Quick Fix Review 2020: Is It Really The Best Fake Urine?

Quick Fix Review 2020: Is It Really The Best Fake Urine?

Quick Fix is a premium brand of synthetic urine. It’s been around for a few years and has a great reputation for passing drug tests.

But some people seem to be suggesting that they failed a drug test when they submitted Quick Fix as their sample. I’ve got my own suspicions about why that happened, which is why I want to delve into the reasons a bit in this detailed Quick Fix review.

So what’s the truth here? Is Quick Fix losing its power, or are there avoidable reasons why you could fail a drug test using it?

What Is Spectrum Labs Quick Fix Synthetic Urine?

Quick Fix is a brand of synthetic urine that people use as a sample to submit for a drug test. The premise is that the lab won’t detect it’s a fake sample and your test will be passed as it will be free of drug metabolites, otherwise known as drug toxins.

Basically, when you smoke weed or whatever, the ingredients that get you high are converted into metabolites. These hang around in your system, especially attaching to fatty cells. Over a few hours, days and sometimes weeks, they pass out of your body through your urine.

So by submitting a fake sample, you can turn up for a drug test full of drug metabolites and never be caught, that’s the idea.

Quick Fix is a premium brand with a good reputation, but how likely are you to pass a drug test using Quick Fix?

urine drug testingWill Quick Fix Pass A Lab Drug Test?

We are mainly talking about unsupervised drug tests, usually for employment, where you go behind the screen or into a cubicle and submit your urine sample.

In this circumstance, you just need to pour the contents of the bottle of Quick Fix into the sample container.

That sample is then checked for validity. They do this by checking for the following in the sample:

  1. Within the temperature range of human urine. Legally they have to accept a sample above 90°F, and anything above 100°F is outside the upper limits of human body temperature.
  2. That it is not diluted. People often try and flush out toxins by gulping down gallons of water. They check that the urine is the correct consistency, contains the right amount of nutrients, and is the right color.
  3. They may also check for the presence of chemicals not found in human urine, I’ll cover that more in a little while.
  4. They will check for the presence of chemicals that are found in human urine, things like urea and uric acid.
  5. They will check that the sample is within the right pH range and the right specific gravity range.

Quick Fix has the ability to pass virtually all of the checks a lab will do. It contains over a dozen chemicals found in real urine, specifically urea and uric acid.

It can also be submitted at exactly the right temperature using high-quality heat pads you get with the kit when you buy it.

How To Use Quick Fix To Pass A Drug Test

If you follow the instructions exactly for using Quick Fix and submit your sample at the right temperature, then you should pass a drug test really easily:

  1. Open the bottle of Quick Fix and microwave it for about 10 seconds. If you don’t have access to a microwave you can use the self-activating heat pad to get the sample to the right temperature on its own, but it will take about an hour.
  2. Once heated, shake the bottle to make sure that the heat is distributed evenly and that the temperature strip reads between 94-100 degrees Fahrenheit. If it’s below this temperature range microwave it again for a few seconds, or put the bottle on your body to help the heat pad. If the temperature is above 100°F then allow the sample to cool slightly.
  3. You can now go and submit your sample. The heat pad supplied, as long as you keep the sample close to your body, should keep the sample within human body temperature for up to 6 hours, giving you plenty of time to get to the lab and submit your sample.
  4. When you submit your sample, gently agitate it without frothing it to distribute the heat, double check it’s within the correct temperature range and then pour the contents into the submission container.

If it’s above temperature, and you have access to attack you can cold water onto the Quick Fix bottle get the temperature down slightly, but don’t overdo it. If it’s below temperature slightly, stall for a few minutes and keep the sample tight close to your body. Make sure you buy it from a trusted seller!

Quick Fix Amazon

Why Would Quick Fix Fail A Drug Test?

I want to address the people who have put out on the Internet that Quick Fix plus failed them a drug test. I’ve never encountered this in people I’ve met personally, and I’ve used it as well and passed.

Looking Quick fix reviews online, overwhelmingly it has a high proportion of people saying it works like charm.

What’s the deal? Why are some people reporting that Quick Fix is failing? Well, with my experience and reading between the lines, I’ve come up with four key reasons why Quick Fix could fail:

  1. They could have bought a bottle of Quick Fix from an unauthorized seller. Even the official Quick Fix website has a big red warning about this on the front page. An unauthorized seller could have bought out of date product, spoiled product, an old formula, or even substituted worthless fake urine into fake Quick Fix bottles, which would be as easy as printing some boxing and labeling.
  2. They didn’t submit the sample at all. They are fake Quick Fix reviews put out there by other synthetic urine companies trying to spoil the reputation of Quick Fix in order to gain more market share. You wouldn’t think people do this, but I can tell you it happens all the time, just look at the scandals around fake reviews on hotels booking sites that there have been, where hotels have paid for positive fake reviews.
  1. They didn’t submit the sample at the correct temperature. Although the heat pad is generally reliable, there are circumstances under which it could overheat, for example, what about people living in a hot climate? If they get it up the right temperature then go wandering off to the lab in high temperatures with the sun shining on them, it could easily increase the temperature of the sample dramatically. The same could apply to people in cold climates. On top of that, the heat pads can sometimes not be reliable, although this seems to be a very occasional issue.
  1. The last reason that could lead to quick fix plus failing is that the person commissioning the test, for example, an employer, has paid for more intensive scrutiny. This means the lab could look for the presence of biocide, artificial preservatives used in many brands of synthetic urine, including Quick Fix. Or they could look for human urine chemical markers beyond the dozen or so contained in Quick Fix, with the failure to find that chemical marker leading to a rejected sample. However, this would only be for far more expensive and unusual drug tests, the vast majority of employment drug tests are very basic, cheap tests that would never pick up on the things I have described here.

Quick Fix Review: Final Thoughts& Where To Buy

Going back to what I said about unofficial sellers, my first advice on where to buy Quick Fix is to never buy it from Amazon or eBay. They say it right there on the front page of the official Quick Fix website as well. The bottom line is that there are no authorized resellers on Amazon or eBay.

In terms of buying, the best price I’ve found is from an authorized reseller at quickfixsynthetic.com.

They have rapid delivery, discreet packaging and offer full refunds. They sell the standard Quick Fix 2oz and Quick Fix Plus 3oz kits in the latest 6.2 formula.

I will also mention here at the end of this Quick Fix review that there is an alternative which may be better, especially if you are facing the possibility of a more intensive lab drug test.

Sub Solution reviews

For me, Sub Solution is absolutely the #1 brand of synthetic urine out there.

It has all the benefits and quality of Quick Fix, but on top of that, it does not contain the preservative biocide. So it will not be found if they check for it in the lab test.

On top of that, I mentioned the other key reason was that a sample is submitted at the wrong temperature. Well, with Sub Solution you don’t even have to use a heat pad or microwave.

It comes with a heat activator powder. You simply pour some of that in, agitate it and within a few moments, it will be at the right temperature.

This can help to rule out temperature fluctuations when you are about to submit your sample. Just before you go into the lab testing facility, check the temperature, and if it’s too cold you can simply put in a little bit more of the heat activator powder.

So Spectrum Labs Quick Fix urine is fantastic, and for any type basic drug test, especially that cheap employment, it will pass like a dream. But for the ultimate safety, I would always suggest you invest in Sub Solution.

You can buy Sub Solution from the manufacturer.

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