If you are looking for a permanent detox, a cast-iron way to get through a drug test of any type, then your only choice is to naturally detox your body. The problem is that this can take several weeks depending on what drugs you take, or how heavy a weed smoker you are.

But we know the secret of detox pills here. There are only a few trusted brands out there, but if you get the right brand of detox pill it can really help to accelerate the speed at which your body expels toxins, the drug metabolites, from your system.

Check out our Detox Pills101 guide to learn everything you need to know about these drug detox pills.

Some metabolites, like THC in cannabis, can stay in your system up to 4 weeks if you are a heavy smoker, so the only way other than masking them, or submitting a fake sample, is to properly detox and get them out of your system.

That’s why our user guides to detoxing properly can help. We can explain how to do it, and how not. We can tell you all the stupid remedies and crazy ideas that you can ignore. There is no way that Palo Azul tea will naturally detox you for example, it will just make you go to the toilet a lot.

Guides to detoxing, debunking myths, diet pill reviews to tell you which ones work, and which ones are useless, everything is here in this section for you to get educated. Then you can kick back and relax and enjoy a smoke knowing that as long as you have some notice, that can actually pass urine, blood or saliva test anytime you want.

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