White Sumatra Kratom Review

White Sumatra Kratom Review

Sumatra is a beautiful, lush region, where amazing kratom grows. It’s packed full of alkaloids, and it’s the reason I’m passionate about it. I hope that will come across in this White Sumatra kratom review.

The locals chew the kratom leaves when they harvest them, they are that desirable. Now I’m not suggesting you chew the leaves, but I am going to tell you exactly where you can buy the highest quality, fine Sumatra kratom powder, that’s been imported directly from Indonesia.

On top of that, I’m going to explain what you can expect from White Sumatra kratom effects, plus importantly, explain about getting your White Sumatra kratom dosage correct, so you can experience its effects, and benefits.

White Sumatra Kratom Effects

Although White Sumatra kratom effects can be very specific, White Sumatra kratom is very closely linked to, and can sometimes be the same as, White Indo kratom, for geographical reasons. That’s why there is sometimes confusion between the two types of kratom.

Most people, myself included, who have experienced White Sumatra kratom effects, tend to find they are quite distinct.

It’s a white strain, which means it’s uplifting, energizing, focusing and even euphoric. At a moderate dose, up into the medium dose level, that’s the case. But there’s still an element of relaxation and calmness with that.

At high dose, you feel slightly energized, but the euphoria is soon replaced with increasing sedation. You start to feel really chilled out, but you’ll retain your alertness, unless the dose is very high.

But the take away from talking about White Sumatra kratom effects is this is a white kratom. Unless you take a high-dose, you’re going to experience stimulation, intense focus, and have far more energy. So it’s not going to be ideal for someone wanting relief from anxiety.

white sumatra kratom dosage

White Sumatra Kratom Dosage

Okay, let’s continue this short White Sumatra kratom review, by talking about White Sumatra kratom dosage. As I’ve already talked about distinct effects at a different dosage, so it should be obvious that to get the White Sumatra kratom effects you want, then focusing on the White Sumatra kratom dosage that’s right for you, is very important.

I can’t go into details properly, because everyone is different. It will depend on who you are, the effect you want, and your mental, and physical health.

But generally, as a beginner, I would say go for 3 grams. If it’s great quality powder, you should hit the sweet spot of feeling a real lift in mood, attitude, and energy, around 3-4 grams.

The euphoria from White Sumatra kratom is possible, around that level, around the 4-6 gram level.

Above that, a White Sumatra kratom dosage is considered high, and shouldn’t be taken regularly. You will get euphoria, alertness, and energy, but it will be tempered by an increasing lethargy.

Some people do recommend White Sumatra for anxiety and depression. I would actually steer clear of it for that. Because you need a high dose to get the level of relaxation and pain relief you will need. You are better off with a red, or green for dealing with that, as the dose will be lower, and the effects more sedative and analgesic.

Where To Buy White Sumatra Kratom Powder

You’ve probably realized, but if you want to experience the full range of White Sumatra kratom effects, without having to ingest a huge amount of kratom, then you need to get great quality White Sumatra kratom powder.

The truth is, there aren’t many places you can buy pure White Sumatra kratom powder, that’s imported directly from Asia, then lab tested, guaranteed, and is always fresh stock.

In fact, I’ve only ever found a handful of kratom sellers in three years of experimenting that can deliver that consistency. I’ll mention a couple to you right here.

If you looking for pure White Sumatra kratom powder, then I would recommend BuyKratom.us. It’s fine, rich, smooth and you will love it. It’s pure, guaranteed, and although it’s not the cheapest, you will have a brilliant experience.

white sumtra kratom effects

But if it’s going to be your first time taking White Sumatra kratom, or even your first experience with kratom generally, then I would recommend you start with kratom capsules. They are more expensive, but you get several benefits:

  • You don’t have to taste kratom, which isn’t nice
  • You know the exact dose you are taking, without measuring
  • You can take the dose of kratom during the day, on the move

I have bought White Sumatra kratom capsules from PurKratom several times. Just two or three, give you a real boost of energy, some alertness, and can really help in the day.

As I said, they are not as cheap as loose White Sumatra kratom powder, but you get the benefits of outlined above. So the conclusion of my White Sumatra kratom review is it’s a brilliant strain to lift you, give you energy and focus, plus not be overwhelming enough to create anxiety or irritation.

Plus, I’ll recommend that you use White Sumatra kratom powder that’s been put in capsules, as you can control the dose of white Sumatra kratom exactly, and experience the effects you want.

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