What Is The Best Detox Drink For Coke Users?

What Is The Best Detox Drink For Coke Users?

Finding out what the best detox drink for coke can be surprisingly complicated.

There’s a couple of reasons for this, around understanding how drugs work in the body and also understanding exactly how a detox drink works.

On top of that, you also have to worry about the quality of detox drinks. A lot of them are horrendous, copied, fake, out of date, and some brands are just totally useless cons.

So let’s clear up this issue for you right now by explaining how detox drinks work for cocaine, and also what the best detox drink for coke is and where you can buy it.

How Long Is Coke Detectable In Urine?

When you take any sort of drug, whether it’s coke, or smoking weed, the active ingredient that gets you high is converted in the body. These are known as drug metabolites.

Drug metabolites, sometimes known as drug toxins, float around your bloodstream, bladder, and bowels and are also in your saliva and hair.

  • Urine: 2-4 days or up to two weeks for heavy cocaine users
  • Blood: 2 days
  • Hair: 90 days or even longer
  • Saliva: 2-3  

Drug metabolites are picked up by a drug test that looks for them. The key point here is that there is no specific cocaine drug test, whether it’s a saliva, urine, blood or hair follicle drug test, it will be a panel test where all the main types of metabolite or active ingredient are tested for simultaneously.

So that’s the important first learning point, nobody is going to test you for cocaine on its own. So anything marketed at a specific drug is trying to con you.

It also means a detox drink that works for disguising cocaine metabolites will also be able to disguise every other type of drug metabolite in your system at the same time.


Do Detox Drinks Work For Coke?

Now you understand how it works, the question is not do detox drinks work for coke, it actually does detox drinks work at all?

Do they really mask drug toxins?

Well, the great news is that they do. But the second learning point is that a drug detox drink doesn’t actually detoxify your body. That’s the common misconception around the name they carry.

What they actually do is to temporarily mask the toxins in your body, giving you just long enough to submit a clean urine sample.

So How Does A Cocaine Detox Drink Work?

As we have already said, there is no specific cocaine detox drink, they are general drug detox drinks that temporarily mask drug metabolites in a urine sample.

What happens is the metabolites pass through your bladder and out in your piss all the time.

The ingredients in a drug detox drink flood your system for a few hours, flushing out the toxins passing through the bladder, and then keeping the fresh toxins basically behind a detox drink in your system to allow you that window of opportunity to submit a clean urine sample.

So you drink the drink, it flushes out the toxins, then you submit a clean sample in the handful of hours you have before fresh drug toxins in your system start appearing back in your bladder.

Top 3 Best Detox Drinks To Pass A Drug Test For Coke

When it comes to determining the best detox drink for coke, basically for any drug metabolite, you have to discount 90% of the drinks out there.

Mostly they are horrendous quality, fakes, out of date, or simply flavored water and sugar.

The only three that have a long-term, positive track record, that I have used myself, my friends have used, and have strong reputations in all the right places online are:

Rescue Cleanse

cocaine detox drinkProbably the best detox drinks out there for coke or masking any other type of drug you are using. It’s the only one I have always 100% recommended, and have had 100% positive experiences with.

It works like any other detox drink, you drink it, drink some more water, urinate frequently, and then you will be clear of toxins for around 3-5 hours, but mainly in the first two hours after the initial hour you spend going through the process of drinking it and urinating.

It’s not cheap (50$), and you have to buy it from a reputable seller to make sure it’s the real deal and also not expired, but Rescue Cleanse 32Oz will work even for the heaviest drug user, no matter what type of body or metabolism you have.

You can read my review here and purchase it from the manufacturer’s webshop.

Mega Clean

best detox drink for cokeThis is the second brand I nearly always recommend, but mostly only if Rescue Cleanse isn’t available to you. I will also only ever recommend it if you can get it with the six “pre-rid” tablets that are bundled up with it.

You take these during the 24 hours leading up to your test, and they start the job of pushing toxins through your system faster.

Then you follow the usual process of drinking the detox drink, knowing that the toxin flows out of your system is already accelerated because of the tablets that you have taken.

Mega Clean is a high-quality detox drink available in the larger 32oz size just like Rescue Cleanse and is suitable for any body type.

Click here for my Mega Clean review.

You can buy Mega Clean with 6 Toxin Rid tablets here.

Absolute Detox

Absolute detox drinkAbsolute detox is my third choice and a great detox drink, probably as good as Mega Clean, but not quite as guaranteed if you get hold of the pre-rid tablets as well.

You need the 32oz Absolute detox XXL version. The 16oz won’t work unless you are a very light user and have a small body type.

Just like the other two brands I recommend, it comes in around the 45$ price mark.

I know $45-50 is not cheap for a detox drink, but if your job or freedom is online then it’s a ridiculously small price to pay.

So why bother looking for a cocaine detox drink at all if you going to waste money on cheap rubbish, always go for one of these three brands if you want to stand a chance of getting through a urine drug test as a cocaine user.

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