency but also to depletion, which can cause depression.

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Should You take Phenibut Daily?

Let’s be clear, a lot of people do take Phenibut daily, and don’t have huge problems with tolerance or dependency.

But the problem is that you can build tolerance and dependency, and you won’t realize until it’s too late. If you make your body rely on something to perform, then those receptors start to depend on it to act normally. It takes time to come back to normal, and if you are taking it daily, then you could cause problems for weeks or months.

Anything which interferes with GABA receptor responses will have an effect on the central nervous system in the body. If you keep doing it continuously, this can mean your body has difficulty regulating key things. I will talk about this specifically when I come to discussing Phenibut side-effects.

Using Phenibut For Sleep

 Because Phenibut relaxes and calms the body and brain, people are prescribed it in Eastern Europe for sleep disorders.

However, the jury is out on whether it’s effective or not. But because it relaxes and calms you, then it could work for you if you have insomnia.

A low dose of around 300 mg would be enough to relax the brain and body enough for you to potentially drift off to sleep more easily.

Again, don’t do this more than once, or twice per week, use the lowest dose possible and obviously look for any underlying issues that could be causing sleep problems before reaching for Phenibut. Kratom could be a more suitable cure for insomnia.

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Phenibut Side Effects

Right, let’s talk about the downside of Phenibut. It can have side-effects, especially at a higher dose, and with more frequent use.

Let’s talk about the most extreme side-effects first. It can cause something called PAWS, Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome. This is the long-term occurrence of side-effects generated by overuse of a drug. Depression and anxiety and horrendous withdrawal symptoms are common with this.

That’s why I strongly say to only use it a couple of times a week, carefully watch your dose, and be very aware of how much you are using, and what the effects are.

But if you only use a couple of times a week, and you have good breaks, then the chance of major withdrawal symptoms or problems are actually very small.

What causes side-effects with Phenibut is the fact that you are stimulating the GABA and dopamine receptors, meaning that they work differently. When this suddenly changes, when the effects wear off, your brain can struggle for a while to re-adapt.

Common Phenibut withdrawal symptoms can include:

  • Jitteriness or excessive energy in a negative way
  • Physical and mental agitation
  • Reduced appetite
  • Brain fog
  • Slight dizziness
  • Heart palpitations
  • Muscle tension
  • Fatigue
  • Depersonalization
  • Nausea
  • depression

Now that sounds horrendous, but remember that most people don’t get all those, and certainly not to any great degree. If everyone got them, and they were horrendous, then nobody in Eastern Europe would have carried on taking it or prescribing it.

Could you see astronauts performing in space if they felt like that after a dose of Phenibut? Obviously not, so the truth is that most people on Phenibut feel brilliant, and perform better.

Will Phenibut Show Up On A Drug Test?

 Although Phenibut is quite a powerful relaxant and can create a euphoric high, it’s not something that searched for in standard drug testing.

Things like cannabis, cocaine, PCP, amphetamine, methamphetamine, and opiates are searched for in standard panel drug tests in the USA, but not Phenibut.

So unless you are facing some incredibly non-standard drug test, one of which I’m not even aware, then just like with kratom, you are completely safe from being detected in a drug test for using Phenibut.

Using Phenibut And Kratom Together

 The absolute key to using Phenibut with kratom successfully is to make sure that both are pure, good quality powder.

This means finding a trusted vendor for both kratom and Phenibut. I’ll talk you more about that at the end of this Phenibut review and guide.

The reason that people experiment with using Phenibut with kratom at the same time is that it can produce a very smooth, energized high. At higher doses, it can also tip into incredibly blissful sedation.

Obviously, you will have to experiment with the dose and balance between the two substances, but broadly, kratom will hit the opioid receptors in a similar way to how Phenibut will hit the GABA and dopamine receptors, to produce the following combo of effects:

  • Euphoria
  • Boosting positivity
  • Mental and physical stimulation
  • Strong analgesia (pain relief)
  • Calmness (at high doses sedation)
  • An intense sense of wellbeing and confidence

So people are attracted to the synergy between kratom and Phenibut, which creates a far more intense, broad spectrum, experience than each could alone.

The final word on using Phenibut with kratom is that it can be very addictive. The experience can be so rich and overpowering that it can be seductive, plus you are hitting so many receptors in the body, which will then become dependent on that interaction. So use it sparingly, and with respect.

Phenibut and kratom

Using Phenibut With Cannabis

Just like with kratom, a lot of people are using Phenibut with cannabis. As long as you are sensible, it can be a fantastic high.

A strong dose of about 500 mg of Phenibut is enough to produce a smooth feeling, and 1000 mg a gentle euphoria.

With good quality cannabis, people say it’s like a smooth amphetamine high. The Phenibut kicks in, and then you smoke cannabis, and it really can send you soaring in a smooth and positive way.

Using Phenibut With Adderall

Phenibut and Adderall produce a different effect to that with kratom and cannabis. It’s not about getting high, it’s about the piercing calmness and concentration it brings.

It’s been described as achieving “God mode”, where you feel invincible, awesome, and completely alive. What happens is the Phenibut smooths you down emotionally, calms you, takes all the pressure away, leaving you highly receptive to the uplifting, focusing, energizing effects of Adderall.

Many people liken it to being on MDMA, but with an intense focus that is unbeatable.

But again, it can be emotionally addictive, and physically stressful. It’s definitely something that you should not do often, because of the dependency potential, and also the comedown can be vicious. In fact, some people take a later dose of red kratom to smooth the comedown effects by minimizing the pain and allowing sleep.

To achieve this sort of effect, you will need around 1000 mg of Phenibut, and 40 mg of Adderall.

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Best Place To Buy Phenibut

So look, if you want to experiment with Phenibut, the most key thing I’ve ever found from my own journey is that you have to find good quality Phenibut.

It has to be pure, well-made, and well-kept so that it reaches you in peak condition. I’ve tried five different Phenibut vendors over the past couple of years to try and find the best Phenibut for sale, and I did struggle.

But, I’m happy to finish this Phenibut review by giving you one single great recommendation on where to buy Phenibut that is definitely pure and kept in fantastic condition.

Absorb Health ( do brilliant quality Phenibut powder. Despite the quality, this isn’t the most expensive place to buy Phenibut. I compared it to several other batches I’ve bought, and it definitely is amongst the best I’ve found.

50 g from Absorb Health will cost you $30. When you think about the fact I’m telling you that you only need 500 mg per dose, that’s 100 doses, which is brilliant value for money, and you can see why Phenibut is so cost-effective.

Absorb health back-up the quality of their Phenibut with a 100% moneyback guarantee. When you add to that the fact that they offer free shipping on all orders, and that they take credit cards and PayPal, you can see why they are one of the biggest nootropic retailers in the USA.

I’ll also draw your attention to the fact they do combo packs. They do a “Mood enhancer power pack” which contains 5-HTP, Mucuna Pruriens, L-Theanine, Phenibut and Valerian Root, all for less than $60. That’s a great way to experiment cheaply with a combination of supplements.

Phenibut Review: Conclusion

best phenibut vendorSo look, this Phenibut review has been positive because as long as you use it intelligently, and sparingly, then it can be fantastically beneficial.

Phenibut can boost your mood, your productivity, lower your anxiety, and you’ll just feel brilliant.

Combined with kratom, cannabis, or Adderall, it can also produce a range of effects that can be overwhelming, fun, positive, and beneficial. But you have to be incredibly careful so that you don’t build a tolerance.

And the key to all of this, as I’ve now told you, is finding Phenibut for sale that is pure, reasonably priced, and easily available.

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