CBD For Dogs And Cats: A Complete Guide

CBD For Dogs And Cats: A Complete Guide

What Are The Benefits Of CBD Products For Pets:

There are many reasons why people are trying to find CBD treats for their pets. From treating their weak bones to managing post-op care, CBD is a primary source of relief for your pups (or kittens!).

Products that have CBD extracts included with them are a godsend to pet owners who want to use natural remedies to cure their pets.

There are a lot of health benefits for using CBD oil. Here are some of the benefits your pet will experience once they start using CBD oil regularly.

Keeps Your Pets Calm

Sometimes, our pets can show rambunctious behavior. They will start barking excessively and start damaging furniture (couches, carpets, etc.). Using CBD hemp oil for dogs, you can ease their tensions by activating the cannabinoids in their body.

Reduces Cancer and Helps Senior Dogs

If your dog is over 6+ years old, then you should consider using CBD oil to improve their health. Pets at this stage are fragile, and can show signs of mental and physical decay if left untreated. When using CBD for dogs and cats, you’ll notice a reduction in pain and increases flexibility in their joints.

For instance, arthritis is a common symptom your pets will face once they get older. Inflammatory joint disease, arthritis, achy joints, or other forms of pain will make your pet want to slow down.

The CBD compound acts as a pain reliever that doesn’t just hide the pain, but soothes the chronic inflammation which prevents their body from healing fully.

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CBD For Dogs Anxiety

CBD oil produces a calming effect for high-strung dogs that have separation anxiety, noise phobias, and depression. Dogs who have separation anxiety show depressive behavior once their owner or guardian leaves them alone for a while.

This can lead to destructive and disruptive behaviors such as barking, urinating, pacing and chewing on objects.

People who gave their dogs CBD pet products during high-stress situations (i.e.home alone, fireworks or thunderstorms) were able to calm them down faster. The CBD works by creating a soothing effect which helps their brain get through that particular stressor.

Helps Promote Sleeping

On average, dogs spend about 50% of their day sleeping. Sometimes they take short naps or rest throughout the day. If you feel that your dog is sleeping less than average or is restless, then you have to look into what is causing this.

Watch out if the sleeping pattern changes all of a sudden. When giving CBD to your dog, you’ll notice their quick change to a relaxed state and be able to sleep in no time. Talk to your doctor first to ensure that you can administer the sleeping oil without any problems or apprehensions.

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Counters Excessive Scratching

When your pet is scratching, its safe to assume that they’re going through the shedding phase. What you also need to know is that shedding doesn’t happen throughout the entire year.

There can be additional reasons behind the scratching as well. If you notice that they’re continuously itching, then you’ll have to find the cause.

Humans have an allergic reaction to their immune systems. Dogs suffer from these same allergic reactions as well. Your dog’s immune system views chemicals, pollen, dust, and insect saliva as a threat.

As a result, the histamine production inside their bodies starts to increase. When your dog suffers from itching, they’ll start licking, chewing, or scratching their skin.

Most owners take their pets outdoors. Because of this, they’ve possibly might develop small parasites due to the germs that are outside. They can be unwanted external and internal parasites as well.

Sometimes your dog might be scratching because of a psychological issue. In these cases, using CBD oil is very effective in treating your pet’s constant scratching and itching.

Always remember that CBD products don’t interact with any other medicines; meaning that you can safely use it for your pet.

CBD For Dog Seizures

About 1-5% dogs can suffer from idiopathic or symptomatic seizures. Idiopathic seizures tend to occur due to genetics and are found in certain dog breeds (i.e., Hungarian Vizslas, German Shepherds, Belgian Shepherds, etc.).

Why Should I Use CBD For Dog Seizures?

Another reason why you should use hemp oil for dogs is because it’s easier to administer to your dogs. You can give CBD oil to your pets orally without encountering any problems.

It’s important to know that CBD oil doesn’t produce any negative side effects. And, CBD oil is not a psychotropic drug. This means that your dog won’t experience any hallucinations or other negative reactions when using CBD in comparison to THC.

Thus, CBD for dogs is safe to use if your dog is undergoing a great deal of stress.

CBD For Dog Seizures

CBD Oil Dosage For Pets

A lot of owners want to start giving CBD oil for their pets, but they don’t know what is the correct amount to give them.

What’s the best way to decide how much CBD hemp oil dog treats you should give them?

