Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox Review

Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox Review

I wanted to put up a proper Toxin Rid 10 day detox review for a couple of really good reasons. The first one is about people’s confusion in using the different programs that Toxin Rid offer. You can buy one, 1,2,3,4,5,7 and 10 day programs. I’m a bit concerned people think that the shorter programs will work just as well and aren’t any more of a gamble.

The second reason I wanted to do a full Toxin Rid review is that a lot of people are just grabbing at any detox pills they can get my hands on that are marketed well, and are failing drug tests.

Both of these are big reasons to talk about detox pills and get to the truth. When you are educated you can make the right choice and get yourself through a drug test without losing your job or freedom.

Do Detox Pills Work?

The straight answer to this question is that most don’t work at all, a few works to a degree, and a couple have a great track record of actually doing what they claim. It’s recommended to use detox pills for a drug test if you want to get clean permanently if your goal is to pass your test asap, I recommend using fake pee or cleansing drinks.

Detox pills work by helping to speed up your natural expulsion of toxins from the body.

Let’s take cannabis as an example. When you smoke it’s the active ingredient THC that makes you high. It’s converted by the body into a metabolite of THC, which is what drug tests look for.

Detox pill works by speeding up the body’s natural process for eliminating these metabolites, by helping it to work at peak performance, and using strategies to transport toxins out faster.

For cannabis metabolites, this means mostly aiding their expulsion through the bowel. For other metabolites, it’s mostly through the bladder.

That’s generally how they work, and it’s obviously the ingredients in the detox pills that are important. Are the ingredients, and the combination of tools included, enough to speed up the expulsion of toxins?

In most cases, the answer is no. But Toxin Rid is different, which is why I’m taking the time writing a review to help people to understand why. 

detox drinks vs detox pills

How Is A Detox Pill Different To A Drink?

As we have just discussed, a detox pill aids your body’s natural processing of what you put into it to speed up the rate at which toxins are expelled.

A detox drink doesn’t actually detox you in the same way. So when it’s called the detox drink, it’s actually a bit misleading. Detox drinks should really be called “temporary toxin removal drinks”.

They work by using a combination of ingredients and volume of liquid to temporarily flush away the toxins currently heading into, or out of the bladder.

From my talking about THC mostly being expelled through the bowel, you’ve probably already gathered that using a detox drink to get rid of the metabolites associated with cannabis is going to be tougher. But for most other drugs it’s expulsion in the urine that’s important.

So detox drink gives you a small window of opportunity, usually around five hours after drinking it, to go and submit your sample. After that time, the toxins working their way through your system will start to appear in your urine again.

That’s why a detox pill that can speed up that natural process is a great way of beating this, especially if you use it in conjunction with a detox drink.

Toxin Rid Walmart

Can You Buy Toxin Rid At Walmart?

You can’t buy Toxin Rid at Walmart. The stuff that big retail chains like Walmart, Walgreens and GNC sell is mostly rubbish.

The reason for this is that they want to turn over a large volume of product. They do this by buying products that appeal to the widest market. So in terms of detox supplements, they tend to only stock cheap general supplements that can aid the general population, giving them high margins and fast turnover.

So if you want to buy a specialist detox product like Toxin Rid then you need to steer clear of big retailers and headshops, which also mostly sell complete crap, and focus on seeing what you can buy from specialist online drug test evasion websites.

The Best And Worst Detox Pills

When you are reading or watching YouTube videos online about using detox pills, then you are going to hear about the main brands pretty often:

  • Toxin Rid
  • Magic Detox
  • Herbal Clean Q Caps
  • Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula

Toxin Rid 3 day detox

Although heavily marketed, I’m telling you now from my own experience, and other people I trust, that Magic Detox and Herbal Clean Q Caps just don’t work.

Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula does work. But you have to understand it’s not a nuclear explosion like Toxin Rid.

Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula does speed up the elimination of toxins from your body permanently. Up to 50% faster.

