Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse Review

Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse Review

There are very few high-quality detox drinks out there. The bottom line is that most are just flavored water, a bit of coloring and a fancy label.

There are a lot of misleading information online about cleansing drinks, that’s why I thought it was high time to write a  Rescue Cleanse review because, in my opinion, it’s the best detox drink out there.

One of the few that actually work.

The problem is that most detox drinks are backed up by heavy marketing, fake reviews, fake forum recommendations and dubious user reviews on sites like Amazon. You will often read about brands like Qcarbo 32oz and think it’s the nuts, but personally and from people I know, it’s just got a track record of failure.

The truth is most detox drinks simply won’t work. People might get lucky, but mostly they fail a drug test because it didn’t get rid of the toxins. But there are a few exceptions and if you’re clever, you can use them to beat a urine drug test where others are failing.

How Does A Detox Drink Work?

The big misconception about a detox drink that it doesn’t actually detox you. You aren’t going to drink it and then the toxins miraculously vanish from your body.

What it does is to temporarily mask the toxins, giving you a window of opportunity.

Basically, when you drink it, the combination of liquid and the ingredients in a high-quality detox drink intercept and flush out the toxins in your bladder, giving you a bladder of metabolite free urine to submit.

Usually, this window of opportunity lasts for around five hours. Which gives you just enough time to get to the lab and submit to clean sample. For more info on detox drinks, check out this article.

Clear Choice detox

Rescue Cleanse Review: Why It’s The Best Drug Detox Drink?

Rescue Cleanse detox drink works because it’s high quality and contains good ingredients that really can help to mask the toxins.

There are lots of other drinks out there that claim to do this, but I only know two that are the real deal.

Rescue Cleanse from Clear Choice, a really reputable drug test evasion and detox company, has made the real deal.

So a Clear Choice detox is completely possible, once you understand what we mean by a detox.

clear choice detox

Rescue Cleanse 32 Instructions:

  1. Stop smoking 1-2 days (the more the better)before drinking it.
  2. Don’t eat for 3-4 hours before drinking it.
  3. Shake the bottle a couple of times and drink its content over fifteen minutes.
  4. Refill the empty bottle with water and drink that over another fifteen minutes.
  5. Pee as many times as you can, to release toxins.

Rescue Cleanse detox Or Mega Clean?

Rescue Cleanse is available in 16 oz and 32oz sizes, to suit small and larger body sizes, and light and regular drug takers, or weed smokers.

It’s consumed in the same way as every other detox drink. You drink it about 1 – 2 hours before you submit your urine sample, along with some additional water.

It will then mask your toxins up to 5 hours, with the sweet spot being around two hours after consumption, which will hopefully be the time exactly with submitting your sample.

I personally pass the test using Rescue Cleanse back in January. It works and it’s as good as the only other drink I would recommend, Mega Clean.

But which do you choose, Rescue Cleanse or Mega Clean?

Well, the only real major difference is the price. Rescue Cleanse 32OZ on its own is $50, while Mega Clean with six Pre-Rid pills costs around $70.

If you get Mega Clean with the pills, then it’s probably going to edge the decision. But in terms of a straight fight between quality, if you are only going to use a drink before you submit your sample, then for me Rescue Cleanse should be your first choice.

I say that because I passed the test with it, and I know other people who have. I know more people who used Mega Clean on its own and failed, so that’s why I’m recommending Rescue Cleanse.

UPDATE: If Rescue Cleanse is out of stock and you are a heavy smoker, I highly recommend Ultra Eliminex or Mega Clean.

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