Monkey Whizz Review: Does It Work?

Monkey Whizz Review: Does It Work?

Monkey Whizz is one of those synthetic urine products that lots of people have heard about because of its funny name, but not many people actually used, especially more recently with other high quality synthetic urine brands around.

But the thing is that it’s sometimes sold as a fetish urine product, which I think confuses people and makes them think it’s not high quality.

So what’s the truth? In this Monkey Whizz review, I am going to try and explain what the truth is.

Is it good synthetic urine that you can use to pass a drug test, or should you steer clear of it and use a different brand. We’re going to look at what’s in it, how to use it and if it stacks up against the alternatives.

How Do You Pass A Urine Drug Test?

Basically, there are two types of urine drug test, supervised and unsupervised. Thankfully most are unsupervised unless it’s for something significant because of a supervised drug test for money.

There are also different qualities of drug test in terms of what the lab looks for to rule sample in or out for validity.

Having high-quality synthetic urine will help you to not only pass the test by ruling in key characteristics of real human urine but also not get it ruled out for having traces of synthetics like preservatives.

Yes, some labs look for preservatives now to rule out brands of fake urine. So how does Monkey Whizz stack up against all this?

Does Monkey Whizz work

What Is Monkey Whizz?

Monkey Whizz is a brand of synthetic urine which is marketed through several different products:

I didn’t want to do a Monkey Whizz review for each product separately, because the truth is it’s basically the same synthetic urine in different formats. The monkey dong contains the synthetic urine plus a fake penis, so that if you were to face a supervised drug test, then unless they are deliberately looking at you then you will get away with it.

Monkey Flask is simply a flask of their synthetic urine with a heat strip, which is fine if you know it’s an unsupervised drug test and that you can go behind the screen and pour into the submission bottle.

Monkey urine is the same synthetic urine but in powder form, not ready-made form. So you will have to mix it up to use it. You don’t get anything else, just the dry powder mix.

Which brings us to the classic Monkey Whizz kit. It’s a belt with pouches of synthetic urine ready mixed. It is unisex and it contains heat pads, basically, it’s ready to go. So it’s the obvious starting point if you want to use it for a drug test.

How Do You Use Monkey Whizz

  1. You heat the sample up. Brands use different methods, but Monkey Whizz in all its formats requires a heating pad to be activated and placed against the sample. You can speed this up with a microwave, but then you need to hold it against your body to keep the temperature right. It has to be between 90 and 100°F to pass as human urine.
  2. Strap it on to yourself and make your way to the testing center. Before you go in, check the temperature and if it’s not high enough, you are going to have to stall, by holding it close to your body with your hands over it to get the temperature up for example. But hopefully, this won’t occur.
  3. If it’s unsupervised you just go behind the screen and submit your sample. If it’s supervised, as long as you are not directly being observed, then it’s still okay to use the classic synthetic urine belt kit.

You use Monkey Whizz synthetic urine in exactly the same way as you would with any other brand of synthetic urine:

For more detailed info, check out my fake urine for drug test article.

Monkey Whizz synthetic urine

Monkey Whizz Review: Is It Good Enough To Pass A Drug Test?

Drug testing labs look for key markers the rule a sample in or out as genuine to start off with. This means they look for it containing preservatives, the key one of which is synthetic urine is called biocide.

Now Monkey Whizz may contain biocide. It’s not clear if it does or doesn’t, and they aren’t clear about it as a company. But the thing is here that unless it’s a high-quality lab drug test you’re probably going to be okay.

For a real basic pre-employment drug test they aren’t probably going to pay the extra money to check for artificial markers.

Once it’s been ruled in, they will check for biological markers such as urea, uric acid, and creatinine. Monkey Whizz does contain these basic markers.

On top of that, it looks like and smells like real urine, so it passes on that classic “If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck” test.

Monkey whizz vs Quick Fix

Should You Use Monkey Whizz?

My conclusion in this Monkey Whizz review is that yes you could use it to pass a drug test as long as it’s only a basic employment drug test.

If you are wanting to be completely certain, or it might be a higher level drug test, then I would suggest you go with a brand like Spectrum Labs Quick Fix or Sub Solution.

They are the top two brands with the most complex formulas.

If I really had to stick my neck out, I’d say go with Sub Solution. The reasons for this are that firstly it definitely does not contain biocide.

The second reason of say go with Sub Solution over Monkey Whizz is that it is heated up using a heat activation powder you get with it. This is unique and it gives you complete control over how hot you want it and keeping it hot.

If you turn up the drug testing lab and the heat strip says it’s a little too cool, using Sub Solution you can simply pour a little bit of the heat activation powder in, shake it, and the temperature will rise, so it’s foolproof.

It is more expensive than other synthetic urine brands, Sub Solution costs 80$, but trust me, it’s worth the extra 30-35$.

Monkey whizz alternatives

So sure, use Monkey Whizz for a basic lab drug test, it will get you through.

You can order Monkey Whizz synthetic urine here. It’s on sale now.

If you want industrial insurance, then Quick Fix 6.2 for 39$ is better, and if you want complete control and certainty then Sub Solution is the way to go.

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