Kratom Vendor Reviews: Where To Buy Kratom Online

Kratom Vendor Reviews: Where To Buy Kratom Online

There are hundreds of retailers selling kratom online. But most will let you down. That’s why we have put together this quick and easy guide to the best kratom vendors out there.

The truth is you can’t cut corners if you are looking to experiment with kratom. There are a couple of key reasons for this:

  1. Poor quality kratom will give you a poor quality experience.
  2. You’ll be throwing your money down the drain and won’t know any better.

Kratom can be really beneficial for a range of needs, which is why more and more people are trying it. It’s not illegal in most of the USA and has not been linked to addiction, making it an ideal substance to experiment with.

So settle back and let’s explain what you need to know, so you can make good a decision on the best place to buy kratom online, as well as giving you detailed top five kratom vendor reviews.

The Main Benefits Of Kratom

The thing with kratom is that it’s incredibly flexible, so it can help with a range of needs. That’s why it’s being used by more and more people, for these key reasons:

So it’s little wonder that people are looking to experiment with kratom. There is no scientific evidence it’s addictive, and no evidence that it has long-term negative effects, which is why it’s being seen as a safer alternative to narcotics, even prescribed ones.

kratom leaves

Which Strain Of Kratom Is Best?

There are many strains of kratom. Each regional strain is associated with a primary effect. The effects of kratom can also differ depending on the vein color, which can be green, white or red. Also, the amount you take can also change those effects, making it a very flexible thing to experiment with.

However, with so many combinations and options, it’s easy to get confused and make the wrong choice on the kratom you need.

So people will generally start with a strain that sounds like it meets their need.  Then they experiment with dose, then mixing strains and vein types, to get the exact feeling and level they desire.

But this can take time, and be expensive, which is why a little education, plus buying “combo packs of kratom” at the start of your journey, can really help.

The main types of kratom are Maeng Da, Bali, Malay, Thai, and Borneo. The best form to buy these in is as a pure, concentrated powder.

Poor sellers cut this powdered kratom with other substances, but reputable kratom vendors we’re going to review in this guide don’t do that.

Which strain of kratom is best will depend on what you want to use it for, with the main strains being linked to different benefits:

  • Maeng Da – Energizing at a moderate dose, sedative at high dose
  • Bali – Euphoric and opiate-like
  • Thai – Strongly linked to confidence and effort
  • Malay – Stimulating but not so euphoric
  • Borneo – Euphoric at a moderate dose, good for pain relief at high dose

Generally, all strains and types have similar ranges of effects, but they create those feelings and effects in subtly different ways, making them better, or worse, for pleasure and relief on a personal level.

But the key part is the dose.  A small dose of 3-4g of high-quality powdered kratom will bring mild effects.  A dose of 5-6g will bring strong effects, and above 6g most strains will bring effects that can be overwhelming and more negative.

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What Is The Best Place to Buy Kratom Online?

There are literally hundreds of places you can find kratom for sale. Each one will claim it’s the best place to buy kratom online, however, in most of these cases you will unfortunately be sold inferior quality kratom.

So who sells the best kratom?

Well, it’s a combination of things. It’s knowing about kratom. It’s dealing with online retailers frequently. It’s also researching what other people are saying.

It all boils down to the quality of the kratom and the customer service.

What you need is top-quality powder from a guaranteed reputable kratom vendor. It needs to be independently lab verified. On top of that, it needs to be pure, not cut with other herbs, just pure powdered kratom.

It also has to be stored well. Some kratom sellers store their stock in poor conditions that can start to break the quality down.  Retailers not selling much also tend to have older stock, and kratom starts to lose its potency over time.

But rather than you having to do all the hard work, we’ve done it for you. If you are looking to start experimenting with kratom, then our reviews of what we have found to be the top five best kratom vendors is a great starting point for your journey.

Kratom Vendor Reviews: Who Sells The Best Kratom?

