What Is The Best Detox Drink For A THC Drug Test?

What Is The Best Detox Drink For A THC Drug Test?

One of the more common questions I get asked is what is the best detox drink for a THC drug test?

It’s a question which is getting more common because as marijuana becomes more legal in the USA, more people are butting up against the fact that they are going to fail employment drug testing.

So what can you do about that?

THC stays around in your system for quite a while, and even if you haven’t smoked for a couple of weeks, you could still fail a drug test. You are in effect getting penalized for no good reason, which isn’t fair, especially if it’s legal in your state.

So let’s talk about the best detox drink to hide THC for a drug test, and also clear up some misconceptions.

How A THC Detox Drink Works

Let’s clear up the misconceptions first. The first misconception is around a drug test specifically the THC.

Even the most basic panel drug test, known as a five panel drug test, looks for five different types of drug metabolite, not just THC metabolites. You will never face a drug test that simply looks for marijuana use.

A drug detox drink does not just clear up a specific drug metabolite, in this case THC, they block all metabolites. The truth is that drug metabolites work their way out of your body over varying periods of time, from a few hours, to a few weeks.

Unfortunately, THC, which is converted in the body into the drug metabolite THC-NOOH, then hangs around the longest. In some rare cases for several months, but most commonly a couple of weeks.

Whatever drug you have taking, a detox drink can temporarily mask the toxins. Note that terminology, temporarily mask the toxins. A detox drink does not actually detox you at all, which is misconception number two.

What happens is drug metabolites start to leave the body through your bladder in the hours and days after consuming the drug.

A detox drink interferes with the expulsion process by basically blocking the flow of toxins into the bladder. So you urinate the toxins out, and temporarily no more toxins are going into the bladder, which give you a few hours to submit a clean sample.

best detox drinks for THC

Drug Detox Drinks Vs Synthetic Urine

The pros and cons of using cleansing drinks versus using synthetic urine are varied and will depend on the type of person you are.

The pros of using detox drinks are:

  • You literally just have to drink the drink, there’s very little else prepare
  • They are easy to buy, drink and use for anyone
  • There’s very little risk of getting caught because you don’t take it with you

Cons of using a detox drink rather than synthetic urine are:

  • Synthetic urine gives you a much higher chance of passing
  • Synthetic urine will work for any metabolism, body type or frequency of user
  • If there is a delay in your travel or testing toxins could reappear

fake urine for drug test

Avoid Buying Detox Drinks From Ebay/Amazon

Before we talk about the three best detox drinks for getting you through a THC drug test, let’s just talk quickly about drinks you should not be buying.

Firstly, simply avoid buying detox drinks from places like eBay and Amazon. A lot of the products sold on there are fake, out of date, or poor quality.

It’s always far better to spend a little more money on a high quality detox drink from a reputable niche drug testing evasion company. Although obviously they will never advertise as being a drug testing evasion company because advertising product to do that is illegal.

But generally, avoid places like eBay, Amazon and Walmart because what they sell is usually just awful. A good detox drink will cost you about $50 and is only available from a specialist seller.

The Top 3 Detox Drinks For A THC Drug Test

Now let’s talk about the three best products to pass a drug test. All of these are really high quality products which I have used personally, and which friends of mine have used as well.

They really do work and they are the only ones I would ever recommend.

  1. Rescue Cleanse 32oz (click for review)

Rescue Cleanse is probably the number one detox drink brand out there. It’s track record is superb and user reviews across the Internet are usually far in excess of other brands.

I’ve used it myself for employment drug tests, several of my closest friends do as well. It’s the real deal and it’s never let me down.

It contains high quality ingredients and has a good track record of many years of great feedback from people who have genuinely used it to get through a drug test.

Whatever type of metabolites you have in your body, whatever metabolism you have, whatever size you are, Rescue Cleanse is a great choice.

Rescue Cleanse 32oz with Pre Rid pills costs 50$.

detox drink for cocaine

  1. Mega Clean + Pre-Rid Pills (click for review)

Mega Clean is another brand I always recommend and it’s a brand I’ve used myself. Again, it has great feedback online and weed smokers have used it to avoid detection for THC consumption for many years.

My only advice is to make sure you buy it from Testclear because it can be purchased in a bundle with six special pre-rid tablets which help to speed up the rate at which toxins pass out of your system in the 24 hours before you drink the drink, giving you a better chance of this detox drink working.

best detox drink for coke

  1. Quick Clear 20oz

Quick Clear is a relatively new drink, but it’s already getting lots of positive reviews and good user feedback. I’ve tested it myself using a home drug test kit and it passed, and I’m a heavy smoker.

I also had a buddy who used it on my recommendation for an employment test and he passed, so its reputation is looking good to me.

Quick Clear Detox 20oz costs only 45.99$

It’s made by Spectrum Labs, who also make the very high-quality synthetic urine Quick Fix. So it’s got a good pedigree and is made by reliable companies who put serious effort into the quality of their products and this detox drink is no different.

Best Detox Drink For THC Drug Test

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