Testnegative.com Review

Testnegative.com Review

If you’re looking for high quality detox drink, detox pills, or synthetic urine, so that you can pass a drug test, then you will undoubtedly have heard of the brands made and sold by Testnegative.com.

To be honest, they are renowned for their products and customer service, but for some reason a few people are still skeptical and don’t trust them. I can testify completely to the thousands of people on places like Reddit you will see talking about passing a drug test using their product range.

I’ve order direct from Test Negative on several occasions and have used their products for real drug tests for employment as well. So I want to talk about the company and give you my verdict on whether you should trust Test Negative or not.

Who Are Test Negative?

TestNegative.com is a website run by a company called Health Tech, who have been in existence since 1993.

They sell most of their products under the “Clear Choice” label, which is seen as a brand in the industry that is highly trusted.

There is also a corporate non-retail website at clearchoicebrand.com, which highlights the fact that this is a company with a brand reputation, not some chancer filling up bottles in a shed.

What Products To Test Negative Produce?

Test Negative sell a range of very well known drug test evasion products under the “Clear Choice” label:

They sell products from other companies as well, including the increasingly popular Ultra Eliminex detox drink.

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Testnegative.com Review: Conclusion

I’ve ordered from testnegative.com on several occasions, and have passed urine drug tests using both Rescue Cleanse and Sub Solution. So for me personally, yes I trust them and I actively encourage you to use them.

But don’t just take my word for it, look at the reasons for giving them a go yourself:

  • 200% moneyback guarantee if you’re not happy
  • Guaranteed minimum six months shelf life on arrival
  • 30 day exchange guarantee
  • Strong presence on social media
  • Customer service reachable by toll-free phone, email and instant message

On top of all that, you can get fast overnight shipping within the USA, which makes them brilliant if you are having to prepare for a drug test at short notice.

They also worth buying direct from because they have a buy three, get a fourth free promotion on their products.

So if you are a regular use or smoker, then buying for their products, suggest one of each of the main four, Rescue Cleanse, Sub Solution, Oral Clear and Herbal Pre-Cleanse would be a great strategy because you will be prepared for any eventuality, and you could save 25%.

So in conclusion, testnegative.com have always been there for me, delivering great products rapidly, so that I can remain safe. If you are looking for a reputable supplier who can get you the real deal quickly, I would recommend strongly that you give them a try.

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