What Are The Best Kratom Strains For Pain And Depression

What Are The Best Kratom Strains For Pain And Depression

It took me a couple of years to work out the best kratom for pain and depression. But the problem is that the best kratom for pain and depression for me, isn’t necessarily what will work with helping minimize pain or depression with you.

But, the great news is that some strains of kratom are better for pain than others, and some are better at dealing with anxiety and depression than others. If you get it wrong, you will feel the benefits, in fact, it can make things worse.

So what I want to do here, is answer the question around which kratom is the best for pain, and what the best kratom for depression is, to help people make a good decision.

Pain, depression, anxiety, all of these things can be really debilitating. But a lot of people are finding that kratom can really help them to overcome these problems, and hopefully what I’m going to tell you my first-hand experience here, will help you on your journey as well.

How It Works: The Key Benefits Of Kratom

Kratom interacts with the opioid receptors in the body, in a way that’s similar to opiates like heroin and morphine, but without the addictive narcotic effects.

This can bring several benefits, depending on how much kratom you take, and the color of the vein:

  • White vein kratom tends to be uplifting, energizing and at high levels euphoric
  • Red kratom tends to be analgesic and sedative and brings a sense of calm
  • Green kratom tends to balance between the two and be milder at the same dose

Now although this is the general rule, it’s not universal. Some reds can be very energizing, and some whites can bring a mix of energy and relaxation. Greens tend to be milder, but they can also affect both the energizing euphoria side of things and the analgesic/sedative side of things.

The key thing here is that you have to use these broad guidelines, and then experiment to find which type works exact condition you have. What I’m saying is, the best kratom for pain and depression for you, is not going to be the same as is the someone else.

best kratom for depression

So Which Kratom Is The Best For Pain?

I’ve been taking kratom to help with pain management for a couple of years. The problem with prescription medication for me was that there were too many side effects. I was literally unable to complete a day without dropping out.

So in desperation, I turned to kratom. With some experimentation, I found that red kratom generally works better. This is actually true generally about kratom, with red kratom having stronger pain relief and sedative properties.

It wasn’t just me, a few of my friends and family have also started to experiment after the positive experiences I’ve had. Look, these are normal, everyday people, who are not smashing tons of kratom every day.

They are using it in moderation to help ease physical pain symptoms, and also a couple of them are using them to help with anxiety and depression as well.

So talking specifically about pain management, I found that red kratom, especially Red Maeng Da, Red Bali, and Malay worked really well for me.

Using Maeng Da Kratom For Pain Management

Although several types of red kratom worked for helping me with pain relief, what I found work absolutely best was red Maeng Da.

Now the reason absolutely loves this strain of red kratom for pain management is that it’s not quite the same as a traditional red kratom. This is the reason why using Maeng Da for pain is such a common choice.

Something like Red Bali is really good, it’s not overpowering, and it gives good pain relief a medium dose. Plus you get some alertness, and generally, you feel good.

But for me, there was nothing like Maeng Da. The reason for that is it’s pain relieving properties are very strong at a medium dose, around 4-5 grams. Plus it was long-lasting, meaning I felt relaxed and pain-free for at least a handful of hours, often far longer.

However, what I found with Red Maeng Da for pain relief, and I’m not alone in this as a friend found the same, is that it has a stimulating effect which actually energizes you boost your mood, and sharpen your focus. So it doesn’t dull your brain as a prescription pain relief medication would.

So look, if you’re thinking about finding which kratom is best for pain, for everything from arthritis, through to opiate withdrawal symptoms, or back pain, then I would go for a red kratom strain, particularly Red Maeng Da. You’ll have to find out which works best for you though.

How I found out was through trial and error, but you don’t have to do that because a lot of the best kratom sellers now sell variety packs. So you can simply buy a variety pack of all the main types of red kratom, just enough of each for you to experiment for a week or so, for a small cost.

Kratom variety packs will then give you the opportunity over a week, maybe more, to find out which red kratom can help to ease your pain, while still allowing you to function normally.

At the end of that little journey, you’ll definitely know which kratom is the best for pain for you, and you’ll then be able to buy a large amount for your needs.