The short answer is that you’ll have to start at a lower dosage and base the amount you give them in relation to their bodyweight. Start with a small amount (0.25-0.50 mg) of CBD based on their body weight each day.

Then, after a few days, you should increase the dosage until you’ve reached the desired effect for whatever condition that needs to be treated. Once you achieved the right outcome (using it to treat skin allergies, pain-relief, etc.), then maintain that amount of CBD oil to help create a normal dosage schedule.

Within the next few weeks, your pet will be able to take more medicine without showing any side effects. Some animals experience the effects differently than the others. For animals, you’ll have to adjust the dosage to ensure that the CBD oil is effective.

When in doubt, you should always underdose instead of overdose. Do this because you can always increase the dosage and monitor the effect it has on your pets. Since its a medical drug, it needs to be carefully calculated before giving it to your pet.

We suggest that you look for the recommended amount of concentration in CBD and THC for one’s pet. Again, always dose low and low to keep them physically and mentally satisfied.

How to Add CBD Hemp Oil to Your Dog’s Diet

CBD hemp oil for dogs is easy to make and add to their diet. One simple way to do this is to drop the CBD oil into their dog treats. Just place a few drops into their treat and allow it to soak in for a few minutes for your dog to enjoy.

We suggest that you give them a drop of CBD oil for every pound of food. But you should avoid combining it with poultry as it will upset your pet’s fatty acid balance. Always try to keep your CBD oil in small amounts to keep your pet in a good mood while also reducing their mental, physical, and emotional ailments.

What Happens If They Consume Too Much CBD For Dogs?

First time users tend to ask what “Is hemp oil for pets dangerous?” The correct answer is yes and no. There are lots of ways to take cannabis and a multitude of different products to choose from. You have to educate yourself on what CBD oil products you’re planning to give to your pet before giving it to them.

The average pet won’t need more than 100-150 mg a day. If you go higher, chances are your pet will become sick. They will experience anxiety, sweating, paranoia, and act differently than normal.

Since the drug is non-psychotic, the side effects from overdosing aren’t long-lasting. At most, your pets will feel really sleepy and will need to nap the side effects off.

CBD Oil For Cats and Dogs: Online Vendor Reviews

Now that you know how hemp oil for pets can be beneficial to their health, you need an online vendor that has a reputation for selling high-quality oil. Here are the top 3 online vendors to choose from!

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Made By Hemp

Made By Hemp is a small, yet effective company that works in providing CBD hemp oil products for pets and humans.

They have a simple testing process for each of their products. If the product doesn’t pass the test with equal or a higher amount of cannabinoids as its advertised, they’ll throw it out. If their products don’t contain the legal amount of CBD, then its removed immediately.

Another product we liked is the Purified CBD oil for cats. Created with only two ingredients, this CBD oil is your cat’s best friend. On average, place at least 5 drops of CBD oil into your cat’s mouth or food a day. Just like its dog compartment, you can buy this oil for $26.99.


CBD Pet has products such as cbd oil for dog seizures, which are used to help lower your dog’s anxiety and seizures. Each of their oil packs is made from the highest grade and are easy to feed your pet with them.

CBD Pet takes strict manufacturing guidelines and uses the most robust quality control protocols possible. This ensures that your pet’s CBD oil is safe and ready to be consumed. With a 90 day guarantee, you can even send back the oil if it doesn’t produce the same effects for your pets. In my opinion this is the best CBD for dogs.

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Cannabidiol Life

Last but not least is Cannabidiol Life. The site has a lot of different hemp oil for dogs. Their products have a lot of variety as well (they have cbd oil for cats, CBD edibles, oils, crystals, CBD dog treats and more!). If you’re looking for a company that has good hemp oil dog treats, you won’t get disappointed.

Their best product is the CBD for Big Dogs oil kit. For about $59.99, you can get over 750mg of 100% organic hemp extracted CBD oil. This means that their oil content is better than the traditional CBD isolate oils.

Thus, your pet will be able to stay healthy while reducing their pain when using this product.

Another reason why we like this site is because of free samples. You can get CBD for dog seizures, and you only have to pay the shipping fare!

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Conclusion: What’s Next for CBD Hemp Oil For Pets?

Now that you know everything about getting hemp oil for pets, you have to keep your pet on a regular schedule to help reduce their pain, anxieties and other health issues.

Once you’ve bought your CBS capsules, make sure to keep the dosage low so that your pets can receive all of the benefits! In conclusion, treat your pets right with the CBD oil, and you’ll have a long-lasting companion by your side.

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