Magnum Detox Drink Review

Magnum Detox Drink Review

Magnum is a long-term, established the brand in the detox marketplace. They have synthetic urine, mouthwash and several detox drinks in their range of products. In this Magnum detox drink review, I’m going to talk specifically about their range of detox drinks and whether they still work.

I have used Magnum in the past for testing purposes, and also know a lot of people still recommend it in reviews and on forums but is that a good thing? It has a good brand reputation, but is it justified?

What Is Magnum Detox Drink?

Magnum does several detox drinks:

  • Magnum detox
  • Magnum detox instant flush
  • Magnum detox 1-hour system cleaner

Magnum is a brand has been around for several years and originally had a strong reputation, but that has worn away as times have gone by, and also as better products have come onto the market.

Does Magnum Detox Work?

The million dollar question is, of course, does Magnum detox work? Do any of Magnum brand detox drinks mask the toxins to get you through a drug test?

Well in my home testing the answer is no.

On top of that, if you look on Amazon, the average for all of their products is usually around 2.5 stars out of five, with a lot of one-star reviews and “It didn’t work!” comments.

On a personal level, I know three people who have used a Magnum detox drink to try and mask the toxins for a urine drug test. One of them passed, the other two failed.

The one who passed was a light smoker and it could have just been that he did a natural detox without even realizing.

So it might have been the Magnum drink, but who knows?

Magnum detox instant flush reviews

Magnum Detox Drink Review: Conclusion&Alternatives

So the verdict in my Magnum detox drink review is that none of the brand’s products seem to have the ingredients and power to deliver in a modern “wised up” lab test. Although they might work for some, for a regular smoker or user with toxins running around their system every day, I’m going to bet you’ll fail.  The bottom line for me is that you shouldn’t risk your job or freedom using cheap, or unreliable products.

Why take the risk?

Yes, Magnum drinks are pretty cheap, but that’s about all that is going for them. There are better brands out there like Rescue Cleanse, Mega Clean and Ultra Eliminex.

Yes, they are more expensive, with Ultra Eliminex $80, and Rescue Cleanse around $55 and Mega clean 69$, but they are better because more people currently report they work. The absolute best in the only one I truly recommend hundred percent of the time is Rescue Cleanse.

I’ve used it and passed, my friends have used it and passed, and people I have recommended it to have passed as well. If you can’t get hold of Rescue Cleanse, then Mega Clean or Ultra Eliminex drinks are a far better choice than any of the Magnum detox drink range.

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