White Vein Kratom Review

White Vein Kratom Review

White kratom is generally a stimulant and mood enhancer. It’s the party-goers kratom, and it’s perfect when you need a mood and energy boost. In this white kratom review, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about white kratom strains.

We’ll discuss the different types of kratom, and what the differences in effects are there. We’ll talk about the specific effects of white kratom generally, and by strain.

Plus, we will talk about white kratom dosage, compare the two top strains of white kratom, and tell you exactly where you can buy the best white kratom you will find anywhere.

The Different Types Of Kratom

There are three different types of kratom, which are defined by the color of the vein prior to turning them into a resin, that is then ground into powder. The veins are not necessarily the color they are on the kratom tree, they can be the color they turn during the preparation process:

Now having said that, those are generalizations, and some strains tend towards different ends of the spectrum. For example, some red vein kratom can be uplifting, energizing and even euphoric at lower doses.

But at higher doses, most kratom tends towards becoming sedative. However, white kratom requires very large doses to achieve this, and at high doses tends to be euphoric and energizing, to the point it can be overwhelming and uncomfortable.

White Vein Kratom Effects

 Obviously, no white kratom review would be complete without talking specifically about white vein kratom effects.

The thing is with kratom, is that it’s quite subjective, depending on the person. There are several things which will dictate the white vein kratom effects you will feel:

  • Age and sex
  • Weight
  • Emotional health
  • If you have eaten or not
  • The strength of the kratom you have purchased
  • Strain of kratom
  • Tolerance level to kratom
  • kratom dosage is taken

But generally, white kratom effects tend towards being euphoric. This means uplifting, energizing, and at high dose, good quality white vein kratom can actually be quite overwhelming.

It will give you energy, make you sociable, positive, and also help with concentration. It tends to be taken in very small amounts in the morning to help with the work day, or in the evening for the big night out.

Imagine a huge caffeine hit, it can be energizing, but can also cause jitters, unease, heart palpitations, and anxiety. Although this isn’t common, it’s a reason why people with anxiety problems and withdrawal symptom problems usually steer clear of white kratom.

white vein kratom effects

White Vein Kratom Dosage

 White vein kratom dosage is very individual. For the reasons we’ve just talked about, every person will be different, in terms of the dosage of white vein kratom they will need.

But generally, if you buy good quality kratom and you are an average user, the following are recommended brackets of kratom dosage:

  • Beginner: 3-4 grams
  • Average: 5-6 grams
  • High: 7-8 grams
  • Overwhelming: 8+ grams

Now, of course, this will differ depending on the strain of white vein kratom you take.

For example, Borneo kratom retains the uplifting benefits of white kratom, but it can also be relaxing, which means it’s not quite so intense. White vein Thai however, tends to be very significant in terms of the stimulation it can bring.

Popular White Kratom strains

When it comes to white vein kratom, any good white kratom review has to mention the most popular white kratom strains:

  • White Maeng Da
  • White Borneo
  • White Thai
  • White Sumatra
  • White Bali

A word on white vein Maeng Da. Maeng Da is not really a strain of kratom at all. Although it tends to come from certain types of kratom, there is literally no geographical location, or standard, for defining this type of kratom, other than technically it should be created from strong kratom strains.

White Maeng Da, should be similar to its red cousin. Red Maeng Da can be overwhelmingly sedative a high dose, but at a medium dose, it brings pain relief and relaxation, while retaining energy and focus. White Maeng Da at medium dose should produce a similar effect, but with more emphasis on the energy and alertness.

I would also just mention here white vein Sumatra. If you get good quality kratom of this type, it can produce energy, plus some pain relief and relaxation. But importantly, it’s known to be quite euphoric at a moderate dosage, so if you’re looking for a gentle, but uplifting white vein kratom, then it’s definitely one to consider.

White Vein Kratom Reviews: Borneo Vs Thai

The two heavyweights, the two most popular strains of white vein kratom are white Borneo and White Thai kratom.

So it makes sense in a white kratom review to talk about white Borneo Vs White Thai kratom because people often wonder what the difference between these two popular strains is.

White Borneo kratom is known for its balance of benefits. Although it’s uplifting, focusing, and can move into euphoria and high-energy, it also at a moderate dose, retains a strong element of analgesia and relaxation.

For some people, white Borneo kratom feels more like a green kratom, meaning, unless you take a high-dose, it can be quite balanced, but an uplifting, rather than a sedative experience.

In terms of white Thai kratom, it tends to be strong. Strong as in uplifting, euphoric, and heading towards jittery, massive caffeine hit feelings. If you’re looking for something to get you going for a night out, then white Thai is the thing to look at, but if you have anxiety or heart issue, it’s not the kratom to take a large dose of.

Where To Buy Awesome White Kratom

 Concluding this white kratom review means looking at where you can buy popular strains of white kratom, that is high quality, guaranteed, and trustworthy. I’ve shopped all three of these online stores, and there is definitely no other kratom available in the USA today, which compares to these three companies:

If you’re looking for the highest quality white vein kratom powder, then Coastline Kratom is the place to look. They have been around for years, they source their kratom from the native regions, meaning they are not buying second-hand kratom from importers.

Of particular interest will be their White Bali kratom. This is another very energizing strain of white vein kratom, hugely uplifting, with only minor relaxation effects. Buy it from Coastline, and you will be disappointed. For more info, check out my Coastlinekratom review.

white vein kratom dosage

PurKratom offers a full range of white vein kratom. They do incredible value kratom capsules. In terms of white kratom, they offer all the major strains, Bali, Thai, Sumatra, and white Maeng Da. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get an exact dose of white kratom, then PurKratom should be a shopping destination to consider.

And finally, in this white kratom review, I want to talk about another kratom vendor called BuyKratom. If you’re looking to explore white vein kratom effects for the first time, then they do an incredible white vein kratom variety pack.

It contains white Borneo, Maeng Da, Horned Kratom, and Sumatra. Perfect for getting started with white kratom.

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