Benefits Of Hemp Oil For Weight Loss

Benefits Of Hemp Oil For Weight Loss

With obesity rates soaring, solutions that cost money are everywhere. CBD oil is being used for a range of positive health benefits, one of which is using CBD oil for weight loss. But are the benefits of hemp oil for weight loss true, or marketing hype to get you to part with your money?

Well, I’ve had some experience with CBD oil over the past year, using it for physical pain symptoms, due to a bad back. But I was overweight as well, and I want to tell you about the effects CBD oil had on me in relation to weight loss.

I’ll also explain to you about the different types of oil you can buy, the sort of CBD oil for weight loss dose you should be taking, plus, where you can buy 100% pure CBD oil at a reasonable price.

What Is CBD Oil?

Before I talk about the potential benefits of hemp oil for weight loss, I want to clear up some confusion around what CBD oil actually is. It’s sometimes called CBD oil, sometimes hemp oil, and sometimes CBD hemp oil. So it’s confusing because the two can be the same, or distinct.

CBD is a cannabinoid, similar to the THC in cannabis, which gets you high. But CBD doesn’t get you high.

Although CBD is present in cannabis plants, CBD oil tends to be extracted from industrial hemp plants.

The confusing thing is you can also buy pure hemp oil. But that’s extracted from hemp plants which are not high in CBD. So the oil is rich in omega fatty acids and good for your skin, but it doesn’t contain CBD, so it’s useless for any of the effects associated with using CBD

So basically, you have three different types of oil that contain CBD:

  • Hemp oil, which is low in CBD content
  • CBD oil, mostly from hemp plants, that is high in CBD content
  • cannabis oil, extracted from cannabis plants, which is high in CBD, and THC content

So it’s pure CBD oil, oil high in the cannabinoid CBD, which is linked to a range of health benefits, without the side-effects of getting you high, as you can with cannabis oil, which also contains a high percentage of THC.

CBD oil for weightloss

The Positive Effects Of Using CBD Hemp Oil

Just like THC, increasing evidence links CBD to positive changes in the body’s endocannabinoid system. This system relays certain messages, and it’s being found that CBD can help to regulate these messages, changing how we perceive certain things, including:

  • Appetite
  • Sleep
  • Pain
  • Immune system response
  • Fear and anxiety
  • Inflammation

Because of these potential benefits, and the lack of side-effects of CBD oil, it is increasingly being used to deal with serious conditions like multiple sclerosis, arthritis, people who suffer from fits, and emotional problems like anxiety.

I used CBD oil for pain management, and that’s where I started to link its use with a noticeable weight loss that I hadn’t previously been experiencing.

Benefits Of Hemp Oil For Weight Loss

 Now the problem with using CBD oil for weight loss is that actual documented evidence is sketchy. There’s not really a single scientific study that looked directly at how much CBD oil for weight loss you need, or whether there are even many benefits of using hemp oil for weight loss.

However, at the heart of the evidence around the possibility of using CBD oil for weight loss, is how CBD oil interacts with the endocannabinoid system.

This system is basically a series of chemical receptors that relay messages about certain things within the body, one of which is hunger. If this messaging becomes disrupted, or the signal lengths are altered from normal, it can change your appetite, which has been increasingly linked to obesity.

It seems to be the case that CBD oil can help to regulate these messages being relayed correctly, and therefore normalize diet.

Less convincingly, but to be factored in, is the fact that CBD oil is incredibly rich in omega three fatty acids, which circumstantial evidence suggests can affect the area of the brain that tell us if we are hungry, helping to regulate that.

From my personal experience, I can say that CBD oil does seem to lessen appetite. It does seem to be a natural appetite suppressant.

As I said, I use CBD oil to deal with a bad back, and I found when I started using it that I was losing weight as well. I started to realize I just wasn’t eating the volumes of food I used to, or as frequently.

It seemed like my body was more in control, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence it happened within a week of starting to take CBD oil.

