GNC Detox Drinks – Do They Work?

GNC Detox Drinks – Do They Work?

I get loads of people asking me on Facebook and through my website if you can buy detox drinks that really work to cleanse your system for a drug test on GNC.

GNC is one of the world’s largest online health and nutrition websites, so it’s no surprise that so many people are wondering if GNC detox drinks work.

The problem is that you are not actually going to be doing a GNC cleanse for drug test. They don’t sell any kits or products of their own.

So what’s the deal here?  GNC sell a few third-party detox drinks, pills and supplements, but do any of these really work, and is the slightly lower price compared to specialist websites and potentially better products worth paying?

Why People Look To GNC Detox For Drug Test Success

Our modern world is about convenience. From food through to relationships, everything is available pretty much at our fingertips on a mobile cell phone.

So it’s no wonder that people like the convenience of being able to buy pretty much everything in supermarkets or online stores that offer a wide range of products at a low price. Stores like Walmart, CVS, Amazon and of course GNC for health products.

The problem with all of these retailers is that they sell popular brands that they can get at low prices. They don’t want anything controversial, and they are looking for fast turnover at volume, which is why there is such a huge market still for the smaller niche stores.

The problem is that not everybody is aware of these niche stores, and they put themselves at risk by not tapping into the quality they provide.

GNC detox drinks

Is A GNC Cleanse For Drug Test Possible?

I’m not saying that a GNC detox for a drug test is impossible, but I am saying it’s not probable.

As I’ve said, the problem is that you are not getting the best detox drinks or supplements if you buy them from GNC.

So my advice generally is to look at specialist retailers before resorting to saving money and taking the easy path by ordering from GNC.

Too many people I know have gone down that route over the years and fallen on their ass. If you are lazy, last-minute, and you don’t think things through, then you will fail a drug test.

It takes preparation and education to get through a urine drug test using just a detox drink, and just ordering the first thing you see online at big retailers like GNC is a poor strategy that could leave you vulnerable to failing.

What Detox Drinks Does GNC Sell?

Let's go through the GNC detox drinks/pills available:
  1. Herbal Clean Premium Detox. It’s meant to be a seven-day complete cleansing program. They are detox pills and I’m afraid to say that they just don’t work. I’ve reviewed them before here.
  2. Total Eclipse Definite Detox. I’ve never heard of this product before, it’s another pill detox. It has one review on GNC which is one star. Looking on Amazon, it has just three reviews and they are one star as well. I think the only definite thing about this detox is that it won’t work.
  3. Rely Detox. I actually did a review of this product around a year ago to test if it works, and I bought this detox drink from GNC for the test. And hey, guess what, it doesn’t work. You can read my review here if you want.
  1. Qcarbo32. I’ve only done a review of this which you can read by clicking here. It’s probably the best detox drink you are going to get somewhere like GNC, Walmart or CVS, and you do stand a chance of passing a urine drug test using it.

But it’s not 100% certain or safe, and I’m guessing that you don’t want to gamble much if you are going for a drug test.

There are a few other pills and drinks available on GNC. Some state they are for a cleanse, but they really aren’t specialist products and are dubious general cleansing options.

The bottom line here is that there are few products specifically aimed at detoxing for a drug test, and an awful lot which is general. All of them have risks I’m not prepared to take, and neither should you.

GNC detox cleanse for drug testGNC detox cleanse for drug test

Alternatives To Buying GNC Detox Drinks

So if you are up for a drug test what are you meant to do?

Well obviously from reading this, snatching at the first product you see claiming to help you detox from GNC is probably going to be as much of a bad strategy as simply drinking a load of water and crossing fingers.

If you really want to pass a drug test and minimize the risks using detox drinks, then you really should only be looking at two:

  1. Mega Clean

This is an awesome detox drink, but only if you buy it with the special pack of six pre-rid tablets which you take before the day of the test.

This is a powerful combo and its exclusive to It really will help you to get through a drug test unless you mess up in some other way. So also need to cover the basics of getting as clean as possible before the test by not smoking, drinking lots, exercising and eating well.

  1. Rescue Cleanse

This is another fantastic detox drink which you can only buy from specialist retailers, you will find it in Walmart, GNC or CVS, and only online.

Rescue Cleanse has a brilliant set of user feedback across the Internet. Look at any website where sold and you will see a high percentage of positive reviews saying it got them through the drug test. For more info, check out my Rescue Cleanse review. You can order it from their official website.

The bottom line here is a conclusion is that any attempt at using GNC detox drinks for a drug test is basically wasted time and money. For more info check out my “detox drinks for weed‘ article.

I think it’s really sad that so many people put their jobs, and maybe even their parole, at risk trying to save a few bucks or being so lazy that they can’t spend a few minutes on Google looking for better quality products.

You need to be looking at specialist products, only available in specialist online retailers to get those toxins masked on the day of your urine test.

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