Akuamma – What It Is How It Feels And How It Gets You High

Akuamma – What It Is How It Feels And How It Gets You High

Akuamma has been around for a very long time. This isn’t new but it’s starting to make headway into the United States as a natural medicinal method for treating certain ailments and some of the effects you can get off of it. The Akuamma is also known as the Picralima Nitida Tree and this isn’t a plant or a flower but it’s actually a seed that comes from these trees.

It’s not quite known where the Akuamma seeds come from but they’re heavily used in certain regions of West Africa. They’re also prominent in Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana and some other nearby regions.

Akuamma Seeds Dosage

Getting the dosage of Akuamma seeds is kind of tricky and complicated compared to other extracts. If you use Akuamma right, it can relieve some pain and can put people at ease. People who use it to relieve pain sometimes often start out with a relatively high dosage which can be a mistake. Anyone who knows what they’re doing will always tell you to start out with low Akuamma seeds dosage in order to get used to the effects and then build your way up.

The usual dosage of Akuamma seed extract comes in a pill form or a capsule form. It may also come in a powder or raw seeds as well. These can be anywhere from 250mg to 1 gram. If you’re just starting out or new to Akuamma seeds, then you’ll probably want to start out with 250mg until you’re used to the Akuamma seeds effects.

Some of the heavier users, once they’re properly used to the seed, will move up to anywhere from 2 full grams to 4 full grams.

The Difference Between Kratom and Akuamma

While Kratom and Akuamma might share some similarities, they are not the same thing. There are vast differences and you shouldn’t take Akuamma the same way you take Kratom. Akuamma is known for its mild effects and it’s used for sedation sometimes as well to help people fall asleep. Kratom however while it may offer the same sedative effects is part of an on-going legal battle and no one really knows if Kratom is legal or not.

Akuamma seeds, however, are completely legal and perfectly good for consumption without any kind of laws in the way. Also, another thing with Akuamma is that there are no cannabis strains in the plant, so you won’t have to worry about getting the right strain. Kratom, on the other hand, has a lot of different strains which may end up producing different results.

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The Akuamma Seeds High Effect

In regions of Africa, a lot of people when they first discovered the seed were eating them in their raw form. Finding this to be a little undesirable, people then moved on to crush the seeds into a fine powder so that they weren’t as hard to eat or ingest. They taste rather bitter if you try to eat a whole seed raw. Today, they’re more commonly consumed as a powder but some people still enjoy their raw form taste as well.

Some research has been done to study the composition of Akuamma seeds and some research shows that it’s relatively the same as Kratom leaves. Although, this doesn’t mean that you’re going to get the same kind of high.

When examining the Akuamma seeds effects, you first have to examine the chemicals that make up the seeds. There are two main chemicals we’re going to look at here: Akuammine and Pericine. Two powerful alkaloids.

While Akuammine is believed to help stimulate opioid receptors, no one’s really sure what Pericine does. People who have used these seeds didn’t quite get the same euphoric high that you’d normally get from other THC products but however, the uplifting benefits were the same and some people said they were more potent.

So, if you’re looking for the ultimate Akuamma seeds high effect, you might leave a little disappointed but if you’re looking for something that can relax you better than Kratom and calm your nerves, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

What Are the Effects of Akuamma Seeds?

Pain Relief – Akuamma is known to have mild analgesic properties which means it can reduce mild pain or completely remove slight pain. Even people with lupus have found that with a mild dosage of Akuamma seeds, they can alleviate their pain.

Malaria – Believe it or not, Akuamma seeds have been used in African regions to treat malaria. Malaria is still a large problem in some countries and with modern medicine being slightly lackluster in the treatment of the conditions caused by malaria, Akuamma has shown great promise.

Fights Parasites – If you’re someone who takes a morning coffee or green tea for some of the anti-bacterial effects, you’ll love Akuamma for the properties inside of Akuamma that helps fight against parasites and biotics. In Africa, there’s one disease called African Sleeping Sickness that doctors treat with Akuamma.

Diabetes – If you’re someone who suffers from diabetes, Akuamma can help treat the disease. Akuamma can help regulate and even mimic the effects of insulin.

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Are There Any Side Effects to Akuamma?

While Akuamma may cause some slight discomfort, there’s generally not any noticeable or dangerous side effects to ingesting Akuamma. Some people, however, have reported some slight side effects such as an upset stomach which gave them nausea and a slight headache. Not everyone reports experiencing these effects, the effects were mild and the number of people who reported such effects was very low.

Akuamma Seeds & Products

Thanks to the increasing popularity of Akuamma seeds in the west, you can now find Akuamma seeds and other products online. We’ve found two relatively good solutions for your Akuamma needs and they’re affordable.

Akuamma Powder – $11.99

If you don’t feel like making your own powder or ingesting raw seeds, this powder here is an alternative solution and can be mixed in with tea or any other concoction of a drink.

Akuamma Seeds Raw – $7.99

For people who want to make their own Akuamma product or ingest the seeds raw, these inexpensive seeds are the best solution we’ve found.

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