Detoxify Green Clean Review

Detoxify Green Clean Review

I thought it was crucial that I did a Detoxify Green Clean review because I’m a little concerned about it. Detoxify are the company behind some great detox drinks, stuff like Xxtra Clean and Mega Clean. But this product seems to have very mixed reviews online.

I work in a smoke shop and it’s in stock here, so I thought what the hell, and got some to test and write this Green Clean review about it. So what’s the deal? It’s well promoted and from a reputable company, but does Detoxify Green Clean do the business?

Green Clean Detox Ingredients

Detoxify Green Clean ingredientsDetoxify Green Clean ingredientsFirst off, let’s talk about the ingredients in Green Clean detox. The product is designed to dilute the urine while restoring the body’s nutrient levels to to normal for just a few hours, giving you time to submit a urine sample that appears normal.

The manufacturer calls it “…the latest innovation in detox drink concentrates, containing a powerful blend of cleansing herbs and metabolic boosters.”

Looking specifically at the ingredients, you have to understand how the product is constructed. If you get it with six pre-cleanse tablets in a supplement pack then it consists of three parts:

  • Pre-cleanse tablets
  • 4oz cleansing blend
  • 4oz meta boost blend

The pre-cleanse tablets contain a range of vitamins plus things like calcium, magnesium, zinc, and potassium. These basically mimic the contents of your average cheap supplement pill, available from a supermarket for a couple of dollars.

So there’s nothing special there.

The second part is the cleansing blend. That contains things like nettle, dandelion, milk thistle and fruit fiber. There is little evidence that the sort of ingredients can slightly increase the expulsion of toxins from the body, but not by much.

The third part is the meta boost blend which is literally just concentrated Green tea extract. Yes Green tea has a slight diuretic effect, and it has been linked in a very minor way to expelling toxins from the body, but only when used in much higher concentrations, so again nothing major to see here.

How To Use Green Clean Detox For Drug Test

To use Green clean detox you basically follow three steps:

  1. After abstaining from drug use, the day before the test you take the pre-cleanse supplement pack.
  2. The second stage is to drink the contents of the cleansing blend bottle. You can do this with water.
  3. The third stage is to drink the green tea meta boost bottle, again you can drink with some water.

After that, you drink 16oz of water, and then in the next hour urinate frequently. Instructions don’t give a duration how long you will be clean, other than mentioning “through the day”, which means I’m guessing that you will be clean for a few hours potentially.

Detoxify Green Clean Review: Does it Work?

So anyway, I did smoke four days before testing the product, I didn’t do a full week of detox, but I’ve only been smoking a bit and so I felt it should still work.

I was quite surprised that the drug test kit I used came back positive. However, perhaps I should not have been as it’s got loads of negative reviews on Amazon and eBay.

I did a second-panel test and that failed as well, so I did make sure. I followed the instructions exactly and waited an hour before taking the first test.

The combination of my testing plus online reviews has to make me conclude in this detoxify green clean review that it won’t be reliable for you to pass a drug test with.

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What Will Work To Detox For A Drug Test?

So now we have worked out that Green clean Detox probably won’t work for a drug test, let’s answer the question about what will mask your toxins to pass a drug test.

Well, Detoxify seem to keep releasing new detox products, things like Instant Clean and Mighty Clean. However, why go for something new when the evidence is they don’t work at all, or that they can’t work any better than the tried and tested out there.

In terms of Detoxify, their original Mega Clean detox drink is awesome. It’s much safer to stick to that.

As far as other brands go, Rescue Cleanse is probably the number one you should look at, it’s got amazing reviews, and I personally recommend it because I’ve used it myself in a live drug test several times and it’s passed.

You can read more on detox drinks here.

Other than that, you could also go for Ultra Eliminex as an alternative to the other two. It’s another good quality product that contains ingredients that could flush out the toxins for long enough so that you can get through a urine drug test.

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