Maeng Da Kratom For Pain

Finding The Best Kratom For Depression

The other thing I’ve suffered with over the years is depression. I’m a lot better now than I was, so using kratom to pick up my mood and fight it has become less frequent.

I know how awful it can be, and I have to say I found huge relief in using moderate amounts of kratom for depression. Finding the best kratom for depression was actually a bit of a journey for me, and one hoping you will need to go quite so far with.

Again, variety packs weren’t available a few years back in the way they are now, so you had to buy big bags of kratom and experiment. It was expensive and if you only bought one, which was a mistake I initially made, then you ended up struggling for a month before you could try another one.

But look, I’m going to say right here that everybody is different. What worked for me for depression with kratom, might not for you. Kratom is a bit like that, although the strains and vein colors tend towards certain effects, these can vary depending on the person, the quality of the kratom, and the dose.

Ben terms of what helped me, the best kratom for depression strains were:

The reason they helped is that they were all uplifting. White Borneo is quite powerful, so you have to be a bit careful that. Too much and it can become euphoric and agitating, a bit like an out-of-control caffeine hit.

What you’re looking for when dealing with depression is a kratom that will uplift you, but not agitate you. The kratom I’ve mentioned, and white and green kratom specifically, tends towards lifting mood, energizing, improving focus and generally making you feel like the world in such a bad place.

However, a word about using kratom for anxiety. Although it’s linked to depression, anxiety can be made worse by being agitated. That’s why it’s always best to steer well clear of things like coffee and other stimulants if you are anxious, it can further increase your heart rate and trigger a full-on panic attack.

So if you going to experiment with kratom for anxiety, you need to be very careful about white kratom, and green kratom in some respects. Even at medium dose, anxiety can be made a little worse by the strains, and you might be better off looking towards green kratom and red kratom.

But whatever your problem with depression or anxiety, grab yourself a variety pack from a good quality retailer. So if you’re looking for the best kratom for depression, go for white and green variety packs, and if you are trying to cope with anxiety, try green and red variety packs.

How To Dose Kratom For Pain And Depression

Just as with the type of kratom, the right dose of kratom for pain or depression will be different depending on who you are, and the problem you are facing.

For me, it took a lot of experimenting. To find the best kratom for pain depression for me was a journey that took quite some time, for the reasons I’ve talked about.

But to help you here, let’s talk about the range of dosage you should be considering.

These doses have to be seen as general though. The quality of the kratom matters incredibly. A lot of kratoms out there is absolute rubbish. It’s kept badly and is cut with other herbs, meaning that the powder you’re getting is really weak.

You also have to think about the severity of the condition, and how you are as a person, and also the type of kratom is important as well. White can be overwhelmingly uplifting, red can be overwhelmingly sedative, so getting the dose right by experimenting up the level that works for you is key.

So let’s look at the rough average doses you should be using if you looking to find which kratom is the best for pain, or which is the best kratom for depression:

  • Beginner dose of 3-4 grams
  • A moderate dose of 5-6 grams
  • A strong dose of 6-8 grams
  • A potentially overwhelming dose of 8-10 grams

If it’s your first time ever with kratom, I would say get yourself some variety packs as we’ve already described, and start with 3-4 grams. If you feel literally nothing, you can always take another gram about an hour later, as kratom takes about 30-45 minutes to kick in fully, and even longer if you don’t have an empty stomach.

Once you feel the effects, the next time you do it, and I would suggest you leave a few days between doses, add another gram. I would think that if you’ve got good quality kratom, that you’ll start to feel the desired effects at a noticeable level at around 3-4 grams.

Once you find your “sweet spot” where you can feel the effects, you can then do that amount to cope, or you can add a gram or two if you are feeling really depressed, anxious, or really in pain.

kratom dosage for pain

Kratom Side Effects To Be Aware Of

I wouldn’t be responsible if I didn’t mention some of the potential kratom side effects you can suffer from. No type is going to be the best kratom for pain and depression if you’re triggering the side-effects.

Let me say, the side-effects of kratom are minimal, as long as you don’t go nuts with the amount you take, and you’re not taking it every day.