Our top five recommended kratom sellers are listed below. Each sells high-quality kratom and delivers good quality service. However, there are differences between what’s offered for sale, and the service levels.

On top of that, each supplier of kratom has different standards and guarantees around the kratom they sell.

Although this kratom vendor review lists five sellers, any one of these will be a great place to start your journey into benefiting from the positive effects of kratom.

kratom vendor reviews

  1. Coastline Kratom # Best Kratom Vendor

Let’s start our kratom vendor list by saying that sells the best quality product in the business. That statement is based both on personal experience, and the ton of good feedback around this company online.

One of the things that makes them the best kratom vendor is that they have combination packs available for a discount. This is great for beginners, as we mentioned earlier because it means that you can purchase one of these at a lower price.

So you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars, getting huge packs of kratom, half of which you might never use. You get just enough to experiment with each type and try mixing them together, to get the exact blend you need to alleviate your symptoms or give you the feeling you want.

This company is all about the quality of the powder they sell. It’s all sourced from guaranteed suppliers, tested for quality, and packaged superbly.

Coastline Kratom even sells “super enhanced” kratom. This is where the leaves are boiled down to produce a dense resin. It is then powdered, and purely extracted alkaloids then added as well. It’s not for beginners, but it’s a powerful and good value for money.

ultra enhanced kratom

They also sell live kratom plants, if you fancy experimenting with drying out the leaves of the kratom plant for yourself. They aren’t easy to cultivate and can grow up to 20 feet high, but they are guaranteed to be delivered alive and are a great way to get an unlimited supply of free kratom.

All this is backed up by high-quality customer service, easy contact options, and a full 100% money back guarantee. Coastline Kratom is your best kratom source in the USA.

In summary, Coastline Kratom offers:

  • High-quality powdered kratom of all the major strains
  • An option to buy super enhanced kratom for an extra punch
  • A place to buy live kratom plants of high-quality
  • Great customer service levels
  • Easy to contact
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • One day guaranteed order turnaround
  • Free domestic USA shipping

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  1. PurKratom

This reputable kratom vendor not only sells top quality kratom powder, but it also sells the same powder in capsule form.

So is not only a selling exceptional powdered kratom, but they offer people starting to experiment with kratom the fantastic choice of buying capsules instead.

Although capsules are more expensive than loose powder, they do offer several key benefits.

Capsule kratom is a measured dose. So you know exactly what your dose is every single time, without having to measure it.

On top of that, kratom can taste bad to some people. By simply swallow the capsule, you don’t have to experience any taste at all. And on top of that, you know that the kratom is all going to take effect at the same time.

So there are a few great reasons to consider buying your kratom from one of the best kratom vendors out there in capsule form.

PurKratom also delivers great customer service. They get back to you quickly, and they are active on social media. They have 4000 positive customer reviews and a money back guarantee.

On top of all that, the company also verifies each batch of kratom through independent lab testing for quality. So all in all, they really are a first-class source, and one of the best places to buy kratom online.

In summary, PurKratom offers:

  • High-quality powdered kratom
  • The same excellent powdered kratom in capsule form
  • Full money back guarantee
  • Active customer service channels, with fast response
  • Free domestic shipping
  • Next day priority shipping on all orders
  1. Kratom Crazy

Another top kratom vendor with a growing reputation is Just like the other kratom vendor reviews here, they only sell high-quality, uncut, powdered kratom. They are well-established and respected in the industry.

Their kratom is sustainably harvested from trusted and traditional sources, guaranteed, and with evidence of this available.

They offer high-quality powdered kratom in a variety of pack sizes. On top of that, they also offer a sample pack containing three different strains of kratom, which allows you to try the different strains independently, or together, to find the balance for you.

Kratom Crazy also sell their kratom in capsules. As we’ve said, this makes it great for beginners, because you are guaranteed to have high-quality kratom, without the bad taste, in a guaranteed dose, and the knowledge it’s going to hit you at the same time.

