What Are The Best Detox Pills For Drug Test: Reviews& Step By Step Instructions

What Are The Best Detox Pills For Drug Test: Reviews& Step By Step Instructions

One of the most common questions out there is people wanting to know what detox pills for weed there are available, pills that actually work.

The good news is that marijuana detox pills do exist, and they will work for any type of drug toxins, not just marijuana. But you have to navigate around the crap out there first.

To understand why so many detox pills are rubbish, you have to understand how the body works and how a detox pill can help it.

So let’s dive in and explain how you can truly detox with the aid of pills completely safely, without getting ripped off by people selling pills that clean your system in 24 hours, something that is literally impossible.

A Quick Word About Toxins

When people talk about toxins, they are talking about drug metabolites. Every drug type has an active ingredient, sometimes more than one. For example, in cannabis, it’s THC, the thing that gets you high, although there are other active ingredients as well.

When you go for a drug test, the lab will look for the metabolites of THC, so they are not looking for evidence of cannabis itself in the body, but rather for the metabolites your body produces when it processes THC. The metabolite that drug labs look for is THC-COOH.

The problem with most drug metabolites is that they don’t like water very much. So whereas other sins can be flushed out your system quite quickly, drug metabolites tend to stick around.

The average elimination time for most drugs is seven days or less. With weed, it can be up to 3 weeks if you are unlucky, and for “chronic” users, every day heavy weed smokers, you could be caught out in a urine test THREE MONTHS later.

So although weed is one of the safest things to do, it’s also the thing that hangs around most and can get you into most trouble in terms of employment or law, simply because it doesn’t like leaving your body very quickly.

That’s why so many people look towards detox pills for weed to aid toxin removal.


How Drug Detox Pills Work…And Why They Don’t

Your body naturally removes toxins through the skin, bladder, and bowels every moment you are alive. It’s an ongoing process. Stuff comes into your body, your body deals with it, the rubbish is expelled.

That’s the way it’s been since we became what we are now. It’s an efficient system that works at peak performance when it needs to. You can’t push your body beyond peak performance, but you can make sure it works at peak performance to detoxify you.

The problem is you’ll find “detox” pills out there which are really general supplements.  They are of low quality and not designed for drug detox.

The companies who sell them can be deceptive as well, which is something many people get caught out by.

Your body can naturally detoxify from most drugs in around 14-21 days anyway, and what these companies do is say that you have to start doing exercise, changing your diet, drinking lots of water, basically helping your body to naturally detox anyway.

Then when you fail a test, or they don’t work, the company can just say that you obviously didn’t do the detox routine properly, or you didn’t abstain from smoking, or whatever.

They basically always have a get out clause.

Detox pills scam

So How Long Does A Detox Really Take?

A full natural detox takes around 14-21 days for most people. As I have already explained, if you are a really heavy smoker, the use of other drug types, this can take even longer.

Seriously, some people have reported drug metabolites still being found in their piss six months later! The more you take, the more there is to cling to the cells in your body. That’s if you do a proper natural detox where you abstain and change your lifestyle.

The reason it takes this long is that most drug toxins don’t mix with water, they enter the bloodstream and bind to fat, getting caught in the cells. Once there they don’t easily budge.

And when you add in genetics, lifestyle, body fat, age, even your sex, it becomes even more complicated.

So any pill which is telling you-you can fully detox quickly, in like 24 hours or something like that, is really a fantasy pill. It is possible to speed up the process, the best detox pills for drug test could get you fully toxin free within a week.

But you can’t accelerate the process down to 24 hours, the body can’t work that quickly, the toxins can’t be moved through your system that quickly, and nothing on earth can burn toxins out of the body.

But if you have seven days, and preferably 10 days, then there are just a couple of detox pills for weed you can use.

Marijuana Detox Pills That DON’T Work

Magic Detox Ultra THC Review

Ultra THC (Total Herbal Cleanse, although the obvious implication is that it is designed to cleanse THC, the active ingredient in marijuana), is being advertised everywhere as the best detox pills for weed.

It’s not crazily expensive, about $50 for the seven day course. However, it’s not a bargain because the evidence is that it Ultra THC simply doesn’t work. So the problem we’ve got here is that it’s being advertised heavily, and people are picking this stuff up and putting their drug test results in the hands of this product.

In terms of being a good quality marijuana detox pill, I simply can’t recommend it. I’ve known people who have tried it, alongside an incredibly rigorous natural detox, and at the end of seven days they have still failed a home drug test.

Which means that you’re probably better off looking elsewhere. If you buy Ultra THC detox pills, then you could well be just throwing money down the drain, and possibly failing that all-important drug test.

CannaPass THC 1 week detox Review

CannaPass THC 1-week detox Review

This is a fairly new product on the market, available on Amazon right now.

The product information states that it’s specifically designed to help speed up the detoxification process for THC removal. So this product is clearly aimed at weed smokers, who are panicking about an upcoming drug test.

The thing is, even though it claims to be one week detox, there’s also a disclaimer which says that there is no guarantee that you can actually eliminate THC toxins within just seven days.

