My Review Of The Best Synthetic Urine Brands And Those, That You Should Avoid

My Review Of The Best Synthetic Urine Brands And Those, That You Should Avoid

When Michael Phelps was busted for smoking a bong in 2009, it bought to fore one of the most debated arguments in recent times. Does smoking pot affect your ability to function normally in your everyday life?

If the guy can smoke pot (albeit recreationally) and win the most number of Olympic medals in the world, what stops an average user from enjoying a joint every now and then?

Well, a potential job assignment does. Even if you smoked your last joint a couple of weeks ago and you end up getting your piss tested, you will most likely be busted and lose out on the job. Cause Marijuana stays in the system for up to 30 days unless you do a complete detox. (I will speak about it later in the article).

Let me take a moment though to explain that I am not a drug addict, not a coke head or a junkie with a hundred needle pricks on my arm.

Neither am I a self-proclaimed drug testing guru. I am just another guy who’s been in your shoes and wants to share what has worked for me first hand.

In this article I will explain why using fake urine for drug tests is the best choice and what are the best synthetic urine brands on the market. How to keep synthetic urine warm and how to smuggle into the testing room. I hope it helps you to pass the urinalysis too.

fake urine for drug test

What Is Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic urine, fake urine, synthetic pee or call it whatever you want is a solution that is designed to mimic the look, the chemical properties and the composition of human urine.

It is normally used by laboratories looking to calibrate urine testing equipment and in selected industrial applications (diaper companies).

However, it is more popular as one of the most effective means to pass an unsupervised urine drug test.

Synthetic urine contains the exact elements that are normally found in a healthy person’s urine.

It has organic components like creatinine, urea and uric acid along with the inorganic ones like ammonia, sulfates, metabolites, proteins, etc.

It is so perfectly designed that it even has the same pH and specific gravity.

All you need to do is switch your urine with synthetic urine and you will pass with flying colors. Most unsupervised drug tests only test the urine for drug metabolites, dilution and other impurities that can easily be beaten.

How To Keep Synthetic Urine Warm

Having the correct pee temperature is very important, this is where most people fail. If your urine sample a little bit too cold or too warm it will be rejected immediately. There are more ways than one to keep your fake urine for drug test warm:

  • Microwaving the bottle is one of the easiest ways to achieve the desired temperature in case of unsupervised tests. Just pop it into a microwave, heat it to the desired temperature and wrap it in a hand warmer.
  • You can use hand warmers which are also very effective in maintaining the synthetic urine at a steady temperature.
  • You can also place the bottle near any warm body part and use your own body heat to keep it warm. Men prefer keeping it near their crotch. Women can slip it into their bra.
  • Best synthetic urine brands include heat activating powder in their kit. It’s VERY easy to use and it comes with detailed instructions.

Usually it looks like this: Fill the container with lukewarm water, add the fake urine powder, shake it, then add the 1/3 of the heat activating powder and wait till it reaches the right temperature (urine holder flasks come with built-in thermometer so you can see the temperature).

How to keep urine warm

Fake Urine Belt For Supervised Drug test

Unless the drug test lab doesn’t have someone yank your undies down and pull your shirt up until your navel (they are doing this more frequently these days), you can use a synthetic urine belt to fool the supervisor into believing that you are peeing into the bottle.

The Monkey Dong is a fake strap-on penis that attaches to your waist and includes a synthetic urine belt that can store your fake pee.

There are several penis designs to choose from and they are extremely realistic and it allows you to squeeze the penis to release the synthetic urine into the bottle.

The Monkey Dong package includes synthetic urine and heating pads that allow you to get the temperature to the precise 94 °F and 100 °F. Scores of people have used it successfully to beat drug tests. I have used it on one occasion for supervised tests and it wasn’t detected. Besides having a realistic synthetic urine belt it’s very important to choose the best fake urine for a drug test.

Synthetic Urine Reviews: Brands That Don’t Work

All said and done, you amplify your chances of passing or flunking any drug test depending on the quality of the synthetic urine kit you choose. Some brands are flawless. Others don’t cut it. Here are a few Synthetic urine reviews of the top brands that you can pick from.

Agent X

Agent X has a not-so-good reputation among the people who have tried it.

And I don’t like to take chances with drug tests. For starters, it comes with no instructions whatsoever. So, if this is your first synthetic urine kit, you will be groping in the dark trying to figure out how it works.

