Oral Clear Gum Review

Oral Clear Gum Review

People seem to be getting more concerned at the minute about saliva drug testing. I’m getting lots of contact from people wanting to know more about how you can pass one.

Well in this Oral Clear gum review, I’m going to fill you in completely on why it is important to know about saliva neutralizing gum, and be ready to use it.

If you don’t, then in a world where law enforcement and employers are demanding on the spot saliva drug tests, is a drug user eventually you are going to get caught out, even if you are completely free of the effects.

What Is A Saliva Drug Test?

A saliva drug test, otherwise known as a mouth swab test, is where somebody puts a cotton swab into your mouth and takes a sample of your saliva, usually from an area of the mouth where it can become trapped, like around the gums.

That swab is then tested on a drug panel kit to see how it reacts to different drug metabolites.

THC, the main drug metabolite in marijuana, is a prime example of a toxin that can be found through a drug swab test even a couple of days after you last smoked if you are a heavy user.

Which means unless you take action if you smoked in the past couple of days and you are asked to take a saliva drug test then you could be in real trouble.

How To Pass A Saliva Drug Test

If you have a couple of days notice of a drug test and you think it will be a saliva swab drug test, then it’s pretty easy to pass one, you don’t need any special drug detox product.

All you have to do is brush your teeth really well about five times a day, and use mouthwash several times a day as well, something like Listerine will be fine.

But that’s not what a saliva drug test is for. It’s usually administered on the spot by an unskilled person.

It’s cheap, and it’s effective, and you don’t have to be trained or regulated to use one, you just need legal permission, which the police have, and believe me your employer also does.

Which is why you will need detox gum for a drug test if you are put in that situation, it’s your only hope.

Salvia Drug Test Chewing Gum: Yeah It Exists!

The good news is that saliva neutralizing gum certainly does exist. Amazingly, despite the fact that saliva drug tests are becoming more common, not many people know about saliva neutralizing gum, especially the most effective one out there called Oral Clear.

Saliva drug test chewing gum is a lifesaver because it’s so easy to administer, and now you know about it there is absolutely no excuse for not getting hold of some for that emergency situation.

Oral clear gum review

Oral Clear Gum Review: It Will Beat A Saliva Drug Test

So this oral clear gum review is really more of an advisory.

Because there is no technician involved, no special training needed and it can be instantly administered, if you are a person likely to have drug toxins in your system then a saliva drug test is something you should be seriously worried about.

Oral Clear gum starts neutralizing the saliva within 30 seconds of chewing it. Literally, all you have to do is carry one piece of it in your pocket at all times to be safe.

Then if you are asked to take a saliva drug test, wait until eyes are averted and simply pop the capsule in your mouth.

Chew it for 30 seconds and then swallow it. You will then be clean for up to 30 minutes, free of toxins in your saliva. You can buy Oral Clear from the manufacturers webshop.

If you have a warehouse job, driving job, or you smoked in the past couple of days and are then getting in your car, then you seriously need to get hold of some Oral Clear now.


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