Dr Greens Agent X Synthetic Urine Review

Dr Greens Agent X Synthetic Urine Review

Dr Greens Agent X is one of many brands of synthetic urine, which I think falls into that middle ground between “sometimes works” and “never works”. So I’m doing a Dr Greens Agent X review to explain what I mean by that.

In this review of Dr Greens Agent X, I’m going to explain exactly what’s in it, how likely is to work up, and what’s happening when people report that this brand of synthetic urine failed them a drug test.

So let’s get straight on with this Dr Greens Agent X review, and tell you if Agent X synthetic urine is worth buying or not.

What Is Agent X Synthetic Urine?

Dr Greens Agent X synthetic urine is, unsurprisingly a brand of synthetic urine manufactured by Dr Greens.

It comes in premixed form, in a 3oz container. So it’s raise use, and the pack comes with heat strip and heat pad, so you get it right temperature and keep it there.

It’s been around for quite a lot of years now, so it’s got a reputation online, and a lot of people have recommended it. However, the problem is that a lot of those Agent X reviews are old, and people are potentially being misled, because although it worked in the past, it doesn’t mean that it’s formula will work right now.

Agent X Synthetic Urine Directions To Use

Dr greens Agent x failThe Agent X Synthetic Urine Directions are pretty straightforward, and I don’t think you can really mess up as long as you check things carefully.

You basically microwave the sample, and agitate it gently, and then check the temperature strip on the side of the bottle, to see that it’s within human urine temperature range, basically between 94°F and 100°F.

As long as it is, you can use the activated heat pad to keep it at that temperature for an hour or longer, often several hours.So the directions for use are pretty simple, and I don’t think it’s misunderstanding the directions which are making so many people fail when submitting a sample of Agent X Synthetic Urine.

Negative Agent X Customer Reviews & Does It Still Work?

Looking at the evidence online, and the people telling me about this stuff, I don’t think that Dr Greens synthetic urine really works anymore.

The reasons I think it is potentially failing because of three possible problems:

  1. When you shake a sample of real urine, it froths. This is not the case with most brands of synthetic urine, except for Sub Solution. So if you have a dutiful lab technician, then it could be spotted as fake visually.
  2. I’ve heard reports that the heat pad supplied with Agent X is not great quality. So it could be that the sample is being kept too hot, but I suspect more usually, too cold.

It could also be that the temperature strip is suspect as well. Basically, when you are paying around $30 for the product, you’re going to get low quality components.

Professional lab testing facilities nowadays look for more than the temperature of the sample, they also look for the presence of artificial preservatives. Biocide is the main one used in synthetic urine, and places like Labcorp I suspect you are now checking for the presence of biocide before they pass a sample as valid.

So Will Dr Greens Agent X Fail?

The big fat Dr Greens Agent X fail warning that I got personally, was getting a message from someone who wanted to tell me about how they have failed a drug test using it. It was only a cheap pre-employment drug test, but what set the alarm bells ringing was exactly that.

If it’s failing a cheap pre-employment drug test, then there must be something dramatically going wrong with Dr Greens Agent X for it to fail so badly.

Generally, Dr Greens used to be a trusted brand. It contains Urea and Uric acid, and it has a human level of pH, plus also the correct gravity. But it doesn’t contain enough mimicked biological markers to fool anything other than the lowest level a drug test.

When you put together the danger around the potential failure of the heat pad, the fact it can not look like the real thing when shaken, and the potential for labs to spot the presence of biocide, and you can see why I’m saying you should avoid using Dr Greens Agent X Synthetic Urine.

Choose The Synthetic Urine That Will Always Work

Agent X is cheap, around $30. The synthetic urine I recommend is Sub Solution, and that costs $75, more than double the price.

I’ve used it in several real-life drug testing situations, and it’s passed. But don’t take my word for it, searching online, and you’ll see that you get what you pay for. People just do not moan about Sub  Solution, in the way they are starting to moan about brands like Agent X.

I have put Agent X into the same bracket of synthetic urine as Synthetix5 basically. It can work for the lowest levels of drug test still, but it’s not advanced enough to do more.

It’s not as bad as some of the useless brands out there, like Magnum and Xstream, but it’s nowhere near as good as Sub Solution.

Sub Solution also gets around the heat pad problem, because it doesn’t have one. It’s the only brand that uses heat activator powder. Which allows you to get the sample to exactly right temperature, and more importantly, keep it at the right temperature, right up to the moment you submit the sample.

Sub Solution looks and smells like the real thing, it ticks all the boxes for biological markers a lab will look for, it doesn’t contain biocide, and it really is miles ahead of any other brand.

If you can’t afford $75, then Quick Fix 6.2 is the next best brand out there. It’s not as good as sub solution, but it is significantly better than Dr Greens Agent X Synthetic Urine, when benchmarked against all the measures with discussed in this review.

So if you can afford it go for Sub Solution, if you can’t, go for Quick Fix 6.2. If you can’t afford either of those, or they aren’t available, then Agent X Synthetic Urine, or Synthetix5 may just do the job, but they should never be the first choice.

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