Secondly, it is unreliable. It may or may not work. It is one of the cheapest fake urine for drug test though. So, if you don’t have much cash and can afford to gamble, go for Agent X.

Else, you can just pass this on and opt for the best synthetic urine, which I have reviewed later in the article.


Magnum was the first brand that I have tried and I failed my drug test with it. Just take a look at the negative synthetic urine reviews, especially on user communities and forums, it tells me over the years Magnum didn’t update its formula and it’s not worth a shot.

The only reason it’s famous because it is available in every smoke shop and because it’s advertised heavily, but a lot of people have failed their drug tests with it. If you are planning in a few day advances then you can order a better synthetic urine brand online rather than taking chances with something like Magnum.

synthetic urine brands


Xstream has a not so bad reputation. It looks exactly like real human urine, it even has some foam (actually it doesn’t really matter, but it looks pretty realistic). I know many who passed his test with Xstream and I also know a lot of people who failed it. This fake urine used to be very popular in the last few years, but recently I heard many bad stories about it.

First of all, it doesn’t contain uric acid which is one of the most important components of a good quality synthetic urine.  Many labs looking for this component that’s why recently many synthetic urines branded add it to its updated formula. Some websites try to sell Xstream with fake info such as:

“It’s balanced for PH, specific gravity, uric acid, and urea, amino acids, etc…” Bullcrap! They actually copied and pasted this from another synthetic urine’s box.

Some synthetic reviews say that it doesn’t even smell like urine. Maybe that’s a tad far-fetched but it’s not something that I would personally experiment with. Maybe at home drug tests, that’s as far as I would go with it.

If there is no other option, then go ahead and use Xstream fake urine on your drug test, but if you have a couple of days, then order something better.

For pre-employment screenings, I prefer nothing lesser than the best.

My Recommended Synthetic Urine Brands:

  1. Testclear’s Powdered Urine Kit

 Is one of the brands for fake urine for a drug test that is designed to precision, or so I hear. It has the same odor, foam and even the acidity bubbles that make it as close to authentic as you can get. When it’s mixed with a bottle of water can give you 100% natural and clean urine. It looks, smells and even bubbles like pee. So, yeah. Just one of those brands that I have never used personally.

  1. Quick Fix synthetic urine

One of the reasons why I like Quick Fix synthetic urine (apart from the fact that it has worked for me a couple of times when it was a Dip stick 5 test), is that it is one of the few synthetic pee brands that have the composition perfected.

A lot of the cheaper brands don’t have urea in the mix. They try to convince you that uric acid and urea are the same things. It’s not. And that can throw a big red flag and even fail the test.

Quick Fix 6.2, on the other hand, is synthetic urine with uric acid that is balanced for all the characteristics of clean pee including the pH, specific gravity, creatinine, and urea. It comes with a bottle of synthetic urine, one heat pack, a flip top cap, and a temperature strip.

It’s very easy to use: shake the bottle, place it in the microwave for 8-10 seconds or until the temperature strip has a reading. After it’s reached the correct temperature (95-100°F), place the heating pad on the back of the urine flask and head to the testing lab. Make sure you hide it well (bra or panty for females, underwear for men.

For more info, check out my Quick Fix review.

You can purchase the latest version Quick Fix 6.2 here.

But it does have its limitations, which I will explain in my review of the best synthetic urine brand that you can buy.

best synthetic urine

  1. The Best Synthetic Urine Kit – Sub Solution

There is a reason why Clear Choice Sub Solution offers you a 200% money back guarantee on their fake urine. It’s because it works better than any other brand in the market. They have an immaculate track record for the past 11 years and has worked for me every single time that I have taken a piss test.

I will tell you why I prefer Sub Solution over any other brand. This stuff looks smells and even feels (temperature-wise) like piss out of the bottle. I have never had to use the hand warmer or stick in my skivvies to keep it warm. It has a heat activator ingredient that automatically raises the temperature of the pee to 98F within 20 seconds.

And if the temperature drops a little by the time you reach the lab, all you need to do is add some more of it to get the temperature up again. The temperature remains constant for up to 20 minutes though which is more than enough.

Surely beats hand warmers or microwaving the shit which can get the temperature way up to 110-115F.

If you have access to a microwave and you are alright with strapping it to your body and analyzing the temperature every now and then, then Quick fix will work just as good. But Sub Solution is a no-brainer. It’s so easy and so effective that I’d never take chances with another brand.

