Macujo Method Review: How To Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Test Guaranteed

Macujo Method Review: How To Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Test Guaranteed

A hair follicle drug test is the most difficult type to pass. There’s a very good reason for that, a sample of hair is taken from your head. Any drug toxins are indelibly printed into the hair within hours of you taking them, which is why the hair test is so powerful.

Two methods have grown above all others when it comes to almost literally burning that drug history record out of the strands of hair on your head. The Macujo method is the most popular, while the other widely used method is called the Jerry G method.

Let’s be clear up front that passing a hair follicle drug test is a challenge, and if you going to use a method to clear the toxins out of your hair, then you going to have to be prepared for up to a week of hard work and a considerable sum of money spent.

But when the alternative is to lose your job, or often in the event of somebody commissioning an expensive hair follicle drug test, your freedom, then the money and effort can be worth it.

Why shaving your hair doesn’t work

People think shaving your hair off means passing a hair follicle drug test guaranteed. Like, the lab is going to just pass you because they can’t take a sample. The truth is that they will take the sample of hair from another part of your body. Because body hair grows slower than the hair on your head, they can still get three months of drug history using a shorter piece of hair.

If you go the whole way, and you try to shave off all the hair on your body that they could sample, then all they will do is send you home, and report back to the person who was commissioned the test. Let’s say you have been sent by a potential employer, and when you are at the interview you had a full head of hair. Don’t you think they’re going to be slightly suspicious that you are now bald?

Perhaps you more desperate, and it’s for probation. You think they’re going to let you off the hook because you suddenly turned up with no hair on your body?

Macujo method reviews

Do Hair Detox Kits And Toxin Removing Shampoos Work?

If you want to know how to pass a hair drug test, you’re going to be drawn to the marketing around hair detox kits and toxin removing shampoos. They will all claim that they can remove hair toxins on their own, so you can pass a hair follicle test.

Unfortunately, the truth is there is not a single hair detox kit, or toxin removing shampoo in the world that can do that.

To remove toxins from the hair, you have to open up the scales that cover the hair shaft, because the toxins are trapped underneath them. You then have to wash those toxins out using a toxin removing shampoo. So unless you can open up the hair shaft to reveal the toxins trapped underneath, you don’t stand a chance.

Macujo Method Vs Jerry G Method

The science behind a hair follicle drug test is simple. When you smoke weed or take any type of drug, the active ingredient that gets you off your head is turned by the body from the active ingredient into what are known as metabolites.

So for example in weed THC becomes the metabolite THC-COOH. That’s what every type of drug test basically looks for.

These metabolites travel around your bloodstream and some get trapped in the hair follicles. As your hair grows, these metabolites are trapped within the strands of hair, forming literally a live recording of your drug use as it happens.

What the two main methods, both the Macujo and Jerry G, seek to do is to open up the strands of hair, the hard top layer called the cuticle, and flush out the metabolites are trapped in the hard strand underneath (the cortex).

The problem with Jerry G is that it uses ammonia which can really damage the hair. It does this to replace using Aloe Rid shampoo, which is what makes the Macujo method works so well.

The difference in price is around 200 dollars, but the difference in taking a risk is that the Jerry G method will work 50% of the time, while the Macujo method will work well over 90% of the time, which is why it’s the most recommended treatment on knowledgeable forums and YouTube channels.

The Macujo Method

Hair Treatments That Won’t Pass A Drug Test

Before I go on to talk about the Macujo method in detail, I want to just cover other hair treatment remedies people mention.

You’ll come across such crazy things as washing your hair with vinegar, lime juice, baking powder, God knows what else forums out there. These might give you lovely hair, but they won’t get rid of drug metabolites.

The bottom line is that none of these work. Not a single one. You have two choices, the high-risk Jerry G, or the much lower risk Macujo method. So get your money out and accept it.

Macujo Method Ingredients Needed

The products you will need to do the full Macujo method are:

  • Heinz Vinegar -You can actually use any type of regular vinegar, but people mostly recommend this brand because it’s good quality.
  • Clean & Clear Pink -This is a good quality, astringent, shampoo.
  • Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo This is the vital ingredient. You are looking for old-style, old formula Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo.

