White Borneo Kratom Review

White Borneo Kratom Review

 White kratom has a specific range of effects, which can be very good, but also some not so good, depending on what you need from kratom. So I thought a really simple white Borneo kratom review was in order, to help people to understand this fantastic strain of kratom.

In this review of White Borneo kratom, we are going to look at exactly what it is, how white Borneo kratom is made, plus explore white Borneo kratom effects.

I’ll tell you about the range of positive effects you can achieve with an average white kratom dosage, plus I’ll tell you about the negative side-effects of white Borneo kratom to watch out for. I’ll also let you know exactly where you can buy high-quality white Borneo kratom powder, that is certified, lab tested, and sourced directly from Borneo.

How Is White Vein Borneo Kratom Made?

Unsurprisingly, white Borneo kratom is mostly grown in Borneo. The leaves are harvested, dried out, then they through an extraction process where they are boiled down, so that the kratom comes out of the leaves.

This isn’t always the case, you can get dried leaf as well. But mostly a resin is extracted.

That kratom resin is then dried out, and ground into powder. It’s then imported into the USA, where the best kratom vendors lab test it for quality and consistency, and then they package it, both as powder, and capsules.

White Borneo Kratom Effects

White Vein Borneo kratom effects are generally very positive, and it’s certainly one of my first types of kratom to go nowadays if I’m looking for a boost. It’s like a supercharged, smooth, bucket of coffee, but with a very relaxing age.

A moderate dose of good quality white Borneo produces the following effects:

  • Increased focus
  • Increased attention span
  • Cognitive enhancement
  • Feeling of positivity
  • Improved energy levels
  • Ability to think more clearly

So what you are getting with white Borneo kratom effects is instant energy boost, a real lift physically and emotionally. It’s not overwhelming, in the way that some other white strains are, especially at a moderate dose.

White Borneo kratom gives you that improved energy and focus, but it’s also quite sedative for a white kratom, especially at higher doses. At a moderate dose, you get a gentle, boost physically and emotionally, but it’s keeping you chilled out and relaxed.

white borneo effects

What White Borneo Kratom Dosage To Take?

Now look, I’m quite conservative with kratom. You’ll read some crazy guides to white Borneo kratom, all sorts of kratom, where they claim you should be taking 6-9 grams of the stuff every day.

Apart from being incredibly euphoric and jittery, stuffed full of energy, and maybe even a bit out of control, taking that much white Borneo, will be very expensive, and lead to tolerance building.

In terms of white Borneo kratom dosage, as a beginner, I’d say start with 2-3 grams. See how you feel, then add another gram an hour later. The next time you take it, make it 3-4 grams, you get the idea.

The sweet spot, as long as you have got really good quality white Borneo kratom, should be around 3-5 grams. That’s when you’ll feel the full effects, you’ll feel really energized, relaxed, focused all of that, but it won’t be overwhelming. But you do need the best quality kratom powder you can get your hands on.

White Borneo Negative Side Effects

Whatever sort of kratom you are taking, you should be aware of negative side-effects. White Borneo kratom side effects can be as bad as any other sort of kratom. It’s all about how much you take, and how often.

Generally, the following negative white Borneo side-effects can be experienced:
  1. Tolerance. This means you get used to the dose and have to take more get the same effect. This happens if you take high doses often, and can lead to dependency.
  2. Higher doses can be like taking too much caffeine. You get jittery, headaches, your heart starts pumping, and it’s really not the sort of thing you should be doing with a heart condition, or if you have anxiety.
  3. Generally, some people might suffer from a few general side-effects, especially at higher doses, of slight nausea, slight dizziness, and problems sleeping.

Where To Buy White Borneo Kratom Powder

Over the past couple of years, I’ve used white Borneo kratom quite regularly. I find that a moderate dosage of white Borneo kratom can really pick me up and help me through the day. It’s also great before going out in the evening if I want some energy, but I want to still feel a bit chilled.

For me, there are only two places online I’ve really found incredible quality powdered white Borneo kratom:

My Go-to White Borneo Seller: PurKratom

white borneo kratom reviews

These guys really are the connoisseurs of kratom. They only sell powdered kratom, that they import directly from Asia. They test each batch at an independent lab, and it is the finest, sweetest kratom powder I have ever experienced.

In terms of white Borneo kratom, PurKratom sells fantastic quality white Borneo kratom powder. You don’t need a large dose of it, and the effects of this white Borneo kratom really are superb. Just a couple of grams of this stuff is enough for most people, just to perk them up a bit.

The second place I’ll tell you about is another awesome store called BuyKratom. Again, these guys are great, they only sell well-sourced kratom, with money back guarantees and free shipping.

Their white Borneo is the other place I get mine from. It’s slightly different to others I’ve experienced, and I think it might be just because of where in Indonesia is sourced from, you see Indo and Borneo kratom is often the same thing.

But, to conclude this white Borneo kratom review, as long as you are sensible, Borneo kratom from either of these trusted websites will really allow you to experience the positivity, while retaining control, of a moderate dose of white Borneo.

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