S5 Synthetic Urine Review

S5 Synthetic Urine Review

S5 is the shortened version of the brand of synthetic urine called Synthetix5. It’s quite well known, but there is confusion around it, because of the two different names is known by, and also because of the mixed reviews it gets.

It’s certainly looks the real deal. Nice packaging, looks the right color at a glance, and it claims to contain all the natural urine chemicals a drug test will look for.

But what’s the truth? How can there be so many negative S5 synthetic urine reviews, in contrast to some other brands out there?

Those questions are why I’m going to do a proper Synthetix5 review here, so you can see how it stacks up against other brands like Magnum, Xstream, Spectrum Labs Quick Fix 6.2, and Clear Choice Sub Solution.

Synthetix5 Synthetic Urine…Sounds Technical

One of the things that draws people in with this brand of synthetic urine is the name. It’s clever marketing, because the name S5, or Synthetix5 sounds like it’s technical, like it’s been scientifically developed.

However, the reality is slightly less exciting.

It’s just one of many brands of synthetic urine in that $30 – $40 price bracket. It’s a crowded market, and it is also cheaper than some of the top brands. Compare it to Sub Solution, which is about $75 for example.

Synthetix5 review: Comparing To Oher Fake Urine Brands

So do get what you pay for when it comes to using Synthetix5 synthetic urine?

Well, I’ve reviewed all the top brands of synthetic urine out there, with Sub Solution, Quick Fix, and Monkey Whizz being the best I’ve ever found.

I’ve tested them personally in real life, and have passed with all of them. I haven’t heard the same great news from other people who have tried using s5 synthetic urine though.

I know one guy who definitely failed a pre-employment drug test when he submitted a sample of Synthetix5 for example. I don’t know the details of how complex the test was however, some tests and labs are more invasive than others.

Synthetix5 Vs Quick Fix 6.2

I’ve already mentioned Sub Solution, but what’s the deal when it comes to a head-to-head, Synthetix5 Vs Quick Fix 6.2, probably the second best brand of synthetic urine on the market?

Well, I’ve yet to find anyone who has failed a standard pre-employment test using Quick Fix. Sure, I know a friend who failed with an on-the-job test, but that was after a big accident, and I suspect his company paid for a top quality lab test.

But generally, my experience, with my contacts and knowledge put together, is that you can’t put Synthetix5 and Quick Fix in the same quality bracket.

synthetix5 review

So Does S5 Synthetic Urine Work?

The problem is that these cheaper brands can work. For example, Synthetix5 synthetic urine does contain uric acid and urea, plus other chemicals found in natural urine.

But they will only pass if it’s a simple test, and the lab have not been paid much, basically they don’t really care, they just go through the motions.

So the bottom line is that Synthetix5, like another brand I’m aware of, Agent X, could well help you to pass a very basic pre-employment urine drug test.

Those two brands definitely have a more complex formula than rubbish like Magnum or Xstream. But stacked up against the market leaders, they simply don’t compete.

Trusted Brands That Really Work

My strategy is always the same: why take the risk for the sake of saving a few bucks?

I would recommend you always buy a trusted brand, either Sub Solution, Quick Fix, or Monkey Whizz.

For me, Sub Solution is the most complex formula, it looks and smells like the real thing, and importantly, it’s really easy to heat up and keep at the right temperature.

Sub Solution uses a heat activator powder, so you just sprinkle some in, agitate the bottle, and in about a minute, it raises the temperature.

You can read more details and customer reviews about Sub Solution here.

Sub Solution reviews

Quick Fix 6.2, in fact every other brand out there, uses a heat pad, which either takes an hour to heat up after activating it, or you have to microwave it, and you don’t always have one of those handy.

You can purchase the latest version of Quick Fix here.

So the conclusion of this Synthetix5 review, is that in terms of submitting a sample that will pass a lab test, Quick Fix, Monkey Whizz and Sub Solution will all work better.

And if you’re not sure when exactly you might be taking the test, or you’re paranoid about the sample being too hot or too cold, then the Sub Solution heat activator powder is genius. You can pop into a room, check the temperature strip, and pour in a little more activator powder if needed.

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