Stat Flush Reviews: Are They real?

Stat Flush Reviews: Are They real?

I had no real hope after reading Stat Flush reviews online, but I was curious to try Stat Flush to see if there’s any chance on earth that it could work. It only costs $10 on Amazon for a bottle of five capsules, so it’s no big financial outlay to give it a try, so I thought what the hell.

So are Stat Flush reviews telling the truth, is it an amazingly quick and convenient way of flushing toxins from your system to pass a urine drug test, or is it just $10 down the toilet?

What Are Extra Strength Stat Flush Pills?

A bottle of extra strength Stat Flush pills cost $10 on Amazon. In the bottle, you get five capsules that you take with water.

The company claim that toxins gather in the facts and liver cells, whatever a liver cell is, and that Stat flush pills get rid of toxins in these cells.

Altugh they accurately say that toxins can stay in the body for up to 6 months, most drug metabolites do not linger in the liver or anywhere else for that long.

They usually pass out through your urine and you can usually naturally detox in about three weeks.

Stat Flush Instructions

So anyway, I got my $10 pack of Stat flush pills from Amazon and I followed the instructions:

  1. Abstain from any use for 48 hours before taking them.
  2. Over a 10 minute period, take the five capsules with around 40oz of water.
  3. Do not drink any more water other than that.
  4. Urinate a couple of times in the hour after you have taken the capsules.

The company claim that you will reach peak cleanliness in around 90 minutes, and will then stay clean for about four hours.

Stat Flush instructions

Does Stat Flush Work For All Drugs?

As I’ve already said, these detox pills are meant to target the drug toxins running around your bloodstream and attaching themselves to cells in the body.

Nothing is really going to flush out drug toxins from the bloodstream and cells in 90 minutes, so I had absolutely no hope that Stat Flush will work for all drugs, in fact, the question to ask does not do Stat flush work for drugs, but does it work at all?

For me, it didn’t work. I wasted two days on this experiment and I failed a home drug test.

I’m quite a large person, and I did take a second pack of pills as recommended for the people who are larger, with an increased amount of water recommended.

And despite the double dose I still failed.

So for me, Stat Flush pills just don’t work. And what did I expect the $10? So my advice is to steer clear of them if you need to get through a drug test.

Stat Flush Review: Conclusion&Alternatives

The truth is you can’t flush drug metabolites out of your bloodstream in an hour. You have to do a proper detox and use proper products to support that. If you have a minimum of 5 days, you can get clean with proper detox pills for a drug test, such as Toxin Rid.

If you only have a few hours, then your only strategy apart from submitting a fake urine sample is to use a high-quality cleansing drink.

Detox drinks interfere with the toxins entering your bladder, keeping it clean for a few hours to allow you to submit a sample.

They are a far more realistic way to get through a drug test than taking Stat Flush pills.

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