Which leaves me suspicious, and the claims it made by a Ph.D. scientist who specializes in metabolism leaves me even more suspicious. My suspicions are backed up by looking at the Amazon reviews, where 40% of the reviews are one-star reviews saying it doesn’t work.

There’s also a really bizarre two-star review that claims it worked and then goes into detail about how at the end of two weeks it actually hadn’t worked! Stinks of fake reviews from people being paid, who don’t really understand what the product is even meant to do.

So if you’re looking for high-quality detox pills for drug test, going to suggest that you don’t throw away $50 buying the seven-day CannaPass detox course.

What Are The Best Detox Pills For A Drug Test?

So now you have some facts about what the reality is, basically that there are no pills that clean your system in 24 hours, and no specialist marijuana detox pills, a toxin is a toxin, you are ready to understand what detox pills could work.

To be honest the only drug detox pill I would recommend is called Toxin Rid. And there is a great reason for that, I’ve used it myself to detox and naturally pass drug a test in 7 days.

I used the Toxin Rid 10 day program, but I passed my home drug test after 7 days. They do different lengths, of course, you basically get a different amount of pills to take each day depending on the length of the course you choose.

The course lengths are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,7 and 10 days.

Now as I have already shown you, the body really can’t detoxify that quickly, so anything below five days, even with the best detox pill in the world, is going to be virtually impossible.

I recommend Toxin Rid’s 5 days Detox Program if you’re in real trouble, seven days has potential, and the 10-day course is the one to go for if you really want to do a natural detox using only using one pill product and a change in lifestyle.

Now I’m not saying that you can’t benefit from the shorter courses of Toxin Rid. In fact, if you abstain and take these in the few days leading up to a test, and then also do a detox drink like Rescue Cleanse on the day of the test, then you are giving yourself one hell of an insurance policy.

Because the toxins are going to be lessening in your system at a more rapid rate because of the detox pills, so there’s less of them for the detox drink to mask.

So for eliminating as many toxins as possible, sure, go for the shorter length of course, but for a true detox, you are going to need 10 days really.

Taking Toxin Rid is easy:
  1. Stop smoking weed, or taking whatever it is you’re taking.
  2. Eat well, go for long walks, run, sleep, stuff like that.
  3. Each day of the Toxin Rid course you take three pills every five hours.
  4. At the end of the course, and on the day of your drug test, you then take the special detox drink and fiber supplement.
  5. You need to then drink lots of water, but if you are going to have the extra insurance policy of a high quality detox drink like Rescue Cleanse, then just start that process an hour before you leave to submit your sample.

My top tip is to then make sure you take a home drug test before you leave to submit your sample, just to make sure.

So that’s it, Toxin Rid really does work as long as you are realistic about the length of time it takes for the body to actually detoxify properly. You can purchase Toxin Rid HERE.

For more info check out my Toxin Rid review.

Alternative Detox pills for Weed To Toxin Rid

To be honest, I wouldn’t really consider anything an alternative drug detox pills to Toxin Rid. Sure there are detox pills marketed all over the Internet, and whenever you see them heavily marketed, don’t believe it and run a mile.

Look around and you will see Toxin Rid mentioned time after time, by real people. There’s a reason for that, as I’ve already explained. They work.

But there are two alternative detox products you can consider if you want to help to boost your system for natural detox, these supplements are Herbal Pre Cleanse Formula and Rescue 5 day full body detox.

detox pills for THC

Herbal Pre Cleanse Formula

Now it’s not going to detoxify you to get you through a test in a weeks time. It’s not designed for that, and the company who makes it clearly state that. What it does is to help the body constantly eliminate the toxins from the bloodstream and cells more quickly, at peak rate.

It’s a daily supplement you are meant to take on an ongoing basis, to help speed up elimination, giving you an extra edge for an upcoming test.

So you could use Herbal Pre Cleanse detox pills for weed in the week leading up to a drug test, then use a detox drink like Rescue Cleanse or Mega Clean. So it’s an extra insurance policy, lessening the potential toxins in the body that could show up in a drug test. You can purchase Herbal Pre Cleanse on their official website.

Rescue 5 day full body detox

Rescue 5 Day Full Body Detox

Rescue 5 day full body detox is also another option you should consider. But I will be upfront here, and tell you in my experience it simply not as good as Toxin Rid.

However, the five day course is half the price of the equivalent Toxin rid Course. So if Toxin Rid isn’t available, or your wallet won’t stretch it, then this detox pill is a great option to consider.

In the course, you get four different types of a capsule, which you take at different times. These are specifically designed to better process the elimination of toxins at each stage of the detoxification process.

On top of that, you get eight super-strength ICE capsules as well. You take these guys at the end of the course to really flush things out ahead of your drug test.

So if you’re looking for an alternative to Toxin Rid, that stands a chance of detoxing your body in just five days, then the Rescue 5 day full body detox is a product I’d recommend.

You can purchase Rescue 5 day full body detox here.

But hands-down, you really shouldn’t look any further than Toxin Rid if you have a drug test coming up and synthetic urine isn’t an option, and you don’t trust a detox drink on his own.

Sure the 10 day course is a bit of an investment, but it is a proven acceleration product and without a doubt the best detox pill for a drug test.

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