Green Vein Kratom Review: Effects&Dosage

Green Vein Kratom Review: Effects&Dosage

Green vein kratom is often seen as the poor cousin of white and red kratom. It’s the man in the middle, it’s mild, it’s not as adventurous, and often overlooked. This green kratom review aims to put that right.

Green vein kratom actually offers a world of variation in experiencing the benefits of kratom, without delving into the extremes of red kratom analgesia and sedation, or conversely, out-of-control energy and irritability, as experience with many white kratom strains.

So in this green vein kratom review, we’re going to take a detailed look at green kratom. It effects, dosage, the best strains to start experimenting with, plus I will tell you three trustworthy places you can buy proper, imported, fine-ground green vein kratom.

Green Vein Kratom Effects Explained

The exact green vein kratom effects that anyone will experience will depend on several factors, mental, physiological, and also the quality of the kratom they are using. On top of this, you also have to factor intolerance.

Generally, green kratom effects are more mild than white or red, they tend to sit in the middle of the spectrum between energy and analgesia.

So a good quality green kratom will give you focus, energy and lift your mood, while also giving pain relief and relaxation, but without being overwhelming.

It’s known as the afternoon kratom in the local regions it’s grown in. White kratom for the morning, to get you into the day and work, green kratom the afternoon to balance you out, and then red kratom in the evening to relax and soothe you.

Green Vein Kratom Dosage

Green kratom dosage will depend on the person you are, and the type of green kratom you are using. We’ve already outlined the general benefits and effects of many of the major strains of green kratom. The subtleties emerge in the dose.

At a low dose, you will tend to feel the uplifting effects, more than the relaxing effects, but as the dose increases, that will start to change towards relaxation, analgesia, and your improved focus starting to deteriorate.

But for an all-around experience, you are looking at a moderate dose. But what defines a moderate dose when there’s so much variation? Well, the following is often used as a good guideline for the beginner to green kratom:

  • Beginner dose: 3 grams
  • Full effects dose: 3-5 grams
  • A strong dose of 6-8 grams
  • Very strong dose 8+ grams

Now although I would always say the beginner dose is 2-3 grams, the better quality the kratom, the less the dose will be to become very strong. A very good green kratom could feel overwhelming at as little as 6 grams.

green vein kratom dosage

What Strain Of Green Kratom To Choose?

Green kratom has some very varied effects, there are many different types of green kratom, each with subtle differences:
  1. Green Bali is known for its muscle relaxing and pain relieving qualities, while still remaining mild. It also boosts mood and energy levels.
  2. Green Malay is renowned for its balanced effects that are actually quite similar to red kratom strains. It’s good for analgesia, cognitive function improvement, mood improvement, and muscle relaxation. But without the same level of sedation, that increasing doses of red kratom can produce.
  3. Green Indo tends to be less uplifting and has been linked far more strongly to people wanting subtle relaxation and anxiety relief.
  4. Green Maeng Da is linked to stronger, energy boosting, uplifting, positivity. It’s a stimulant, but still has minor pain relief elements, plus keeps that green kratom balance.
  5. Green Borneo lifts energy and mood. But it’s subtle, not overwhelming. It will boost your motivation and outlook, making it good for anxiety.

So as you can see, it can be quite confusing to decide which strain of green vein kratom is best, because determining the exact green kratom effects you will experience, or need, can be problematic.

To help you, let’s compare a couple of most popular strains, Green Malay Vs Green Borneo. Let’s say you are looking for a gently uplifting kratom, that still retains balance and elements of relaxation. Both green Malay and green Borneo are good candidates.

However, green Borneo is more subtle. It lifts your mood, increases your energy levels and will help with motivation. But it still retains the ability to keep you calm and relaxed.

Green Malay can be slightly uplifting, while still retaining cognitive functions. In fact, up to a moderate dose, it can improve them. But it will keep you calm and relaxed, and has many traits similar to red is, in terms of its analgesic effects.

Both of these would be good kratom strains to try in those circumstances, with green Malay being slightly closer to red kratom, than green Borneo.

Where To Buy Good Quality Green Kratom

Explaining green vein kratom effects, and helping you to get the correct green vein kratom dosage can actually be quite tough, and any green kratom review can only scratch the surface. Kratom can be a very personal thing, depending on who you are, what you need from it, and the type of kratom buy.

To help you with the last point, after several years of experimentation with all sorts of kratom, these are the three online stores that I know stock originally sourced and imported kratom, that is quality guaranteed, and wonderful to experiment with.

CoastlineKratom only sells extremely fine kratom powder. In terms of green kratom, I would thoroughly recommend their green vein Borneo kratom. It’s smooth, balanced, and all the effects I’ve talked about in this review of green kratom related to it, come out beautifully, even at a very moderate dose.

PurKratom sells powdered kratom, both standard and more powerful enhanced/extract kratom. They also sell kratom capsules and kratom variety packs. If you’re looking to buy green Malay, they sell premium green Malay in capsule form.

green vein kratom effects

Which makes it perfect for beginners, to want an exact dose, and who don’t want to deal with the taste and mess of loose kratom powder.

Finally, I’ll mention a smaller company called BuyKratom. They also sell high-quality powder. However, if you’re a beginner, and you’d like to experiment with green kratom, then they offer a very good value variety pack of green kratom strains. For your money, you’re getting small packets of an incredible six different green kratom strains, which is perfect for exploring the entire world green vein kratom effects in one easy purchase.

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