Clear Choice Quick Luck Synthetic Urine Review

Clear Choice Quick Luck Synthetic Urine Review

There’s a new synthetic urine on the market, which promises great things. So I thought a proper Quick Luck synthetic urine review was in order, to make sure that you get the correct information about how good this new fake urine is.

So what is Quick Luck, is it the same as sub solution, or is it a budget brand from Clear Choice?

In this review of Quick Luck, I’m going to tell you exactly what it is, and how it compares to the number one trusted brand on the market, Sub Solution.

What Is Quick Luck Clear Choice Urine?

Quick luck is made by Clear Choice. Clear Choice offer a range of high quality drug test avoidance products, of which the best known is Sub Solution synthetic urine.

From what I understand, Quick Luck is basically an updated version of Sub Solution. It’s a modern formula, and I’m guessing it’s incredibly close to Sub Solution.

So everything applies to Sub Solution, applies to Quick Luck. It also uses the same heat activator powder, rather than a heat pad, and it looks and smells like the real thing as well.

Does Quick Luck Work To Pass A Drug Test?

Sub Solution is the best brand on the market, and I’ve used it number of times to pass a urine drug test. So as Quick Luck is from the same company, and is a similar price, then that’s reassuring about whether it works or not.

But the proof is in a real-life test, that inadvertently happened a few weeks ago.

I recommended Sub Solution to a friend of mine, but they actually ended up buying Quick Luck. Basically, he got confused, because it’s available on the same website, in a very similar package. He didn’t even notice until he passed, and showed me the package while he was talking about how pleased he was.

But the great news is that he passed his pre-employment drug test using Quick Luck. So it’s a real life situation test which confirms it’s as good as Sub Solution, as you’d guess, because it appears to be a slightly updated version of Sub Solution.

Quick Luck Synthetic Urine

Where To Buy Clear Choice Quick Luck Urine

So this Quick Luck review brings the great news that Quick Luck from Clear Choice appears to be as good as Sub Solution, if not better.

I’m guessing it’s actually a better formula, because it costs $100 a box, compared to $75 a box of Sub Solution. Plus, Clear Choice are definitely the market leaders in terms of creating high-quality fake urine for drug test.

Sure it’s expensive, but if you buy direct from, they are currently running a two for the price of one offer. So you get two boxes of Clear Choice Quick Luck for $100, bringing the price down to $50 a box, which is a brilliant deal.

So the conclusion here is that you now have an additional choice if you want to pass a drug test using synthetic urine. You can spend $75 on Sub Solution, or you can spend slightly more, but get two samples of Quick Luck, meaning you’ve got one for now, and one for next time.

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