They have a proprietary urine formula that includes 11 (some says 13) different chemical compounds. By the way, let me tell you that a lab can only test the fake pee for drug metabolites, urea, pH levels, creatinine, specific gravity, and excessive oxidants.

They cannot do genetic or hormonal tests. Sub Solution has all these compounds in a precision-based formula. Impossible to detect if you get the temperature right. And even that’s ridiculously easy to do. For more detailed info, check out my Sub Solution review.

If you want assurance that you will clear the test, go for Sub Solution.

Highly recommended!

synthetic urine brands

Final Verdict Of My Synthetic Urine Review, The Best Brands Are:

Best synthetic urine 2018

  1. Clear Choice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine: The best synthetic urine that you can get. It contains over 13 chemicals, it looks and smells like real human pee. The kit contains one vial of urine powder, one vial of heat activator powder and flask with a built-in thermometer. Sub Solution is the easiest and the absolute safest way to pass a urine test.
  2. Quick Fix6.2: Second best fake urine brand on the market. It’s premixed urine and comes with a heating pad. It contains uric acid, urea and balanced for PH and Gravity. I would recommend it for simple pre-employment drug tests.
  3. TestClear’s Powdered Urine Kit: Your third best option. It’s high-quality powdered urine and it also comes with urea and uric acid. If Sub Solution or Quick Fix is not available, go with TestClear’s urine powder.

Alternatives To Fake Urine For Drug Test

Finally, if the drug test lab is one of those hard-ass ones where someone is going to pull your pants down and watch you pee into the container, then go with detox drinks or detox pills. I have tried seven different cleansing drinks so far. Qcarbo32, Stinger detox, Magnum, Rescue cleanse, Mega Clean, Ultra Eliminex and Quick Clear.

The first three didn’t work for me. Never have really. Rescue cleanse, and Mega clean are great if for any reason they are not available then go with Ultra Eliminex, it’s the most expensive detox drink on the market, but it definitely works.

I am tall with large body mass and smoke almost every day which makes Rescue Cleanse and Mega Clean a perfect and potent detox choice for me.

If you are a lighter body mass and just smoke casually, then you can try XXTra which is also known to be very effective and comes from the same brand as Mega Clean or the smaller version of Rescue Cleanse (16OZ).

It’s important to understand that these drinks are for masking only. They not going to detox your permanently, just mask drug metabolites for a couple of hours (what is perfect to pass a drug test). For more detailed info on drug, detox drinks click here.

If you want to detox your body permanently then you need to use detox pills. The best one called Toxin rid, depending on your body size, metabolism and smoking habits it takes 3-7 days to detox your system, for more info on Toxin Rid click here.

I am not a sucker for synthetic urine and attaching a fake strap-on penis to my waist. But it’s a dog eat dog world out there and one has got to look out for our interests. If this is the best way to ensure that I don’t lose out on my job, then so be it. I hope the information helps you with your drug test.

Synthetic Urine FAQ

What stores sell synthetic urine?

In terms of physical stores, things like smoke shops sell brands of synthetic urine, but they are often the poor quality brands like Magnum synthetic urine, which you should stay well clear of.

If you looking to buy synthetic urine, I would strongly recommend you stick to specialist online retailers. Sure, it takes a couple of days to order them, but as long as you think ahead, then it will offer you the best chance of passing a urine sample drug test.

I would always recommend Clear Choice products, Sub Solution, and Quick Luck as the best way to go, and I would only recommend you buy any synthetic urine from the official retailers, not from eBay, or Amazon.

Does Walmart sell synthetic urine?

No, Walmart does not sell synthetic urine. Some people online claim that they do, but they are just perpetuating fake information.

The main reason Walmart does not sell synthetic urine is for legal reasons. It’s illegal to sell a product for the reason for bypassing a legally administered drug test, so Walmart certainly won’t want to get involved in that mess.

How to make synthetic urine?

It may sound really simple to make synthetic urine. You just need the right chemicals, and to create it in the right balance. The problem is that a lot of the things you need aren’t readily available in small quantities (things like sodium chloride NaCl, and potassium chloride) because they are professional chemistry products, only available in bulk, and from specialist outlets.

I actually worked out, that to make up a single batch of synthetic urine, would cost you several hundred dollars. And that’s before you go through the process of mixing them correctly, and then storing the created fake urine so that it doesn’t spoil before you submit the sample.

