Are PlusCBD Oil Reviews Accurate?

Are PlusCBD Oil Reviews Accurate?

Because CBD oil is becoming more popular, there are lots of new retailers out there selling it. However, unless you are careful you will get a very bad deal. Because PlusCBD is one of those companies getting good reviews, people are skeptical and wonder if Plus CBD oil reviews are really accurate.

Now I can say with confidence I’ve used half a dozen CBD oil vendors in the past couple of years. I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Plus I also know that good quality CBD can help, because it helped me with pain management. And I want to help other people.

So I wanted to write this review of PlusCBD so that other people can be educated about whether these are one of the good guys in the world of selling CBD oil products or one of the bad guys.

Most PlusCBD Oil Reviews Are Positive

 The thing here is that there are a lot of CBD oil products sellers out there. But most of them sell poor quality products.

One of the big things is that a lot of them sell hemp oil and advertise it as CBD oil. The problem with this is that they play on people’s ignorance.

Although hemp oil and CBD oil both come from hemp plants, only specially cultivated industrial hemp plants have high levels of CBD in them, whereas the standard hemp plant often has very low levels.

Not only do PlusCBD guarantee the quality and volume of CBD in their products from seed to shelf, but they also have independent lab reports available. You can see independent testing done on each batch they use in their products.

So for me, it’s the fact that they are so upfront about the quality of the CBD oil they use, plus the extraction methods and manufacturing methods, that make them less of a risk than others. That’s why I feel they get such good reviews.

good quality cbd hemp oil

Main Products PlusCBD Sell

A lot of the best CBD oil retailers sell a good range of products, and you’ll tell if they are good because they always have their range in stock, and it is always fresh stock when it arrives.

PlusCBD sells the same CBD oil products as most of the other quality retailers, but there are a few notable differences and perks that I want to compare and mention.

  1. PlusCBD Oil Drops

CBD oil drops are your standard way of taking CBD oil. Otherwise known as dropper bottles or tinctures, you basically drip one or more drops of CBD oil under the tongue and then swallow after about 30 seconds.

It’s no different with Plus CBD oil drops, however, that quality is very good.

Often you get low quality, with a low amount of CBD in milligrams per tincture. With a 2 ounce bottle of raw CBD, Plus CBD oil drops have a huge 700 mg of CBD. On top of that, it also contains CBDa, a variant that is often destroyed during the heat extraction process, but as PlusCBD use a gas extraction method, this valuable variation of CBD is retained.

On top of that, Plus CBD oil drops also come in flavors Sure, you can have unflavored CBD oil drops, but as it tastes pretty disgusting to a lot of people, the ability to order them in peppermint or berry flavor at no extra cost is a real bonus.

For 41.95$ it’s a steal!

  1. PlusCBD Oil Capsules

Although I started by buying CBD oil drops, I quickly graduated into using capsules. One of the places I always get my capsules is Plus CBD. The reason for this is that Plus CBD oil capsules are very high in pure CBD.

You get 15 mg of CBD in capsule, which for most people is a complete daily dose. As well as that, you also get a dose of vitamin E, as well as the benefits of the short chain fatty acids that are contained in CBD.

These have various health properties, including helping with joints, inflammation, and wellbeing.

They are also really convenient. You can take them on the move, through the day. And as I say, if you buy Plus CBD oil capsules you’re getting a month supply with a single dose in each capsule.

Plus CBD oil softgels

  1. PlusCBD Oil Spray

This CBD product is a bit of a novelty that I really love. Plus CBD spray is a dropper bottle that contains CBD oil that’s been thinned in order for it to be used as a spray. All you need to do is spray it a couple of times into your mouth, under your tongue, and that’s it.

Because it’s a mist, it will spread out and absorb more quickly. Also, that makes it taste less bad.

On top of that, they do coffee flavor and peppermint flavor So you could have the double joy of using Plus CBD oil spray to get your hit of CBD, while also using it as a breath freshener.

In each CBD oil spray bottle, you get 500 mg of CBD. That’s a really strong concentration, and because of the way it’s absorbed, you get it heading straight into your endocannabinoid system.

I highly recommend the peppermint flavor, it’s amazing!

  1. PlusCBD Oil Balm

If you are wanting to take CBD to deal with something like anxiety, then balm is not the best way of ingesting it.

But what Plus CBD oil balm does is gives you a localized dose of CBD that is rapidly absorbed through the skin using carrier oils in the balm.

On top of that, you also get the benefits of moisturized skin, vitamin E, plus short-chain fatty acids rubbed into the skin as well. Not only do these help to transport the CBD through the skin, but these are rich in natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

So Plus CBD oil balm it would be great for anyone who needs a localized application to help with skin problems, but you also can then benefit from CBD oil being carried directly into their body at that point, and then entering the endocannabinoid system as quickly as possible.

  1. PlusCBD Gummies

Plus CBD gummies are another great way to get the daily dose of CBD, and are especially good for children. They are chewy and easy to swallow.

They have the benefits of capsules, in that you can’t taste the CBD, and you can also take them on the move. But as I said they are also nicer to deal with, especially if you don’t like swallowing capsules. Plus they are slightly weaker than capsules, giving you an option if you need a smaller daily dose.

The dose in each PlusCBD gummy is 5 mg, versus 15 mg in each PlusCBD oil capsule. So as you can see they are less potent and very suitable for kids.

Plus CBD oil gummies

  1. PlusCBD Concentrates

Now look, CBD concentrates are a new one as far as I’m concerned. I tried Plus CBD concentrates a few weeks back and they are really good.

It’s a little drop of concentrated CBD. Each portion, each drop, of gel, is 17 mg of CBD, that’s a lot for a single drop.

So in each tube, you get 1445 mg of CBD, in 17 mg doses. These are easily controllable using the CBD concentrate tube. All you have to do is put in your mouth and under your tongue, dispense the drop of CBD, and you’re done. Really good stuff.

Is PlusCBD Guaranteed Quality?

Okay, so I’ve talked a bit about the products that plus CBD sell. And in terms of doing a positive Plus CBD review, and telling you about them generally in terms of the quality of the products, if you’ve been reading Plus CBD reviews, and wondering if they are accurate, in terms of products, yes they are.

You’re getting a really high-quality CBD, in strong doses, but still for a reasonable price. On top of that, they are fully guaranteed.

What I mean by that, is that they guarantee their sources from seed to shelf, full traceability. You can see that traceability on request, you can also request to see the third-party lab testing for quality in each batch. That’s something I’ve rarely seen.

In terms of the general guarantees around their CBD products, Plus CBD guarantee:

  • GMO-free and gluten-free
  • Organic
  • Certified
  • Fully-traceable supply chain
  • Independently quality checked by a third-party lab
  • Uses a non-chemical extraction process which keeps the raw CBD intact

 Plus cbd oil coupons

Get Money Off With This PlusCBD Oil Coupon

So look, the bottom line is that those positive Plus CBD reviews you’re reading are actually accurate from the experiences I’ve personally had over the past couple of years.

Plus CBD offers free postage, next day delivery, 14-day money back guarantee, and their customer service is good as well.

You can contact them by social media, phone, email, or even through a physical postal address. So this is not a shady company.

I’m also going to tell you here at the conclusion of this review that you can get money off with a little-known Plus CBD oil coupon code.

When you check out just use the coupon code PAYSPI and you’ll receive an automatic 15% off. I tested this coupon a couple of weeks ago and it works!

Which means you’re getting guaranteed quality CBD oil products, with 15% off, and free shipping.

That’s one hell of an offer, and it’s exactly the main reasons why I use Plus CBD, and why I’ve written this review.

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