Basically, the old formula from the original company isn’t available anymore, although you can sometimes get hold of the old formula which was made by a company called Nexxus.

But you can buy a reformulation of it direct from a company called Test Clear, under the label “Aloe Toxin Rid”. Whichever you buy it’s going to cost you around 200 dollars.

Lots of people ask if you can use the Macujo method without Aloe Rid. The answer simply is no. Aloe Rid is the most important part of the Macujo method, you can read my detailed Aloe Rid review here.

  • Tide Laundry Detergent -You don’t have to use Tide, but it’s widely available and contains exactly the characteristics we are looking for in helping to clear toxins from the hair.
  • Zydot Ultra Clean –Many people make the mistake of believing that this product will get rid of toxins on its own. It’s an expensive mistake to make.

But it is an essential final step the process, which many descriptions of the Macujo method miss out.

Macujo method ingredients

How To Pass A Hair Drug Test: Macujo Method Instructions

Okay, here we go. Let's give you the full Macujo Method instructions in detail.
  1. Get yourself in front of a big sink with lots of warm water available. Get yourself some goggles and gloves. These will protect you from the corrosive materials.
  2. Rinse your hair with warm water and then thoroughly work in the vinegar. Make sure you go right down to the roots. This might burn a little.
  3. Apply a good dollop of Clean & Clear Pink and work that in as well. You don’t rinse the vinegar out first, you apply this on top. It will make a right mess of your hair, and sting a bit, but keep going. Put on a plastic bath hat and leave this to work for half an hour.
  4. Use your expensive but necessary bottle of old formula Aloe Rid shampoo. Rinse your hair and then apply this. Wash it out and repeat for a second time.
  5. The last step is to take a few drops of Tide detergent and wash your hair and then rinse it until it feels really squeaky clean.
  6. This is the last step most people seem to miss out of their instructions. On the morning of your drug test, wash your hair with Zydot Ultra Clean.

This will make sure that no toxins have gathered on your hair overnight and will reinforce the chances of you being metabolite free.

In terms of doing this method, you really need to repeat it once per day for the seven days leading up to your hair follicle drug test. If you don’t have that amount of time, do it twice a day for the number of days you have. Then make sure that you use Zydot Ultra Clean Detox Shampoo on the actual day of your test.

If you have only a couple of days, then push it to do the whole Macujo method three times per day. It’s important to emphasize that the Macujo method without Old Style Aloe Toxin rid won’t work.

If you do this, you will stand the best chance to pass a hair follicle drug test guaranteed. It’s expensive, but when your job or freedom is at stake what’s it’s worth the money and effort.

Extra Steps To Be Safe

People looking at passing a hair follicle test always ask what extra steps are needed, to guarantee success.

The most obvious extra step is to do the Macujo method more times. People recommend twice a day, or three times a day if you have less than a week. If you can fit in four times a day, then that’s an extra step that will get you closer to passing a hair follicle drug test guaranteed.

You can also wash your hair more times. You don’t have to do the whole method more, but you could complete the washing step with Aloe Rid shampoo more than twice, do it three times per cycle of the Macujo method.

Plus, any Macujo method review on how to pass a hair drug test using it, should mention that you should leave the shampoo on as long as possible. 15 minutes is recommended, but it’s powerful stuff, so leaving it an extra five minutes each time, will add up to an extra hour or longer, that it works in your hair over the times you complete the Macujo method.

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 Is It Possible To Pass A Hair Drug Test In 24 Hours?

There’s no way of passing a hair follicle drug test guaranteed with 24 hours notice, but it is possible to do it. You’ll have to wash your hair a ton of times in 24 hours, maybe six, seven times the day before, and a couple of times before you go and submit your hair sample. It’s invasive, it’s going to sting, but it could just work, and it has for many people, especially those with light toxin levels.

But you will need to get all the ingredients in stock to do the Macujo method at short notice. Aloe Toxin Rid and Zydot Ultra Clean are only available from some special online retailers. So you need to get the products now if you’re going to make it possible to pass a hair drug test in 24 hours.

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