All About CBD And Sex

All About CBD And Sex

There are many people who suffer from sexual dysfunctions. Some of these individuals have been able to find relief with prescriptions or over-the-counter aids. Is there a possibility that CBD could be beneficial for sexual purposes? How can it help? You’ll find out below.

How Can CBD Affect Sex Life

In this day and age, younger individuals are going through major changes. Research has shown that the younger generations are not having as much intercourse as the baby boomers. Many young people are terrified of the thought of giving up their freedom to pay for a child and its needs.

This is made worse by the fact that Americans are already living from paycheck to paycheck. CBD could potentially be a key to solving this problem for good. It is believed that CBD could potentially help crank up the user’s libido.

Just remember that the evidence is mainly anecdotal. Few official studies have been carried out on the matter of CBD and sexuality.

Dose Dependent

One study from 2009 found that the impact on sexuality in men and women was basically dependent on the dosage of CBD obtained. Women were actually more consistent about reporting facilitatory effects. Cannabinoids have been around for many years and many important individuals have linked CBD to sexuality.

It is also believed that THC could be sexually biphasic. What does this mean exactly? Well, THC can offer various benefits when it is used at lose doses. When the dose is increase, lots of problems can occur.

CBD And Sensuality

When it comes to intercourse and sexuality, CBD offers many benefits. For starters, there is no need to worry too much about dosage. Some self-experimenting is necessary, but it is much less than what you would expect with marijuana.

With CBD, you just pick the prefer delivery method and you’re good to go. Even when taking low doses of CBD, you can get the results that you’re after. At the same time, CBD is a very powerful anxiolytic. This means that it is capable of reducing anxiety and stress. This is important for those with a decreased libido.

CBD can also help the user think more clearly. It can turn on their SES bonding. CBD ramps up sensuality and energy levels too. All of this combined can help make CBD a good choice for people dealing with a low libido.

CBD lube

Different Ways To Use It

Many people do not realize it, but CBD can be very beneficial for people who want to ramp up their sex life. It’ll definitely provide them with more libido and it can make the experience more intense as well. There are plenty of unique ways to use CBD for sexual purposes. Some of the most common and beneficial will be explored in greater depth below.

CBD Lube Helps

First and foremost, you should know that CBD can actually make a very effective lubricant. It is estimated that 75% of women are going to experience pain during intercourse at some point. Pain at the point of penetration is usually the main problem.

CBD lube can help offset this problem. First and foremost, the CBD lube should be developed using a natural coconut-oil base. As long as that happens, the CBD lube is going to offer numerous benefits. The lube will possess anti-inflammatory properties thanks to the CBD. That can help offset the pain and swelling associated with intercourse.

Just remember that you need to find the right CBD lube. You should make sure that the lubricant you are using does not contain any irritating chemicals. It should also have a texture that is similar to a gel. It should not be runny like other lubes. The only downside with modern CBD lubes is that fact that they do not last long enough.

Therefore, it might be possible to reapply the lube halfway through.

Tips For Using CBD Lubricant

CBD lubricant can indeed help. Just remember that there are some things you need to consider ahead of time. First and foremost, you should stay away form latex condoms. Since CBD lube is going to be oil based, it will not work well with latex.

That could cause the condom to break. Switching to a polyurethane condom would probably be best. Women should also know what to expect. Most women are going to experience extra moisture down there when using a good CBD lube. That is definitely a good thing.

Another thing to note is that some CBD oils have a scent. This a good thing, as long as the scent isn’t caused by irritating chemicals. To ensure that you’re getting the best CBD lubricant, you really need to be working with reputable brands. Otherwise, you might get yourself into more trouble than you would like.

Taking CBD Orally Before Sex

Using CBD orally before sex is a good idea too. Taking it in this manner is going to offer big benefits to certain people. There are some people who have a tough time getting in touch with their sexual side, because they have high levels of anxiety.

CBD is capable of putting a stop to this particular problem. If you can’t enjoy sex because you’re anxious, you’ll definitely want to take CBD oil before intercourse begins. Vaping the oil is also a good idea. This will push the worries out of your mind and allow you to fully enjoy the intercourse.

Using CBD orally before intercourse is also a good idea for people who are suffering from acute or chronic pain. Some people cannot enjoy intercourse, due to intense back pain. If you fit into this category, you should definitely try taking CBD orally before intercourse. It could dull the pain just enough for you to enjoy the experience once again.

CBD Oil And Erectile Dysfunction

Finally, you should know that there is a possibility that CBD oil can help men dealing with erectile dysfunction. It is commonly known that ED is caused by damaged tissue and slower blood flow. CBD may be able to offset this problem and help the man achieve a satisfying erection once again.

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