You can add to all that 30-day money back guarantee, same-day shipping, and free shipping over $49 order value. This isn’t quite as good as the free shipping on any value some of the other companies offer, but still a great deal.

In summary, Kratom Crazy offer:

  • High quality powdered kratom at competitive prices
  • The same quality kratom in capsules
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Free shipping on orders over $49
  • Good quality customer service and social media presence
  1. SalviaExtract

Before you get confused, this company do sell the best Salvia Divinorum on the market. But more than that, they also sell incredibly good quality kratom capsules.

From personal experience and customer reviews, these capsules are really great quality. Pure, multi-strain kratom, ready for you to use conveniently.

As we have said, kratom capsules are incredibly convenient because they stop you tasting what can be a very bitter kratom powder taste.

On top of that, you can know you are getting a highly regulated dose, something which is vital as a beginner. And of course thirdly, when you take several capsules, you know it’s all going to hit your system at the same time, giving you a concentrated, even, experience.

And if that’s not enough, they also sell loose powder kratom as well. Packaged in foil, and great value for money, in whichever format you want to buy kratom, is actually a brilliant place to buy it.

That offer is backed up by free shipping on orders over $50, with same day dispatch.

One interesting point is that unlike most companies, you can pay for kratom through these guys using bitcoin.  That won’t benefit many people, but if you want a secure, secret transaction, then it could be ideal.

The kratom they sell comes with a 30-day returns policy. However, they don’t offer an unconditional money back guarantee, which is one downside. But they do offer fast and responsive customer service, and they have a strong, positive social media presence.

So if you’re looking for the best place to buy kratom online, then bizarrely, is a good destination. As a final point, many people who experiment with kratom, also use salvia, which means you can combine your order on both, to get a free shipping deal.

In summary, SalviaExtract offer:

  • Top-quality powdered kratom
  • The same great kratom in capsule form
  • A wide range of exceptional salvia products
  • Fast same-day shipping
  • Free shipping on orders over $50
  • 30-day returns policy
  • Good customer service
  • Ability to pay using bitcoin

who sells the best kratom

  1. Kraken Kratom

This is our fifth company on the list of the best kratom vendors, and like the others, it sells high-quality kratom in various forms.

Right at the start of this kratom vendor review, I will say that their website can be a little confusing because they sell kratom within a category referring to it as “Kratom Tea”. I’m not sure why they do this, as I am sure as hell wouldn’t want to drink tea flavored with kratom.

Interestingly, they are the only company on the list who sell kratom leaves. This is the form kratom is in the before it’s refined and ground into a fine powder.  It is not as strong as you will have to use a lot to get the same dose, so be warned, but it does offer a wider range of options for experimentation.

So in terms of variety, you can buy a leaf, ground extract, and capsules from Just take my advice and don’t make into tea.

The kratom they sell is very high quality, obtained from traceable and sustainable sources. It is also independently tested by batch, to make sure it meets the required standards for quality and the volume of alkaloids in it.

They offer a variety of shipping options, including same-day dispatch. You can also get free shipping as long as you spend enough money.

There are also a couple of ways you can get 10% off your order. If you share a link about the company via social media, you can get a 10% off voucher code.

There is also 10% off if you pay via bitcoin, a payment option not many companies take.  So you could actually save 20% in total.

This great quality kratom, free shipping, and potential discount, is backed up by good customer service (including live chat), a 30 day returns guarantee and a strong social media presence. If you are looking for kratom for sale online, krakenkratom is one of the best places.

In summary, Kraken Kratom offer:

  • Good quality leaf, powder and capsule kratom
  • 10% discount options
  • Same-day shipping
  • 30-day returns
  • Strong levels of customer service

As we have already said, any of our top kratom vendor lists is guaranteed to be one of the best places to buy kratom online.

Good quality kratom can be tough to find, so why mess around trying to save a few bucks, or take a risk with an unknown kratom seller?

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