How To Pass A Urine Drug Test In An Hour

How To Pass A Urine Drug Test In An Hour

You’d be amazed, or perhaps you wouldn’t, how many times I’ve been asked by someone how to pass a urine drug test in an hour. I’ve had this question on Facebook dozens of times, in emails, and even panicked phone calls from people I know.

Every single time, they literally have like an hour, or its urgent, or please reply ASAP, or this is an emergency please help. Basically, it’s people who have suddenly been confronted with their boss saying they are going to have to submit a urine sample right now.

It amazes me that it’s never crossed their mind that it could happen, when they must know the company they work for, and understand that as somebody who will have drug metabolites racing round their system that if they are asked to submit a sample then they are up shit creek.

But they don’t prepare, they don’t educate themselves, and the result is panicked messages and phone calls, usually followed by using some crazy method that doesn’t work, followed by embarrassment and losing their job.

So what’s the deal? Is it possible to pass a urine drug test in an hour? Well, the great news is yes you can, as long as you understand the only method that will work, and that you prepare right now for when that day comes.

Ways You Won’t Pass A Urine Drug Test In An Hour

Before I tell you how to pass a drug test in an hour easily, let me tell you the ways you won’t pass a urine drug test at short notice.

The important thing you need to understand is simply that there is no magic potion that can flush drug toxins out of your system and leave you completely untraceable. Not in an hour, not in 20 hours.

There are things that people claim to work like the Sure Jell drug test method. But that’s risky, and based on incomplete scientific evidence.

Yes, the pectin can potentially accelerate toxins leaving the body, but that doesn’t mean it’s dragging them out of your bloodstream and cells, so it’s not cleaning your system, just maybe slightly accelerating a natural process.

Then you get rubbish like using niacin. That’s not only completely fake, but it can also be dangerous if you take too much.

But you will still see some idiot recommending it as a magic method online.

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Is It Possible To Pass A Urine Test On Short Notice?

After dragging you down in your potential hour of need, the positive news is that it is possible to pass a urine test on short notice.

But there is no magic method, no secret sauce, no amazing potion out there that will magically flush drug toxins out of your bloodstream, cells, urine. It just can’t happen because of how the body works.

But if you honestly have an hour to pass a urine drug test, then there is one pretty much-guaranteed way you can pass.

That pretty much guaranteed method is to use a bottle of synthetic urine. Now hang on, before you start saying how on earth am I meant to walk around with a bottle of synthetic urine on me, hear me out.

Now you know there is no magic potion, and you don’t have a couple of hours to drink a drug detox drink, then your options are obviously going to be significantly limited.

If any real sample is going to be testing positive, the only option logically is to submit a fake urine sample, yeah?

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How To Pass A Urine Drug Test In An Hour? Make Yourself Random Drug Testing Proof!

The most obvious scenario where you will have to almost immediately submit a urine drug test is if you are called to do one at work.

But you have to remember that a urine drug test has to be administered by a trained lab technician under strict legal rules.

You can’t just get your boss walking up to you with a cup saying “Piss in that now!” So you are going to have some time and space.

Even if it is literally an hour, you are going to have to go somewhere to have the test administered. This gives you options to prepare a fake sample.

Most fake urine requires microwaving to bring it up to the correct temperature. Now this is obviously impossible in a work environment, you not going to be able to run around with a bottle of fake urine in your hand looking for a microwave.

But one brand of synthetic urine called Sub Solution contains a unique heat activation powder. You literally for the powder in and it reacts to bring the sample up to human body temperature in around one minute.

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So all you need to do is carry the powdered version of Sub Solution synthetic urine on you in a submission bottle. Also, carry the heat activation powder.

Then all you have to do is say you want to go to the toilet. When in there, mix water with the urine powder, mix in the heat activation powder, shake it and wait a minute and you’re good to go.

After you have added a third of the heat activation powder, if it still not warm enough, you just add a bit more and it will raise the temperature in a few seconds.

This whole process is easy and it takes a couple of minutes, and if random drug testing is common at your workplace then it’s really your only way of passing a urine test at short notice.

What you have to remember is that nearly every workplace urine submission test is done unobserved. So even if they send you straight off to a lab be tested, you have a window of opportunity. Go to the toilet, mix the powder, then go to the lab and submit your sample. You will not be observed so just pour the fake urine into the container they give you.

Sub Solution also doesn’t contain biocide. This is a preservative a lot of fake urine products use, and it’s something a lot of labs now check for the presence of to spot a fake sample.

So it contains all the markers of real urine, and it’s difficult to detect. So literally your best choice if you want to know how to pass a urine drug test an hour, is to use Sub Solution.

Buy two bottles of Sub Solution, keep one at home and practice on it, and then get the other one set up and take it to work every day.

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