Herbs And Mushrooms

There are literally a huge and amazing variety of herbs, seeds, leaves and mushrooms out there which people use to get psychedelic experiences and better mental states from. But which is which, and what does what is usually very confusing, especially to the newcomer.

When you throw into the mix the new trend of artificial herbs, where something is coated in another substance, and the whole topic gets a lot more confusing, and potentially dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Some herbal “legal highs” are far more dangerous than illegal narcotics.

Which is why getting hold a great quality, reliable instructions, information and resources around using herbs and mushrooms key. That’s exactly what we’ve done here and that’s why this site contains a huge variety of resources around buying, growing and using herbs for recreational purposes in an easy to read format.

Psychedelic comes from the Greek words for mind and reveal, and using the right herbs and mushrooms can definitely bring about a whole new deep level of consciousness and understanding of the self and the world around us.

So whether you’re looking to achieve such levels, or simply want to explore and have fun, then getting great information around the natural and artificial herbs, mushrooms and leaves out there can help you in a safe and sane manner, and our articles and reviews right here are a great place to start.

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