Clear Choice Sub-Solution Powdered Urine Kit Review

Clear Choice Sub-Solution Powdered Urine Kit Review

If you want to be virtually guaranteed of passing a urine drug test, then buying high-quality fake urine to submit as a sample is your best option.

For a urine drug test you can try detox drinks and pills, or wait up to 3 weeks for your body to naturally detox, but none of those are such great options. Each of those carries a greater risk than using high-quality fake urine like Sub Solution.

So if you decide that fake urine is the strategy is going to use, which one you choose? Well, if you ignore the bullshit out there, it comes down to a straight fight between two: Sub Solution Vs Quick Fix.

But which do you choose?

It’s actually a really nice problem to have, in the dodgy world of drug evasion strategies, to have a straight choice between two high-quality brands. In this Clear Choice Sub Solution review, we going to talk about the positives of the brand and how they stack up against Quick Fix. Is Sub Solution a worthy winner?Clear choice Sub Solution

 Drug Testing Labs Got Clever

It has become increasingly evident in the past year or so that drug testing labs have started to get clever.

I’ve heard more and more rumors that they are checking submitted urine samples for biocide inclusion. It appears that some companies are paying for a higher specification of test that includes checking for more non-natural substances.

You don’t get this in natural human urine. But it is present as a preservative in many brands of fake piss. It’s included to stop the urea going bad.

If your drug test isn’t going to check for the presence of biocide then your choice of brands is wider. But the problem is that most of these brands, like Magnum, Xstream and U Pass contain biocides and also don’t contain as many of the natural markers that could be checked for.

So if you don’t want biocide present in your submitted sample, then Sub Solution synthetic urine is the only brand out there which doesn’t contain it. Even the latest formula Quick Fix 6.2 contains biocide.

Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Gets Updated

Clear Choice Sub Solution powdered urine kit gets updated every year. That means is a new version, a new batch out every single year with an updated formula. Of course, you have to watch out for this when you buy it and you should only go for the latest version.

This is because of the standards for drug lab testing change. Although Sub Solution includes 13 ingredients contained in natural urine, including urea and uric acid, biocide checking is an example of how that can change, so getting the latest version is essential.

So look for the updated version not only for the changing formula but also to make sure you are getting a fresh batch. You don’t want to be picking up something that has been laying around for a couple of years and spoils when you try to use it.

Quick fix 6.2 vs Sub Solution

Clear Choice Sub Solution Powdered Urine Kit Vs Quick Fix 6.2

I’m going to say straight away that the latest formula Quick Fix 6.2 is good enough to get you through any standard drug test, something like a Labcorp employment test, that doesn’t look for biocide.

But in terms of determining which is the absolute best synthetic urine, you have to look at the bigger picture. So, let’s look at the key areas in our Quick Fix Vs Sub Solution review.

  1. Chemical content

Sub Solution contains 13 different chemicals that you will find natural urine. These are the markers that drug testing facilities can check to see if the sample is real.

Although both brands contain the key ingredients urea and uric acid, Quick Fix does not contain as many markers and is, therefore, more easy to spot if a detailed analysis is done.

  1. Visual representation

Both of these brands look like real human urine. However, I think that Sub Solution looks more the real deal, it even has a slight froth on the top when it squirts out of the delivery system, which is in line with real urine.

  1. Keeping the sample at the correct temperature

Sub Solution synthetic urine wins hands down here, and this is why I recommend it is your first choice. It comes with heat activation powder which means you can have much more control over the temperature of your sample.

Simply put in the powder, see what it heats up to, and then add a bit more if you need to. You can then keep it at that temperature against your body, all using the heat pad as you want to buy one. You can even top up with activation powder just before the test. You can read the step by step instructions on Clear Choice’s official website.

Although Quick Fix does come with a good quality heat pad, it doesn’t allow that granular level of temperature control because you cannot manipulate it gently using powder, you have to just hope that the pad and body heat keep it at the right temperature alone.

Clear Choice Sub Solution Review: Conclusion

Clear Choice Sub Solution ReviewSo the reasons this Sub Solution review concludes with Sub Solution being the best synthetic urine are pretty valid and key.

It contains all the right ingredients the lab will check for, it looks like the real deal, and you can carefully heat it and maintain it at the right temperature. It also is the only brand which doesn’t contain biocide as a preservative.

I will say again that the latest formula Quick Fix 6.2 is a great second choice. It’s also half the price of Sub Solution in many cases.

If you know for certain that the lab is only going to check for the basics:

  • Sample temperature
  • Look and smell
  • Urea
  • Uric Acid

If that’s the case, then Quick Fix will do the job just fine.

If you want to be 100% certain that the fake sample you are submitting or pass every test that we can reasonably know about, and stand a 99% chance of coming back negative, then Sub Solution really is the only brand you should be looking at.

You get Sub Solution from the manufacturer’s webshop.

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