Red vein thai kratom review: Effects&Dosage

Red vein thai kratom review: Effects&Dosage

As one of the bestselling strains out there, I thought I’d write a proper Red Vein Thai kratom review because there’s so much awful information out there about this wonderful kratom strain.

There is some really bad information about dosage and effects out there, plus and poor recommendations on where to buy Red Vein Thai Kratom.

So I’m going to tell you exactly what you can expect from Red Thai kratom effects, plus I will talk about the sort of Red Thai kratom dosage you should take as a beginner, and I’ll talk about the differences between Red Vein Thai and Maeng Da Kratom.

Red Thai Kratom Effects Explained

Red kratom generally has a very specific set of effects, and Red Thai kratom effects are no different.

Where the effects vary depends on the dose, the quality of the kratom, and the person you are.

When it comes to kratom, white kratom tends to be uplifting and energizing, green kratom tends to have a bit of that but is milder, plus it can be more relaxing as well.

Then you have red kratom. Red kratom strains tend towards analgesia, sedation at higher doses, a feeling of relaxation, but with slightly improved mental focus.

So overall, it’s relaxing and pleasurable, and it will make you chill out, but still retain mental alertness at a slightly higher than normal level. However, the higher the dose, the more that sedation takes over, and you could find yourself feeling very tired, plus your mental sharpness will disappear quickly.

Which means that when you take Red Thai kratom, a medium dosage will give you the following range of effects:

  • Significant pain relief
  • A feeling of being very relaxed
  • An enhanced mental focus
  • More positive mental outlook
  • Physical relaxation

Take The Right Red Thai Kratom Dosage

Look, I’ve read some horror stories online where Red Thai kratom reviews try to tell you that the correct dose to take, even as a beginner, is something crazy like 10 grams.

Half that, and you’ll be at the top end of where you should be as a beginner. Although Red Thai kratom is a more mild type, if you are getting good quality Red Thai kratom powder, then you still going to feel a significant effect around the 4-5 grams level.

If you start hammering 10 grams of Red Thai kratom every few days, you’ll quickly develop the potential problem of tolerance. You don’t want to do that.

Generally, you should look at the following doses as a guideline, but you should never just take them, but work up to them and experiment:

  • Beginner dose of 2-3 grams
  • A moderate dose of 4-5 grams
  • Medium dose of 6-7 grams
  • High dose above 7 grams

With a decent Red Thai kratom powder, anything above 7 grams is going to be very strong. If you are a small person, or in a certain place emotionally, or you have a certain type of metabolism, even that amount could be absolutely overwhelming.

So my advice is to always experiment by working up through different stages over different sessions. Start with a couple of grams, then work up another couple of grams in the next session a few days later, and then see how you feel.

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Red Vein Thai Vs Maeng Da Kratom

 When it comes to a discussion around Red Vein Thai Vs Maeng Da Kratom, first you need to look at the common ground between the two types of kratom.

Basically, both are classic red. They are sedative and analgesic at higher volumes, and at mid-range doses, they will relax you, give you mental focus, give you a feeling of well-being, and give you a feeling of peace.

But you have to watch the dose. Maeng Da means “pimp grade” in Thai. This is because generally, it is a much stronger type of kratom. Now, that’s not always the case, and you’ll find poor quality kratom sellers labeling pretty much anything as Maeng Da.

But if you get the real deal, then it is going to be a little more potent.

So although they have the same effects, if you want a more mellow experience, then Red Vein Thai is going to be the best to take. If you want a more intense experience, then the same dose of a good quality Maeng Da powder will work best.

Where To buy Red Thai Kratom

I could reel off a list of tons of websites where you can buy Red Vein Thai Kratom.

But that would just be confusing. Over the past couple of years, I’ve experimented with kratom from lots of sellers. However, I now only regularly buy from a few kratom sellers, because I know that the quality is exceptionally high, no matter what strain I buy.

If you’re looking for good quality red Thai kratom, then I’m going to suggest the following stores:

  1. PurKratom do an exceptional Red Vein Thai Kratom. It’s very rich, brings on the full range of effects, because it has the complete range of kratom alkaloids in it, due to the way it’s processed and sold.

On top of that, these guys always have all the different types of kratom in stock, and there’s a wide range to choose from. You can buy kratom capsules and even a variety pack from them. So no matter how you want to start experimenting with kratom, PurKratom will work for you.

  1. The second place I’ll recommend to buy good quality Red Thai kratom is a company called BuyKratom. Again, they sell exceptional quality kratom generally, and I’ve had their Red Vein Thai kratom several times. It’s incredibly good. Rich, smooth and really hits the spot.

Again, they sell a wide range of kratom, and I can’t recommend them enough.

I also have to mention, at the end of this Red Vein Thai kratom review, both of the sellers I’m recommending here have free shipping options, a money back guarantee, and fast customer service. So you won’t be disappointed, and your money is safe.


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