Kratom has an amazing range of effects, depending on the type of kratom you select, and the dose. It’s an incredibly flexible substance, but this also makes it very confusing for people wanting to try it.

The problem is that there are different strains from different regions, Borneo, Bali, Indo and Maeng Da for example. On top of that, the different colored veins, red, green or white, can also have quite different effects when taken.

The range of effects is huge with kratom. From mildly to strongly sedative, mildly to strongly euphoric, and from mildly to strongly pain relieving, plus a mix of all them depending on the dose and strain, kratom is highly flexible. The basic fact is there are 28 different alkaloids in kratom, which can produce the full spectrum of effects.

So information and preparation are key. You need to know the effect to achieve and why. So for example, if you are trying to get off an opiate, then a strain with mood lifting and pain relieving characteristics, like Borneo red vein, in moderate dose would be a good starting point.

But what’s a good dose, and how do you take kratom? In powder or capsule form? Again this is up to the individual and will vary between individual. The dose will also depend on how the kratom has been prepared, if it is standard strength, concentrated, or in the most potent resin form.

It’s not easy to overdose on kratom, but you don’t want to have adverse reactions or waste what you’ve bought, so that’s why high-quality information, articles, and kratom vendor reviews are key to starting your journey.

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