But look, I’m not saying that the benefits of hemp oil for weight loss are overwhelming, I’m not saying it’s a miracle supplement for weight loss. I am saying that alongside exercise and sensible eating, it does seem to regulate appetite more tightly, leading to less food intake.

cbd oil dosage for weight loss

How Much CBD Oil For Weight Loss?

Now, this is the million-dollar question. How much CBD oil for weight loss is required, is a very individual thing.

What will work for one person, won’t for another. A dose of as little as 10 mg per day of CBD, can be enough to affect the endocannabinoid system positively in some people. However, some people may need to double that, or even up to 50 mg.

For some conditions like multiple sclerosis, much higher daily doses have been used to alleviate the symptoms. In fact, in some scientific research, people have taken it as much as 1500 mg of CBD every day, for several months, with no significant side-effects or other problems.

So it appears we are very tolerant of CBD, and it’s safe to experiment with.

For me, I would start with 10 mg each day, for a week. I was taking more than that for my pain, but you might need less than me. For week two, double it to 20 mg, for week three, 30 mg. By that point, alongside a healthy lifestyle, you should be able to see the benefits of hemp oil for weight loss.

Choosing The Best CBD Oil For Weight Loss

If you’re going to experiment with the potential positive effects of CBD hemp oil for weight loss, then you need to make sure that you buy actual CBD oil. That means looking out for the following things:

  • Described as full spectrum CBD oil, not isolate
  • Cold-pressed so that it contains both CBD and CBDa
  • CO2 extracted, not with chemicals or solvents
  • Organic and sustainable
  • Grown on an FDA compliant farm, or EU regulated farm
  • Lab tested to guarantee quality and CBD content

Just to mention the cold-pressed CBD, which contains CBDa. CBDa is a variant of CBD that often gets destroyed during some extraction processes, but it doesn’t when it’s cold-pressed. It’s sometimes called raw CBD oil.

However, it’s not essential, and a good quality CBD oil that just has a high proportion of CBD, will be more than enough.

In terms of the proportion of CBD oil you should be looking for, it’s basically as high as possible. However, really good quality CBD oil can contain as much as 1000 mg of CBD per single fluid ounce.

How Much CBD Oil For Weight Loss

Where To Buy CBD Oil For Weight Loss

For me, when it comes to looking for a place to buy CBD oil, whether it’s so you can experience the benefits of hemp oil for weight loss, or for another reason, then there aren’t actually as many places sell good quality CBD as you would think.

However, the best CBD oil for weight loss is going to be any that matches the quality standards I’ve just talked about. This means getting them from a good quality CBD seller.

The ones I’ve found, and recommend, are the following:

  1. CBD oil drops from, as they have a colossal amount of CBD, 1500 mg in a 2 oz dropper bottle.

Not only is that an incredible amount of CBD, which will really help with CBD oil for weight loss, because you will only need a couple of drops a day, but there’s also a bonus.

CBD oil doesn’t taste particularly nice, but the CBD oil drops can be bought in peppermint flavor and Goji berry flavor, giving you the option to actually enjoy dropping CBD oil under your tongue.

On top of that, you can buy CBD oil in other formats, including chews, concentrates, and capsules. Great value, and a fantastic place to start experimenting with CBD oil for weight loss.

  1. also sell an incredible range of CBD oil products. If you’re looking to experiment with the benefits of hemp oil for weight loss, then these are definitely another place you can buy fantastic value CBD oil.

AllPurCBD also sells CBD in a variety of guises, including gummies, softgels, tinctures, and concentrates.

Again, you get a very high amount of CBD, up to 1000 mg in a 1 oz dropper bottle. On top of that, you can buy flavors, to take away the taste of CBD: peppermint, and salted caramel.

Either of these high-quality CBD retailers will be a fantastic place to start experimenting with CBD oil for weight loss, and I’m pretty sure there any of their products, which all fit the criteria for good quality CBD, will be the best CBD oil for weight loss product you can possibly try.

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