The misuse of prescription drugs has become a huge public problem in recent years, with addiction, overdose and even death becoming more and more common.

Legal drugs, things you would get on prescription, medication that is used used either currently or in the past to try and deal with medical problems, can cause a lot of problems, and there is not a lot of high quality information out there to help you.

There are opioids like codeine, and depressants used to minimize anxiety like Valium. Then there are the stimulants to cope with things like ADHD, including medicines like Adderall and Ritalin.

All these different types of legal prescription drugs can have far-reaching effects on the body and mind, with effects that mimic illegal drugs like cocaine and amphetamine. As they are less problematic to obtain, the problem is growing socially.

With all these effects, high-quality information is crucial if you are to avoid falling into the trap of misuse and then requiring medical intervention, especially if it for recreational use. It may not even be about you, it could be about requiring information to see if a friend or member of your family is in trouble, or if they need to be pointed in the direction of high quality information.

Whatever the reason for wanting to get educated about pros and cons around legal drugs like painkillers and opioids, our resources a great place to start.

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