If you take it in higher doses and frequently, then it will start to lower your tolerance, the same as with things like alcohol. Obviously, as tolerance lowers, you would have to up the dose.

So by keeping the dose low, and only doing it fewer days then you don’t, you should keep yourself away from tolerance.

The other problem is at higher doses, the extreme effects kick in. Although these can be nice, with white kratom, that massive uplift, and with red kratom, that dropping through the floor feeling, over time can become addictive.

Where To Buy Kratom Online

So look, for me, kratom is really good for helping with pain and depression. But trying to find out what the best kratom for depression is, which kratom is the best for pain, is going to be a journey you’ll have to go on yourself.

I’ve already said that I use Maeng Da kratom for pain, and for many, it could be the best kratom for pain and depression because it can chill you out, but also uplift you and give you focus. But again, that may not be what works for you.

What I’m suggesting is you look at white, green, red and mixed variety packs from the top kratom vendors in the USA. After years of experience with kratom, and the experiences of friends and family I’ve recommended them to, the guys below are the three top sellers I’ve ever found.

The kratom they sell is absolutely superb, and it’s sourced directly abroad, it’s not sourced from importers, which a lot of companies do. Poor companies buy them second or third hand and literally have no idea what quality they are buying.

Coastline kratom

If you’re looking for the absolute best, Asian imported, original kratom powder, then Coastline Kratom should be a company you consider. They don’t sell anything other than kratom powder, but they sell all the main types, and what they sell is absolutely the most potent on the market.

Coastline Kratom sells variety packs as well. You get white, green and red sample packs in both normal kratom, and ultra enhanced kratom. They are more expensive than buying the bulk powder, but for me, it’s a fantastic way to experiment with using kratom for pain or depression, that doesn’t cost a lot of money.

For me, when it comes to the best kratom for pain and depression, the best kratom strains from Coastline Kratom are:

  • Red Maeng Da & Red Bali for pain
  • White Borneo for depression

These guys have free shipping over $75, unconditional money back guarantees, five years experience in the business originally sourced kratom, plus fantastic customer service. They really are top-notch.

Which is the best kratom for pain


These for me are the other top kratom vendor in the USA today. If you’re looking to go on the journey to discover which kratom is the best for pain or for depression, then they certainly should be another company to consider.

Again, the quality of their kratom powder is top-notch. Perhaps not as good as coastline kratom, but still one of the best. They also sell kratom in capsules, which means you don’t have to mess around with powder at all. They are slightly more expensive than loose powder, but you can take them through the day as a pain management tool.

Importantly, they do also sell variety packs. They sell a variety pack of green, white and red powder, and also the same in capsule form. They are slightly more expensive than buying in more bulk, but it’s a brilliant way to find out which is the best kratom for pain management and depression in your personal circumstances.

For me, the kratom from PurKratom that has helped me best, and I recommend, is:

As with Coastline Kratom, you get free shipping, but it’s on any order value. They have good customer service, and the added benefit that each batch of kratom they buy is independently lab tested.

These results are published on their website, guaranteeing the quality you are buying.


These guys are a company I found a while back, and it was actually one of my friends who first ordered from them. The quality was superb, and it convinced me that they should be on my radar as a place to get great quality kratom for a good price, to help deal with my pain and depression problems.

I’m recommending them to you here specifically because of the variety packs they sell. They actually sell the biggest range of variety packs of any top kratom vendors I’ve ever found:

  • Plain leaf variety pack
  • Red kratom variety pack
  • White kratom variety pack
  • Green kratom variety pack
  • An alternative variety pack
  • Extracts and ultra enhanced variety pack

What a choice that is. I’d advise you stay away from the extracts and ultra enhanced variety pack unless you’ve already tried kratom.

For me, the strains I’ve bought from them that have helped with my problems are:

  • Red Bali and Red Vein Kali for pain
  • Green Vein Borneo for depression

kratom for pain relief

As with the other two sellers, I’ve tried, you get free shipping, good money back guarantee, and responsive customer service.

Any of these three are a great place to start with variety packs. They also sell the best quality loose powder I’ve ever found, and you will pay a premium for that.

But when you are suffering from the issues we discussed, then finding the best kratom for pain and depression is not going to be about money.

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