The average person will take three weeks to be completely clean of all toxins, especially THC which can linger for even longer than that, so this can lower that time significantly

But it can’t do it on its own, which is the key point. You have to take it for several weeks, you have to abstain, and you have to live a healthy lifestyle.

Basically, it aids the maintenance of a lower level of toxins, and to help you to use something else to prepare for a drug test, either a natural detox, or to help maximize the potential of a detox drink.

The company who makes it clearly state it’s not going to help you pass a drug test on its own.

Which leaves us with Toxin Rid as your only real option. But why is it so good, and how does it work?

Available Toxin Rid Detox Programs

Toxin Rid is not just a set of detox pills. It’s a complete program to detoxify your body at an increased rate.

Toxin Rid is available in several different formats, with the time stated being the time it takes to clean the toxins out of your system. You can buy different formats of the product which aim to cleanse your system in 1,2,3,4,5,7 and 10 days.

The lower the number of days, the less likely you are to succeed.

The bottom line is that anything below the Toxin Rid 5 day detox and you are really pushing it if you are going for a drug test at the end of it.

If you have to go for Toxin Rid 3 day detox program then you really are flipping a coin, because your body simply can’t push out all of the drug metabolites that quickly.

But if you have only 1-3 days it is powerful enough to give you a chance, especially if you use it with a high-quality detox drink for weed.

So that’s why I will only fully recommend the Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox program and at a push the seven days one. But any of them is better than nothing. Each program regardless of the timescale contains the following:

  • A quantity of Toxin Rid pills
  • A dietary fiber supplement
  • A detox drink

So you get the course of pills, a fiber supplement, and you also get a detox drink for on the day of your test to help mask any toxins that might be left. You could also use this in conjunction with a high-quality self-contained detox drink like Ultra Eliminex, Mega Clean detox or Rescue Cleanse if you want to make doubly certain.

Toxin Rid 10 day detox

Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox Instructions

So basically the process is:

  1. Stop taking the drugs, abstain.
  2. Depending on length of the course, take a 3 pills per hour, every five hours, do not take more than 15 pills a day (10 day detox program contains 150 pills).
  3. On the day of your test take half the detox drink two hours after the last pills.
  4. Two hours later, take the other half of the detox drink.
  5. One hour before you leave your test, drink the dietary fiber with 8oz of water.
  6. 15 minutes after the fiber, drink 16oz of water.
  7. Urinate a couple of times to flush things out, then go and take your test.

So it’s a little involved, but most of the action takes place in the hours leading up to test. That would be the same if you are taking a detox drink anyway. This is just a more thorough and certain way of achieving the same goal: not having toxins present when you submit your sample.

Conclusion Of My Toxin Rid Review: Pros And Cons

Toxin rid review 2018

So if you are looking for the real deal, meaning a detox pill that really works, by speeding up your body to properly rid you of toxins and not just mask them, then you really only have one option.

Because Toxin Rid flushes out metabolites by aiding your body’s natural functions, it works equally well for urine, blood and saliva drug tests.

I’m going to finish this review of Toxin Rid 10 day detox by mentioning a couple of cons, because this has to be an honest review, which most Toxin Rid reviews aren’t:

  1. Toxin Rid is pretty expensive
  2. The lower the day count the less likely it is to succeed
  3. You have to follow a detailed instructions to pass the test through detoxify

But the Toxin Rid pros are massive in comparison:

  • It’s the most effective detox pill to help your body
  • It’s the only real way to pass a supervised drug test with any certainty
  • It actually detoxifies your body, it doesn’t just mask toxins
  • You can use it with a detox drink for an even stronger option
  • It works for all types of metabolites
  • There is a money back guarantee
  • The company actually offers live chat and has a real phone number

So if you have a drug test coming up in the next couple of weeks, your best option of passing what ever type you face is the Toxin Rid 10 day detox program.

You can purchase Toxin Rid here.

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