Pure Stream Synthetic Urine Review

Pure Stream Synthetic Urine Review

I thought I would do a Pure Stream synthetic urine review. Not as a genuine review, but more as an update on whether it works, and whether you should risk considering buying it to pass a drug test.Pure Stream is one of those brands which has been around for a while, but strangely doesn’t have much online reputation, for which there is probably a good reason.

So does Pure Stream synthetic urine work, or is it just another poor quality product that will fail you a drug test?

What Is Pure Stream?

Pure Stream is a brand of synthetic urine that is sold by the same company who make Pure Detox, a brand of detox drink. But you won’t find that information easily, because the company don’t seem to want people to know they are responsible for it.

Now, Pure Detox is hardly a great detox drink, but it is a better detox product. Which is probably why you won’t even find pure stream synthetic urine on the main company website any more. It’s only sold through third-party sellers.

Basically, I think that Pure Stream synthetic urine is a generic brand, that is basically brought in and packaged up by different companies. The information I have is that it is not even made in the USA, it is made abroad, packaged under different labels, for different companies, and then imported.

A clue to this is the fact that researching Pure Stream synthetic urine, along with a few similar brands, you will find them mostly only on wholesale websites. This is a big giveaway, as it’s the same with other similar poor quality brands, that are hardly sold anywhere other than smoke shops, and poor online retailers.

Pure Stream Synthetic Urine Ingredients

Pure stream synthetic urine labcorpThe ingredients of Pure Stream synthetic urine are impossible to get hold of, they aren’t listed anywhere online convincingly.

However, I have seen it stated that it doesn’t contain urea or uric acid. It does apparently contain creatine though.

Whatever the ingredients are, this stuff is just rubbish. The reason I say that confidently, is that you can get it for as little as $15 on websites, which means it’s being made for peanuts. That should tell you the whole story.

There is no way on earth that the ingredients of Pure Stream are going to fool a professional drug testing facility.

Does Pure Stream Synthetic Urine Work?

The answer the question: does Pure Stream synthetic urine work, as you have already probably guessed, is no it doesn’t.

In terms of passing a drug test, Pure Stream synthetic urine Labcorp success is absolutely zero.

It’s not sold in many shops, or with a single reputable online retailer, for a good reason. It doesn’t work, so it would destroy their reputation, and cost them a fortune in refunds.

Searching online, there’s hardly any solid information about this product, and where there are online Pure Stream synthetic urine reviews, they are either warning you off, or are ridiculously optimistic.

The truth is, that at a price of $15, you can be as ridiculously optimistic as you like, you’d have to be an idiot to buy this stuff.

Even the company who sold it have ditched it from the main company website. Probably because it’s such a failed project.

Fake Urine That Really Works

Synthetic urine falls into three broad quality brackets. At the low end, less than $30, you would be incredibly lucky to find anything that contains the ingredients and balance required to pass a drug test.

In the mid-price bracket, you are still in a bit of a lottery, however there are a couple of brands that work. The first is Quick Fix, which is around $40, and Monkey Whizz, which is a similar price.

Together, they are probably the second best brands on the market for a reasonable price. Quick Fix has a long track record of passing standard employment drug tests, and although Monkey Whizz is not so established, it certainly showing strong evidence amongst a lot of people, including people I know.

Sub Solution reviews

But if you’re looking to 100% guarantee passing a urine drug test, then forget rubbish like Pure Stream synthetic urine, and look at Sub Solution instead.

This is in the top price range bracket. You’re looking at spending $75 on it, but it really is the absolute best synthetic urine on the market.

Sub Solution is made by a company called Clear Choice, who are renowned in the drug testing avoidance world. They make several great products, including Oral Clear, and Rescue Cleanse.

You don’t even need a heat pad with Sub Solution, or a microwave. It comes with heat activator powder, which you put in, agitate, and it heats the liquid up. This means you have close control over the sample temperature, so you can keep it within the right temperature range right up until the moment you walk into the testing facility.

So please forget Pure Stream synthetic urine. Stuff like that is cheap for a reason. If you can’t afford Sub Solution, you can go for quick Fix or Monkey Whizz. But Sub Solution is the absolute best synthetic urine to pass that drug test.

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