What You Need To Know About Flushing Marijuana Out Of Your System

What You Need To Know About Flushing Marijuana Out Of Your System

With the increasing rate of pre-employment drug testing and the raising concern of random testing in the workplace more and more individuals are looking for ways to quickly flush marijuana from their system.

Sure, there is a lot of myth and misconceptions surrounding this subject, but what do you really need to know about the subject in order to be successful?

The Truth About Fluid Flushing

It is true that many individuals have claimed that increasing their water intake has help expedite the flushing of THC from their systems. The truth of the matter is that the claim really isn’t backed with any scientific proof.

However, there is one thing that is for sure. And, this is that excess water in the system can dilute the metabolite count in a person’s system and that is why it is recommended to try this method with creatine.

Creatine levels will be lowered during the process as well and taking creatine supplements can counteract the issue. Some so called “expert” will also recommend flushing the system with cranberry juice instead of water, as cranberry juice is an excellent detoxification agent, however it not going to help you to pass the test.

Change Up Your Diet

If you aren’t already including healthy foods and vegetables in your diet you need to start right now. In fact, putting down those fatty foods and reaching for the vegetables might be able to help flush marijuana from the system, and foods that are high in fat make the digestive sluggish and less effective.

A sluggish digestive system means that the detoxification process is going to be slowed greatly.

healthy diet to flush THC out of your system

The Truth About Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplements like psyllium seeds, milk thistle, and cayenne have been used for years by many individuals to increase the detoxification process in the body, so it is safe to assume that the supplements might help flush THC from the system.

Some individuals have even opted for herbal teas like green tea because they are also excellent detoxification supplements. In addition to this, herbal teas can provide a variety of health benefits, like removing unwanted chemicals from the body and supporting the liver.

However, experts say that it is highly unlikely that these types of supplements will help flush THC from the system

Get The Heart Pumping

You probably already know that THC is stored in the fat cells of the body. So, it only makes sense that burning fat with aerobic exercising could potentially speed up the removal process of THC from the system.

However, experts have determined that exercise will only help if you know for at least a week ahead of time that you are going to be tested. Another thing to keep in mind is that exercise can cause a spike in THC metabolite level, so if you have a test coming up you need to limit your exercise at least 24 hours before the test.

Sweat It Out

Sweating is another method of flushing that kind of makes sense. When you sweat you are actually pushing harmful toxins out of the body, so it does make sense that sweating could help remove THC from the system in an expedited manner.

Heavy aerobic exercises like jogging, running, and biking can be great to induce sweating. The sauna is also good if you don’t really consider yourself an active person.

Can Over The Counter Vitamins Help?

Some individuals have even gone as far to claim that over the counter vitamins have speed up the removal fro THC in their system. It particular, most individuals are recommending Niacin. This B3 vitamin supplement can make the metabolism work harder and faster, as well improve the skin and nervous system.

That being said, you need to be extremely cautious when partaking in this supplement, because it can come along with some nasty side effects like, itching, rashes, nausea, and vomiting.

Over The Counter Vitamins

Wait It Out

One of the best and most proven ways to flush THC from the system is by simply just waiting it out. Of course, this means that you can partake in any smoking while you are waiting.

However, what you really need to know is that since THC is stored in the fat cells of the body, the time it takes to eliminate the substance from the system can vary from individual to individual

. It can take anywhere from seven to one hundred days. Of course, the amount that you have smoked in the past can also play a major factor in the time it takes to clear the system.

Manipulating The Urine Test

Many people say that you can easily manipulate a urine test by not giving a sample of the beginning or ending of your urine stream. The thought behind this is that there are fewer THC metabolites located in the mid-stream of your urination.

Along with this, other individuals have recommended giving the urine sample midday, as opposed to the morning time, if you have the option of choosing.

Take Advantage Of Detoxing Products

If you are a heavy marijuana user holding down a full time job with an employer that pulls random tests, you probably already know that there are a variety of flushing products available on the market such as Ultra Eliminex, Mega Clean or Rescue Cleanse.

Detox pills are also an option, the best detox pill is Toxin Rid.

Just make sure that you put in the proper research and time before deciding on a product, because some of these products can range from affordable to expensive.

Toxin Rid detox reviews

What Really Are The Quickest Methods?

Unfortunately, when it comes to testing, you might not always know when you are going to get tested or you might not always have time on your side. In this case you are going to need the quickest possible solutions available, but what are they?

  • Detoxing Agents – There are some detox products available on the market that can flush the system in as fast as one to three days. However, these systems are not really intended for heavy smokers. Individuals that have experienced light to little exposure to marijuana will probably have success with these kits.
  • Dilution – Many experts will recommend drinking lots of water with creatine while taking vitamin B supplements to get the quickest possible results. While, there really is not proof guaranteeing that this method will work, honestly I wouldn’t recommend it.
  • Synthetic urine: Fake Urine is the best an easiet way to pass a urine drug test, for more info, check out my” fake urine for drug test” article.
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