Yellow Kratom Review

Yellow Kratom Review

I’m often surprised how little-known, and under-experienced, yellow kratom is. So I thought I’d put together this easy yellow kratom review, to give you a quick guide on everything about using yellow kratom.

I’ll talk quickly about the perfect yellow vein kratom effects, and how to achieve them using the minimum yellow vein kratom dosage you can.

Plus, I’ll talk about some specific strains of yellow kratom, and also where you can get your hands on really high-quality yellow kratom, that’s sourced directly from Asia, and not through some awful third-party wholesaler.

Yellow Vein Kratom Effects

 The three main types of kratom are white, red and green. White kratom tends to be uplifting, energizing, and at higher doses, euphoric. It can also be a bit like a caffeine hit and isn’t great for people trying to cope with anxiety.

Red kratom tends to be the opposite, it retains some elements of energy, focus, and uplifting people, but it’s mostly sedative, calming and pain relieving. It perfect for anxiety and pain relief, such as opiate withdrawal symptoms. The best kratom strain for pain management is Red Maeng Da.

And in the middle is green kratom. It tends to be milder than white and red and has a spectrum of effects which sits in the middle between the other two dominant types.

Yellow vein kratom effects tend to be mild as well, so in that respect, it is similar to green kratom. However, even though yellow kratom is often derived from red kratom leaves, its effects tend towards being slightly closer to white kratom, than red.

So yellow vein kratom effects are great because they are uplifting, energizing, but still can keep you calm, and are not overwhelming. Meaning you can take a good dose, and still function properly, in fact, you’ll function with a slight cognitive enhancement.

Yellow Vein Kratom Dosage

Kratom is a strange thing to experiment with because every person and dose will be different. So trying to tell you the correct yellow vein kratom dosage is impossible.

Your body size, type, age, whether you have eaten or not, your mental health, time of day, it all makes a huge difference. Plus, the biggest consideration is the quality of yellow vein kratom for the dosage you need.

Poor yellow kratom can be cut with herbs before its ground into powder, which is why it’s important to only buy it from a reputable seller.

But generally, you are looking at a beginner yellow vein kratom dose of one gram. Your second time, double it. Your third time, up it to three grams.

3-4 grams is the sweet spot for good quality yellow kratom. At that level, you should start to feel the full yellow vein kratom effects. Above that level, some people can find it too much. So it’s always better to step your dosage up with yellow kratom, in fact, any kratom, rather than just jumping in with several grams the first time.

Yellow Vein Kratom dosage

Comparing Yellow Kratom Strains

Nearly every major type of kratom is available in yellow, because it’s not about the leaf color, it’s about the process that makes it into yellow kratom. However, yellow kratom is not as widely available as other strains to buy in the USA, which is a shame because it has some amazing, positive properties.

I want to share with you the properties of two of the best-known yellow kratom strains, so you can understand how good the yellow vein kratom effects can be. Yellow Malay Vs Yellow Borneo kratom is always a good comparison to make.

Yellow Malay kratom is similar to green Malay in many respects. It has subtle pain-relieving effects like Green does. It’s also energizing and mood-boosting, but not at the same level as white Malay, or even green, so it’s a far more subtle experience.

Yellow Borneo is similar to yellow Malay. It has subtle analgesic and sedative effects, but it’s also energizing and mood-boosting. Many people compare it to a small dose of white kratom, so you could take yellow Borneo in preference to yellow Malay if you wanted a slightly more uplifting and euphoric experience.

yellow kratom review

Where To Buy Great Quality Yellow Vein Kratom

As I said, yellow kratom is not that widely available, which is a huge shame.

However, for me, the perfect combination is yellow kratom and capsules. I’ve just spoken about yellow Borneo, and it’s a fantastic strain. It lifts you up slightly, gives you energy, and you’ll definitely feel more positive and motivated. You’ll still feel focused and relaxed.

PurKratom does fantastic yellow kratom capsules. Capsules are great because you know the exact dose you are taking, you can take them on the move, and you don’t have to experience the bitter taste of kratom.

PurKratom sells Borneo yellow kratom capsules, which is fantastic because you get all the benefits of this fantastic strain of yellow kratom. Plus, actually far more affordable than you would think, and even a couple will really change how you feel.

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