What Is The Best Kratom For Sleep?

What Is The Best Kratom For Sleep?

For me, kratom has been a bit of a miracle powder. It’s helped me with mental and physical pain over the past couple of years. So I think I’m well placed to talk about the best kratom for sleep, and if kratom can really help with conditions like insomnia.

But the thing is, kratom is a spectrum substance. Different strains have different effects, and those effects change at different doses, making it a complex picture to talk about.

Also, some types of kratom and some doses are unsuitable when using kratom for insomnia relief, and I’ll tell you what they are.

I’ll also talk about kratom dosage for sleep, plus tell you the best strains of kratom for aiding sleep, and what you should look out for when buying it.

Can You Use Kratom For Sleep Deprivation?

To answer the question around whether you can use kratom for sleep deprivation, you need to look at the core characteristics of kratom.

Kratom can be uplifting, energizing, even euphoric. But it can also be the following:

  1. Kratom can bring calmness and peace. This makes it ideal for dealing with anxiety, and it’s why so many people use it to calm their nerves in social situations, as well as clearing their worries away generally.
  2. Kratom can help alleviate physical pain. It’s a natural analgesic. Some types of kratom have very strong analgesic qualities, completely numbing you, and taking away physical pain completely.
  3. Kratom of certain types can be sedative, and at stronger doses, this can be overwhelming. Although all kratom can be sedative in strong doses, only certain types are actually sedative at lower doses.

As you can see from the above, there are three key reasons why kratom can help with sleep problems.

It can keep you calm, dealing with anxiety that can keep you awake. It can calm your mind, turn it off, and allow you the peace to drift into sleep.

It can also help with physical pain. A lot of insomnia is caused by things like bad backs, and physical conditions that make you unable to rest. Kratom eases the body and mind, relaxes the muscles, and takes away physical pain.

Plus, at a medium dose, certain types of kratom are incredibly sedative in nature, and will really chill you out to the point you can hardly stay awake. So generally, kratom for sleep deprivation is a realistic choice, as long as you are sensible.

What Kratom Helps With Insomnia?

It’s primarily red kratom you should be thinking about if you are considering using kratom for insomnia.

Red vein kratom is generally analgesic and sedative, increasingly so at high doses.

Some strains also induce strong energy and focus as well, and these should be treated with care. Strains which generally can have that effect are Red Thai and Red Maeng Da.

I’m not saying you should never use them, as they still have that red kratom ability to chill you out, calm you down and stop your insomnia, but you would need a higher dose to achieve that, and a stronger range of effects generally will take place.

For me, Red Bali is a strong favorite, because it’s very sedative and analgesic, even at a lower dose. It’s also very calming, so you will feel very chilled out on a decent dose of Red Bali.

As an alternative, consider trying Red Malay kratom. It’s like it’s the green cousin, but it’s slightly less euphoric and energizing. Which means it’s really good for dealing with anxiety and calming down your body and mind. It’s slightly less sedative and analgesic than Red Bali, but it’s certainly still a classic red kratom.

kratom for insomnia

Kratom To Avoid If You Suffer From Insomnia

I’m warning you to stay clear of all white kratom, and pretty much to stay clear of green kratom as well.

White kratom is like a caffeine hit. It will make you want to get up and do things, it will energize you, it will focus your mind and body.

It can also increase anxiety, that which is why it’s not suitable for drug withdrawal symptoms, or alcoholism either. So I would just generally not experiment with white kratom if you need to relax and sleep.

Likewise, the best kratom for sleep is unlikely to be green kratom. Although it is mild, it’s more full-spectrum than white, or red. That means that while you will get some calmness and pain relief, you will also feel focus and positivity, which is honestly not conducive to sleep.

Kratom Dosage For Sleep

Whenever you are using kratom, you should use the minimum necessary. For some things, like euphoria, for an opiate high, you going to need a strong dose.

It’s the same if you want an overwhelming feeling of analgesia and sedation, then a strong dose will be necessary.

But the best kratom for sleep, if it’s pure kratom, will only need a moderate dose. In terms of the exact kratom dosage for sleep you will need, that is difficult to ascertain because everyone is different.

It will depend a lot on your body, your mind, and the quality of the kratom.

But generally, around 2-3 grams of pure red kratom should be enough to chill you out, relieve the pain and anxiety, and allow you the peace to sleep.

You may find if you are really struggling that a gram or two more might be necessary, but you really shouldn’t be knocking back more than about 5 grams of kratom at night.

In terms of a good kratom dosage for sleeping, you should also make sure you are not dosing yourself up on kratom every night. Try to have more nights a week free from kratom as you do on it, otherwise, that could lead to tolerance and dependency in order to sleep.

kratom dosage for sleep

Buying The Best Quality Kratom For Sleep

If you are new to kratom, then a very small dose is all you will need to feel the effects and benefits. I’m talking a couple of grams usually, maybe a bit more.

So a great place to start with using kratom for insomnia will be a red kratom variety pack. You can buy these from some trusted retailers like CoastlineKratom, who sells excellent red kratom variety packs.

A variety pack gives you enough to sample each type of kratom, so you can experiment with all the different types of reds over the course of a couple of weeks, to find the one which helps the most.

But remember, the best kratom for sleep is a small dose, and it’s not every night. If you are finding you are knocking back large amounts of kratom every night to collapse into rest, then you have bigger problems, that kratom cannot deal with.

But for gaining peace, calmness, and physical relaxation, red kratom for sleep deprivation purposes is definitely something you could sensibly experiment with.

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