What Absolute Detox Drink Reviews Don’t Tell You

What Absolute Detox Drink Reviews Don’t Tell You

I’ve had a few questions recently asking about Absolute Detox reviews, pointing me to the links and asking if it’s the real deal?

So I thought it was time that I answered that question in a bit more detail for everyone to read.

I will say upfront that Rescue Cleanse and Mega Clean are my number one and number two choices when it comes to using cleansing drinks to pass a urine drug test.

But what I’m wondering is does absolute detox give everyone an effective and affordable third option?

What Is Absolute Detox Drink?

Absolute Detox is a detox drink that you use pretty much in the same way as any other sort of detox drink. What a lot of other Absolute Detox reviews don’t cover is real life examples, and I want to change that right here.

Absolute Detox drink has been proven to be effective but its usually recommended only for light smokers. It’s recommended if you are a heavy smoker or a large person to take some pre cleanse tablets like Toxin Rid or Herbal Pre Cleanse, or to choose a stronger detox drink such as: Rescue cleanse 32Oz, Mega Clean or Eliminex Detox.

Absolute Detox works in exactly the same way because you drink it, and then it blocks fresh toxins from entering your bladder for a few hours, allowing you to pass a urine drug test.

Absolute Detox review

Absolute Detox Review: Does It Work?

Unlike some other Absolute Detox drink reviews, I can say that it does work because I tested it. Only a home drug test, not a real lab test for work or anything like that, but in my home testing as a large person and frequent smoker, it still works.

I also know someone directly who used it for a pre-employment drug test and they passed as well. So the evidence is stacking up that Absolute Detox drink can get you through a urine drug test.

There is some rubbish out there in terms of detox drinks, like Stinger or Qcarbo, and although I’m not confident enough to suggest that Absolute Detox is as high quality as Rescue Cleanse or Mega Clean, this does have potential.

The friend I just mentioned passed a simple pre-employment urine test for FedEx. Now that means it’s a cheap and easy to pass drug test, which is what Absolute Detox might get you through on its own.

If you want to go a step further with any detox drink, then it’s recommended highly to buy a short course of Toxin Rid pills. Do a natural detox, get the course of pills for the length of time you have, and then on the day drink a decent detox drink like Absolute Detox and you should be good to go.

The combo of Toxin Rid and a detox drink like absolute detox will set you back a bit of money, possibly around $80-100, but if you’re thinking about getting a job, or not losing a job, then it’s well worth paying.

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