Mega Clean review: Does This Detox Drink Work?

Mega Clean review: Does This Detox Drink Work?

I’m going, to be honest right at the start and say that there are not many detox drinks that really work. One of the key reasons I really wanted to write a decent Mega Clean review is that it is one of the few detox drinks that does work, which people need to know.

But you have to be clear on what a detox drink actually does, and also you simply mustn’t buy Mega Clean until you read this review.

The reason for me saying that is that to get the maximum protection from Mega Clean detox drink, you need to know a bit of little-known information about where to buy it. It’s vital stuff, so read on.

How A Detox Drink Works

The thing most people don’t actually realize is that a detox drink doesn’t actually detox you properly. It doesn’t flush out the toxins in your body leaving you clean.

It does is to flush out the toxins entering your bladder, and moving through it, to give you a window of opportunity to submit a clean sample. But it doesn’t flush toxins out of the bloodstream or cells in your body.

The only way to do a proper detox which completely gets rid of drug metabolites is to allow the body to detoxify itself naturally, which can take several weeks. Yes, you can speed it up a bit with marijuana detox pills, like Toxin Rid, but you can’t flush them out forever in a few hours.

So a detox drink is a perfect choice if it’s a supervised drug test. Although the best thing to do is submit a fake urine sample, it’s not possible much if it is supervised, but of course, if you’re scared of taking fake urine to an unsupervised test, then a detox drink is a great choice, as long as you follow the instructions.

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Mega Clean Detox Drink Instructions

Hands down, Mega Clean is one of the best detox drinks on the market. I’ve used it numerous times myself, and it’s certainly something that you should have on the shelf at home if you smoke.

Instructions to use it are pretty similar to almost every other detox drink out there:
  1. Stop smoking or taking whatever it is you’re taking as soon as you hear you’ve got a drug test.
  2. A couple of hours before the test shake the bottle and drink the contents in a few minutes.
  3. Refill the bottle and drink that water as well in about 10 minutes.
  4. Over the next hour, urinate at least three times.

After that first hour, you are then in the “sweet spot” that lasts for a couple of hours. Although at its maximum the window of opportunity to submit a clean sample is about five hours, it’s most effective in that first hour after you have completed the process, two hours after you first drank Mega Clean.

Mega Clean Vs Xxtra Clean Detox Drink

The reason most people fail a drug test after using a detox drink is that it simply didn’t push the toxins out for any length of time.

This can be down to the ingredients, the quantity you get in relation to your body mass, the number of toxins coming out your body, your age, what you’re eating, all that stuff.

That’s why there are only a few brands of detox drink which truly work.

Detoxify is one of those rare companies which offers two that can do it.

Mega Clean is their premium brand which is the nuclear option. But I’ve included an XXtra Clean review here alongside as a comparison because it’s the cheaper, lighter brother.

So the bottom line is that both will work. But Xxtra Clean won’t work for heavy users, and maybe struggle with people over 200 lbs.

Although it’s basically the same formula, it just doesn’t have the power in the level of ingredients included to work as well.

Which means if you are looking for a cast-iron guarantee, then it’s well worth the extra money buying Mega Clean Vs Xxtra Clean.

XXtra clean review

Where To Buy Mega Clean: IMPORTANT

Right, this is the vital bit of information you need to know to get the most out of Mega Clean and make it completely effective.

You need to buy Mega Clean online from a company called testclear. Not only are they are a trusted and reputable seller of drug test avoidance products, but they also bundle up Mega Clean with special pre-rid tablets. If you purchase Mega Clean at Walmart or in other stores you won’t get the pre rid pills.

You get six tablets in the supplement, which you take in the 24 hours leading up to the test, a few hours apart. By doing this with plenty of water, you are kickstarting the temporary detoxification process.

Then when you follow the Mega Clean instructions a couple of hours before you go to your test, your body has already pushed out a lot of the toxins already heading that way, making the detox drinks job easier.

It really is vital you use the pre-rid tablets because Mega Clean detox drink will stand a higher chance of failure without them. And as it’s a really great price to get this powerful bundle, why wouldn’t you?

Mega Clean Review FAQ

 Does Mega Clean work?

Yes, it sure does work. As you’ve just read, it’s one of only a handful of detox drinks that genuinely can work. As I said in this Mega Clean review You should only buy Mega Clean with pre rid pills

Does Mega Clean remove THC?

Yes, Mega Clean does remove THC for a short period of time, giving you time to submit a urine sample that is free of cannabis metabolites.

Does Mega Clean work for Coke?

Yes, it certainly does work for cocaine.  Mega Clean is a general detox drink, which means that whatever the type of drug taking, the metabolites passing out of your urine be temporarily mask for a few hours.

Does Mega Clean work for opiates?

It does certainly also work for opiates. As I have mentioned in this Mega Clean review whatever type of drug metabolite you have passing out of your urine, it can push them through prior to the test, masking the metabolites for a few hours while you submit your sample.

Where to buy Detoxify Mega Clean?

The only place I would recommend you buy Mega Clean is through As I’ve already said, the reason for this is that you get with it six pre-rid tablets, meaning you’ve got a more intensive course of detoxification in the hours leading up to a urine drug test.

Does Mega Clean expire?

Yes, just like all products, Mega Clean has a shelf life. But people have kept it for a year and still used it and passed a drug test. So the sake about $65-70 a year, you can get peace of mind.

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