Plus, you’ll need specialist equipment like a micro scale, and lab-grade mixing containers, plus airtight containers to store the sample in. It simply far easier, to just buy high-quality premixed synthetic urine, like Quick Luck.

How long synthetic urine good for?

As long as it’s not open, or mixed from the powder, synthetic urine is usually good for about a year, sometimes longer. I would recommend that you change the old stock that you have every year to be safe.

Once it’s open, say you have got premixed urine, or you mix the powder up, it’s really only good for 24 hours at most, even in the fridge. This is because it will start to spoil and go cloudy, and it will then start to become risky to submit. In fact, even five hours can be enough for it to start to alter the quality of the sample.

Can synthetic urine be detected?

Yes, synthetic urine can be detected. But that’s not the answer you’re looking for, and it’s not the complete answer, because the answer is also no, synthetic urine cannot be detected. It all depends on the quality of the synthetic urine, and how you submit it.

The best synthetic urine brands like Sub Solution, Quick Luck, or Quick Fix, can usually not be detected, because they are high-quality fake urine products that contain enough chemical similarities to real urine to pass almost any type of drug test.

What can really make the difference is how you submit it. If the sample is not at the same temperature that human urine is, then you’ll fail, no matter how good the synthetic urine sample is. As long as you get high-quality synthetic urine, and submit it at the correct temperature, then no it won’t be detected.

How long does synthetic pee stay warm?

How long synthetic piss stays warm will depend on how it’s kept. If you just keep it close to your body, then about an hour. But that’s not really long enough to submit the sample.

If you use a good quality heat pad, you can keep it within the range of human urine temperature, between 96°F 100°F, for up to 5 hours in normal circumstances. But that will depend on the temperature outside, the clothes you’re wearing, and other circumstances.

If you use Sub Solution, which uses heat activator powder rather than a heating pad, you can keep it within human body temperature range indefinitely, because you can add more heat activator powder, to keep it warm.

How hot do hand warmers get?

This is a bit of an open-ended question because every handwarmer is different. Even if you buy identical synthetic urine products, each with identical hand warmers, no two are made exactly the same, and the environment you are activating them in will be different as well.

A lot of hand warmers get to around 102°F and stay that warm for an hour or so. So they will be within the right ballpark, but it’s up to you to manage the temperature somewhat, to make sure you cool it down or warm it up as necessary.

How to hide synthetic urine?

Hiding synthetic urine is not as difficult as you probably think. You only need about 2 fluid ounces of liquid to submit your sample. That’s not a lot of liquid, and most quality synthetic urine kits come with a flat sample container, that you mix the urine up in, warm it, and then you can just put it in your underpants because they won’t search you there, and submit it.

So in most cases, the bottle will be so discreet, you don’t even need anything special, other than perhaps tight underpants, or something to strap it to yourself with. And some synthetic urine products come with a belt that can help you to do that, notably Monkey Whizz synthetic urine. But whatever brand of urine you can get, you can buy synthetic urine belts separately.

Does Labcorp test for synthetic urine?

Any testing lab will look for a valid sample. They will look for the presence of certain things that are present in real urine, certain chemicals like uric acid, and creatine. So is not necessarily a case of looking for synthetic piss, but it’s looking for anything which is suspicious.

However, one thing that some of the big testing labs like Labcorp are now rumored to do, is to check for the presence of something called biocide. Biocide is an artificial preservative used to preserve things like cosmetics, and also some brands of synthetic urine.

The testing labs worked this out, and simply by testing for its presence, they can rule out a synthetic urine sample immediately. That’s why most synthetic urine brands are a disaster to use. But notably, Sub Solution and Quick Fix don’t use biocide.

Is synthetic urine guaranteed to work?

No, synthetic urine is not guaranteed to work. But it’s within your control to make sure that it’s as close to as guaranteed as possible.

Firstly, you have to choose the best synthetic urine brand with a complex formula. Something like Sub Solution or Quick Luck. Less complex, but good enough for pre-employment tests, are Quick Fix, and Monkey Whizz. These will give you the best chance of your sample passing validity testing, as they contain the most natural chemicals.

Secondly, you have to submit it within the temperature range of human urine, above 90°, and no hotter than 100°F. That’s in your hands, and it will depend on the quality of the heatpad, how you transport it, how often you check it, and also how long it is before you submit the sample.

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